TWICE \"FANCY\" Dance Practice Video

TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video
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    Reynold MesinaReynold Mesina17 минут назад
  • fell in love with twice

    HOLLY BTSHOLLY BTS21 минуту назад
  • Go 500k likes

  • 2:01

    やまもとれいこやまもとれいこЧас назад
  • 나연언니 입고 있는 트레이닝복 뭐징 ,,

    YUL HYUL H2 часа назад
  • Fancy whu!? 1:34 2:47 3:32 I L'u queen's.. Michaeng.. Whu??.. Whu.. 😏😂

    Brayhan SmithBrayhan Smith2 часа назад
  • Why my eyes always focus on Jeongyeon. ..she's special from my eyes

    Your mother is greenYour mother is green2 часа назад
  • guess im gay now

    bts armybts army3 часа назад
  • I love twice

    queen k-popqueen k-pop3 часа назад
  • Okay but how cool is Dahyun!!

    Huzaifa MushtaqHuzaifa Mushtaq3 часа назад
  • I can't handle the sexiness at 1:35. I could literally watch it a hundred times and not get tired of it. :)

    Jo MariJo Mari3 часа назад
  • Imagine being able to dance like Momo for a day! 😱

    Joanne SwitzerJoanne Switzer4 часа назад
  • 0:36

    폭폭이칙칙이폭폭이칙칙이4 часа назад
  • JYP is a leader of sync 👏👏

    Cici RestiCici Resti5 часов назад
  • Twice I love you all of my heart

    cheyserr irish sevillocheyserr irish sevillo5 часов назад
  • Is it just me that is being bothered with dahyun's pants? lmao i luv twice tho uwu

    skruuu duuuskruuu duuu5 часов назад

    DIAVOLODIAVOLO5 часов назад
  • 0:07 Members from front to back: Momo Nayeon (all black) Sana Jeongyeon Jihyo (my bias) Dahyun (blue hair) Chaeyoung (pink hair) Tzuyu (pronounced Chewie) Mina

    kixwynkixwyn5 часов назад
  • Lmao, people probably pressed the wrong like button.

    Twicemelikeyyy edits-Twicemelikeyyy edits-5 часов назад
  • 역시 지효 압도적이군.. 물론 카리스마가ㅎㅎ

    ireverb bireverb b6 часов назад
  • Dahyun lowkey looks dead throughout the whole thing

    holahola6 часов назад
  • JYP should promote Sana as a Lead Dancer, like BTS's Taehyung(V). The foreigner line (Momo, Sana, Mina, and Tzuyu) are great dancers. Sana is very eye-catching when dancing, very precise and sharp on the dance moves.

    Bookish OwlBookish Owl6 часов назад
  • 1:06

    桃모모桃모모6 часов назад
  • Wow!! Fancy is my favorite song ❤❤

    Adriana RamosAdriana Ramos6 часов назад
  • I think moving version will be great

    Aarati YonjanAarati Yonjan6 часов назад
  • I love twice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

    Budi DharmawanBudi Dharmawan7 часов назад
  • Who is love Momo?

    laura mukhamedyarovalaura mukhamedyarova7 часов назад
  • 솔직히... 저 옷 입고 무대해도 멋있을 거 같아....

    Joshua HanJoshua Han8 часов назад
  • their dancing skills ugh 😍

    twice bananatwice banana8 часов назад
  • 0:52 to 0:59 gave me goose bumps.

    Yenz ChanYenz Chan8 часов назад
  • 전등 JYP 이네

    박성진박성진8 часов назад
  • 11M

    Sim SovachanaSim Sovachana9 часов назад

    Hà Bùi ThịHà Bùi Thị9 часов назад
  • Lets all wear black leggings and not tell Chaeyoung

    Chiyeol ParkChiyeol Park9 часов назад
  • Twice had a 9 Main Dancers and 9 Visual Tzuyu's beauty❤😍(bias) 1 like=1 once bias is Tzuyu I love Twice😀😀

    Juliana Marcel De GuzmanJuliana Marcel De Guzman10 часов назад
  • Stream fancy

    Kim TehKim Teh11 часов назад
  • JYP *do moving version please*

    Des SimonDes Simon12 часов назад
    • +Wei Sheng Lim oh thanks

      No Face JeongNo Face Jeong9 часов назад
    • +No Face Jeong it's like still a dance practice video but with the camera having close up view on members faces

      Wei Sheng LimWei Sheng Lim10 часов назад
    • What's moving version?

      No Face JeongNo Face Jeong10 часов назад
  • The thing I love about Twice Dances is that it always evolves and surprises me

    LIALIA12 часов назад
  • Twice: Let's all wear black pants and not tell Chaeyong

    Angel ChingAngel Ching12 часов назад
  • How i can't fall in love with Twice? They are really cute!

    daniemochikang -daniemochikang -13 часов назад
  • Iggy Azalea: I'm so fancy Twice: Yeah but we are twice as fancy

    1,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge1,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge13 часов назад
  • love the studio!!

    momoland and bts only bolomomoland and bts only bolo13 часов назад
  • ピンクの髪の子ってジョンヨンですか?

    春桜春桜13 часов назад
    • チェヨンです

      오유현오유현6 часов назад
  • みーたんずっと見てたよ( ⚭-⚭ )

    民。民。14 часов назад
  • Ok this is my favorite twice choreography 🥰

    Worldwide HandsomeWorldwide Handsome14 часов назад
  • This dance looks very complicated! These ladies aced the choreography every time Hands down to Twice!

    kiddyddkiddydd15 часов назад
  • Let's all wear black and don't tell Chaeyoung

    jyp skzjyp skz15 часов назад
  • IDK why tWice's outfit in dance practice are always so Niceeee! If u agree 💁🙋🙆

    Kemp beingKemp being16 часов назад
  • ONCE ,Cheer Up! Let‘s Break FANCY 100M As Soon As Possible~ YES or YES ?

    Michael KohMichael Koh16 часов назад
  • Twice: Let's all wear black pants and not tell Chaeyoung

    FanGirl HereFanGirl Here16 часов назад
  • Streammmm!!

    Maria Jessica de la CruzMaria Jessica de la Cruz16 часов назад
  • dahyun 😍

    Aide BarrazaAide Barraza16 часов назад
  • 2:48 😂Just look and notice every detail

    LaíS PlaysLaíS Plays17 часов назад

    Antonette MarquezAntonette Marquez17 часов назад
  • Go 11M


    ππππ18 часов назад
  • my woman be slaying go dahyun!!!!

    wet noodlewet noodle18 часов назад
  • 10 991 255

    1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean18 часов назад
  • Sana😍

    Raissa SilvaRaissa Silva19 часов назад
  • i’m new to ggs buuut dang, who is the girl with long blonde hair and the baggy black pants? she is super pretty

    bluebabybluebaby20 часов назад
    • She is Minatozaki Sana

      1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean18 часов назад
  • “let’s all wear black pants,and don’t tell chaeyoung”

    Willy SatriatamaWilly Satriatama23 часа назад
  • 0:08

    taespacito doritotaespacito dorito23 часа назад
  • TWICE: Let’s all wear black pants or leggings and not tell Chaeyoung! Chaeyoung: :( Haha I love these girls sm ❤️😂

    tzuyuology awhhtzuyuology awhhДень назад
  • 500K likes coming

    Army Is the bestArmy Is the bestДень назад
  • baka lang naman po gusto niyo lakihan kase di ko po makita ung mga bebe ko :> jyp beke nemen

  • Chaeyoung• Dahyun• Jihyo

    el nepe de yeijop :vel nepe de yeijop :vДень назад
  • I saw that slap Momo 2:48 P.S. I wish I'm Jihyo

    Lai ElLai ElДень назад
  • Ones Can we make the likes 1m?

    Mira TVMira TVДень назад
  • 안무 엄청 빡쌔네 ㅋㅋㅋ

    강시우강시우День назад
  • no comment just 🤩 #LoveYouTwice

    Ricardo DerudarRicardo DerudarДень назад
  • Fancy Twice

    tzu tzutzu tzuДень назад

    Lucy- Gacha LifeLucy- Gacha LifeДень назад
  • oh no Chae 😣, last time I checked she was still a baby, my bias is doing great

    lonerlonerДень назад

    h o p e f u l e y e sh o p e f u l e y e sДень назад
  • They really have to fix the sound 😮😕

    l Jasmine ll Jasmine lДень назад
  • jihyo lost so much weight

    kookie's cookykookie's cookyДень назад
  • Loooove it

    SumayyaSumayyaДень назад
  • they are so in synch. the fact that they learned in in two(2!!) days. *we stan legends*

    sftuaiceuteen for the winsftuaiceuteen for the winДень назад
  • Well I hope our group can do this cause I’ll try to suggest this but they said in Japanese ( chiggau-!) no! It’s hard.. so yes or yes it is ! BTW JIHYO MOMO NAYEON!!! TWICE!!

    ねこ••クリミねこ••クリミДень назад
  • I dont know the name, but one of them wrong at dance.... look carefuly, use white jacket

    White RoseWhite RoseДень назад
    • No wrong .. sorry im wrong, i mean one of them late dance t the reff

      White RoseWhite Rose6 часов назад
    • Are you the choreographer to say that one of them is wrong???

      1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean18 часов назад
    • Why?

      1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean18 часов назад
  • I'm not hating but jihyo's body shape is weird

    • SPILL THE TEA BITCH she is perfection

      Jihyo is GoddessJihyo is Goddess4 часа назад
    • Cause she was fat before so that

      1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean18 часов назад
  • Momo🔥❣️

    Mphi.Mphi.День назад
  • 483만구독자ㄷㄷ

    만두만두День назад
  • Can they make dance practice for stuck in my head or hot too, i want to seeing thats choreography so bad 🙏🤘😍

    Sriwahyuni UmasugiSriwahyuni UmasugiДень назад
  • 1:20 reminds me of the solo choreo idk why 1:49 reminds me of dance the night away

    Shook DubuShook DubuДень назад
  • *Fun Fact: Sana was supposed to be the Visual and Main Dancer in Mix6*

    mariel齉.mariel齉.День назад
    • Sana seems like to be the lead dancer or visual because main dancer was Jihyo

      Emma Violet MengEmma Violet MengДень назад
    • I think jihyo will be the main dancer

      Quiinne ElijahQuiinne ElijahДень назад
  • What’s the girl with Adidas pants and hair up’s name ??

    Unknown GurlUnknown GurlДень назад
  • Thanks for publishing this on my Birthday!!

    Boitumelo LamolaBoitumelo LamolaДень назад
  • 可愛い❤︎

    ももペンひなももペンひなДень назад

    LPS MinişlerLPS MinişlerДень назад
    • Jihyo is Goddess yes god jihyo

      LPS MinişlerLPS Minişler2 часа назад
    • LPS Minişler god jihyo

      Jihyo is GoddessJihyo is Goddess4 часа назад
  • 10 889 594

    1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 KoreanДень назад
  • 3:09 look at chaeyoung checking herself out

    Kookie and tae with suga preaseKookie and tae with suga preaseДень назад
  • 0:08

    キムてつおキムてつおДень назад
  • Tzuyu best girl❤️

    Wheat FieldWheat FieldДень назад
  • Beauty sana need not be doubted 😍😍

    SafanaSafanaДень назад
  • Jihyo's hand ..... very well

    Yen NgoYen NgoДень назад
  • 트와이스 사랑해요♡♡♡

    원스원스День назад
  • 10 869 900

    1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 Korean1 Taiwanese,3 Japanese and 5 KoreanДень назад
  • Like

    Rofiah IstiqomahRofiah IstiqomahДень назад
  • i like their outfitss

    0 hani0 haniДень назад
TWICE \"FANCY\" Dance Practice Video