TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video

TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video
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  • They pull this off so well! It must be a nightmare with long hair lol

    James KaprowskiJames Kaprowski5 минут назад
  • For the easiest way to sing fancy..💗

    rizqi ramadhanrizqi ramadhan43 минуты назад
  • My is army and once ❤

    Tâm Nguyễn_armyTâm Nguyễn_army2 часа назад
  • 트와이스가 좋은이유 1.귀엽다 2.이쁘다 3.항상 미소가 있다 4.항상 열심히 한다 5.카리스마가 있다 6.이쁘다 7.이쁘다 8.이쁘고이쁘고이쁘다

    t tvt tv2 часа назад
  • Can ya'll help me? I want to join the fandom(._.)

    •김보민•김보민3 часа назад
  • NAYEON 0:23 MINA 0:31 JEONGYEON 0:39 MOMO 0:46 SANA 0:53 TZUYU 0:59 JIHYO 1:13 DAHYUN 1:36 CHAEYOUNG 1:43 I hope this helps if ur trying to learn the members! But If this doesn't help just watch videos about all 9 members and soon you'll know everything about them.

    Brianna HoBrianna Ho3 часа назад
  • 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 Lovecraft

    Pedro GabrielPedro Gabriel6 часов назад
  • Love. Minas

    Pedro GabrielPedro Gabriel6 часов назад

    pepe Kentpepe Kent7 часов назад
  • Best song

    raghad hashemraghad hashem8 часов назад
  • Am I the only one who is looking at the computer screen? No just me ok

    RoseThe PastaRoseThe Pasta12 часов назад
  • 좋은노래 멋진 댄스 이번엔 잘했뜸

    불멸의고구려불멸의고구려12 часов назад
  • FANCY!!!

    ももりん_ももりん_14 часов назад
  • Nice job ladies!

    Almighty WeezAlmighty Weez18 часов назад
    • 🤟🤟🤟

      DylanSmithiesDylanSmithies18 часов назад
  • PLease come to my channel i made a lot of TWICE videos and recently i made TWICE MOMENTS in LA :) THANKS

    jeongmommyjeongmommy18 часов назад
  • TWICEE!!!!💜❤️💋

    Aisyah NuraniyyahAisyah Nuraniyyah19 часов назад

    BANGTAN foreverBANGTAN forever21 час назад
  • I'm having such a hard time picking a favorite and I've probably been a fan for a good two years now. I dont think it's fair to call myself a ONCE though because I'm not super deep into them and know all their songs, their birthdays, seen all their interviews etc like I have with BTS and I feel that kind of dedication is what makes you truly a part of the fandom.

    랩몬형VN랩몬형VN21 час назад
  • I wanna learn the chorus choreography so bad. But any way keep up the good work ly guys☺️

    Bluecloud *Bluecloud *22 часа назад
  • 트와이스 좋하★♥

    예지 우지[지은이 분들]예지 우지[지은이 분들]23 часа назад
  • These girls are extremely successful for good reason. They're professional even when working non-stop. Their practices are more precise than a lot of stage performances from other gg. It doesn't even look like practice. Amazing choreography! Infectious song!I'm especially feelin Tzuyu recently. She has been killin it with great enthusiasm!Look at her face during this video-she looks happy and appreciating what she is doing for a living. Can't help but love that!

    musicalalamusicalalaДень назад
  • 9 main dancer

    Kyle ContrerasKyle ContrerasДень назад
  • Best dance

    Kyle ContrerasKyle ContrerasДень назад
  • I can't imagine twice without mina in 7 months!😭💔😭💔 But twice will remain as 9 no matter what happens #minariiiigetwellsoon #minasaranghae #wemissyoumina Get well soon our one and only penguin mina🐧 we miss you so much..!!😭😭😭💔💔😭🍭🍭

    Jenna BlancoJenna BlancoДень назад
  • 😍😍😍love u twice!!

    julia Danielly Costajulia Danielly CostaДень назад
  • I can't stop listing and seeing this video GET well Mina we all love you

    Naidelyn RobleroNaidelyn RobleroДень назад
  • Honestly this is one of the best choreographies of twice. I love all but I usually love the chorus most but here I love every single moment👑(for ex in loa and likey I love the dance break and in TT and signal I love the intro)

    Annie ImAnnie ImДень назад
  • Best dance in 2019

    mélissa ArmyBlinkmélissa ArmyBlinkДень назад
  • 0:52

    - pansoft -- pansoft -День назад

    pepe Kentpepe KentДень назад
  • any 9 year olds here?

    Shian SocorroShian SocorroДень назад
  • Can i justtell yall how good the instrumental the choreo basically everything is about Fancy??? Im obsessed.

    ChillChillДень назад
  • 3:00自分用

    たけぃと声裏返り王子たけぃと声裏返り王子День назад
  • perfection

    Sala SuaSala SuaДень назад
  • So I just listened to the Nightcore version and though what would the dance practice be like...

    Mai LeMai LeДень назад
  • Im a new once and im slowly memorizing which member is which 😅💜

    Jichu lovesSooya_Jichu lovesSooya_День назад
  • Me bobbing my head to this music My brother : ......u mm ok. After how many weeks My brother:fancy you I love itt♥♡

  • 舞蹈超棒 tzuyu😗

    Jeremy WestJeremy WestДень назад
  • Beautiful dance

    Jake OmalinJake OmalinДень назад
  • I really love mina

    Madhelene MagnoMadhelene MagnoДень назад
  • You can do it Mina 😍 once always waiting you 😍

    Huda VloggerHuda VloggerДень назад
  • Mina fighting 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Huda VloggerHuda VloggerДень назад
  • Get Well Soon Minari ❤

    Huda VloggerHuda VloggerДень назад
  • The synchronization is sooo satisfying

    yewduyou hxhyewduyou hxhДень назад
  • Who likes twice🥰😍😍

    gina Katalbasgina KatalbasДень назад
  • Noel TivarNoel TivarДень назад
  • sana😍

    suci rdsuci rdДень назад
  • For me it sounds like Can't See You~~

    Lil Min SugaLil Min Suga2 дня назад
  • Guys help me out.Where do I find the loose pant Sana is wearing??

    tiny truffles17tiny truffles172 дня назад
  • Let’s all wear black pants and not tell Chaeyoung Let’s all have our hair down and not tell Mina Let’s all not wear jackets and not tell Jeongyeon

    Life’s Cup of TaeLife’s Cup of Tae2 дня назад

    LeanasaurLeanasaur2 дня назад
  • Number people love NAYEON😍😍😘😘 👇

    Paul CulloPaul Cullo2 дня назад
  • I love the choreography. The choreographer is so good.

    LiKLiK2 дня назад
  • #getwellsoonmina. I also noticed that Dahyun only pull one pants leg up every time they practice

    Pooda GangPooda Gang2 дня назад
  • やっぱりtwiceはいいですね。JYP が作るものが好きです。これからも長く愛されるグループとしてマネージメントしてください。メンバーのこと大事にしてください。 笑顔の9人が戻りますように。

    てんしんはんてんしんはん2 дня назад
  • *Hey! I'm a new ONCE. At first sight I thought that they are all main dancers. Job well done Twice!*

    Maren Csaramie AnchetaMaren Csaramie Ancheta2 дня назад
    • Peggy Chan ohhh lol I thought it was because the fan liked one person out of the 9💀💀🤡

      Sarah BoafoSarah Boafo15 часов назад
    • @Sarah Boafo their fans name

      Peggy ChanPeggy Chan15 часов назад
    • What is a once

      Sarah BoafoSarah Boafo16 часов назад
  • Not a fan but the choreo was so lit! They nailed it!

    Editha BautistaEditha Bautista2 дня назад
  • 全部揃ってる!これが売れる秘訣ね!笑

    鈴木建太鈴木建太2 дня назад
  • 0:52

    ゆき_ゆき_2 дня назад
  • So cute 😍

    Muối JinMuối Jin2 дня назад
  • Get well soon mina

    ناصر NFCناصر NFC2 дня назад
  • They’re All Main Dancer R.I.P (Sorry for my Grammar)

    The SunsetThe Sunset2 дня назад
  • Let's all wear black pants without TELLING Chaeyoung

    Делл Данстан _Делл Данстан _2 дня назад
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Sneakers: *SQUEAK SQUEAK*

    ur momur mom2 дня назад
  • Just realized that on the ceiling it says jyp I'm so dumb

    I'mChetty BoiI'mChetty Boi2 дня назад
  • geet weel soon minari once are missing youu

    Clarence SherifClarence Sherif2 дня назад
  • twice

    Clarence SherifClarence Sherif2 дня назад
  • Everytime i listen to all of your musics i felt stressout

    Tracer LoLTracer LoL2 дня назад
  • We love you all💗

    Tracer LoLTracer LoL2 дня назад
  • 나연 사랑해😘

    Tracer LoLTracer LoL2 дня назад
TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video