Turning COMMENTS into Minecraft CRAFTING RECIPES! #3

WE can craft ANYTHING in Minecraft 1.14 with the new Update...Including MORE Fan Recipes, you've asked for!
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This is a very special episode of New Crafting Recipes because this time we searched through your RUvision Comments to find these minecraft 1.14 crafting recipes! This time we explore how to craft fire apples, double sided axe, the ultimate tool, mud, undying sword, and more! Check out all of the new crafting recipes that you can put into your minecraft worlds today!! Leave us your suggestions for more Minecraft 1.14 crafting recipes.
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✅ By VelVoxel Raptor ruvision.net/pass/UCEH6ORtkeUxwMBQiOrTstdA
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  • We're taking your crafting suggestions and putting them IN MINECRAFT! Leave us your suggestions, and it might get put into minecraft! If you like these recipes, make sure, you check out the download link in the description!

    LogdotzipLogdotzip2 месяца назад
    • Can u craft Bambo Cake?

      Cat LoverCat Lover5 дней назад
    • Make a passive potion useing 1 bone in the left 1 uncooked fish in the right in the top should be gun powder bottom rotten flesh and in the middle an awkward splash potion ! This potion should make bad mobs passive

      taco wolftaco wolf6 дней назад
    • my request is the Scythe it's basically turning you into death it puts wither on every enemy you hit allows you to fly gives you incredible speed while flying but it makes you really really slow while walking you need to craft flaming diamonds you need to surround a diamond in blaze powder to craft them make a hole out of flaming diamonds and you'll be able to get your scythe and this thing is unable to break

      Flipa ClipperFlipa Clipper7 дней назад
    • My request is the Scythe you are like death now you can fly and one-hit mods and do so much more things such as being visible to the Enderdragon be immortal it's like 20 totems of undying to craft the scythe you'll need an antimatter block crafted from for obsidian into dragon eggs while not to one Dragon egg and 4 blaze powder

      Flipa ClipperFlipa Clipper7 дней назад
    • Wood bombs gunpowder in the middle and wood on the outside

      trampayertrampayer9 дней назад
  • Can you please make a sword with burning fire on it

    Alice HanAlice Han23 часа назад
  • all wool colours of the rainbob plus the tridont =a pet unicorn that you can ride make it follow you and it will help you fight the enimies

    Eva Sachse-HillEva Sachse-HillДень назад
  • A shield thats also used as a sword so you need a shield and sword

    Nina RossiNina RossiДень назад

    Melissa BowlerMelissa BowlerДень назад

    Melissa BowlerMelissa BowlerДень назад
  • emrld pikaxe

    Corbyn FordCorbyn FordДень назад
  • I would like to make a God Sword. Here is the recepy : Diamond Sword + Emerald on top = Lucky Sword. Lucky Sword + Gold blocks all around = God Sword If you chose my comment then you are the best eiven tho you already are!

    Mark StormHunterMark StormHunter2 дня назад
  • Okay I am so late but I’m just going to say this for fun Spider heads- can be dropped by spiders and can be crafted with spider eyes and maybe rotten flesh around the two eyes

    Kate ClarkKate Clark2 дня назад
  • 7:33 when 69 play Minecraft be like

    EZ_ZulEZ_Zul2 дня назад
  • Plz plz do it plz plz plz do it

    Louieplaymincraft LouieLouieplaymincraft Louie2 дня назад
  • And maybe add moving stairs they would move in a side to side or forward and back motion and they would count as an entity but when used in an obstacle course and his has a pressure plate on the end connected to the stairs block of spawn, it will drop 1 platinum. (Don't worry when it spawns it leaves an obsidian block on the spawn block and it goes over red stone dust.) Platinum can be used for tools, armor, and you get a boost! Usually you enchant things with lapis, but if you put platinum in, (btw platinum is the rarest mineral in minecraft if u make it because it's the rarest mineral I can think off the top of my head) the platinum will count as 5 lapis!

    Missy PeeptoeMissy Peeptoe2 дня назад
  • Pls make platinum ore and tools (sidenote I don't think this will be on because ore can't be crafted)

    Missy PeeptoeMissy Peeptoe2 дня назад
  • That fire should give you HeartBURN

    david hickmandavid hickman2 дня назад
  • Make a fire bow and arrow this is how to craft it replace blaze powder with the original spot to make the original bow and arrow and strings in the same spot *what it does* if you shoot it it sets near by mobs and players on fire and the fire lasts 20 seconds

    Jenny RosasJenny Rosas3 дня назад
  • What's more with the mud is if you grab the resources (and have the patience), you can make a secret base underneath since you sink in :3

    Undertale TrashUndertale Trash3 дня назад
  • The ultimate weapon should have included a bow and you could launch a trident if you shot it like a bow

    Zenith XYZAPZenith XYZAP3 дня назад
  • Rocket boots, you can fly around as if you were in creative after you boost yourself with a right click, you slow down more and more, and to go back to the normal speed you were flying at. Diamonds boots, nether star, elytra, firework This is to make it hard to obtain, so it would be a late game type thing you would get to easily build big things.

    EndoEndo3 дня назад
  • Make sword tnt

    Keanu GarciaKeanu Garcia3 дня назад
  • ghast ball one fire charge, one rocket below and gunpowder above

    CourtenaireCourtenaire3 дня назад
  • create a crystal sword.

    Braeden TaylorBraeden Taylor3 дня назад
  • 14:12 is ur wife XD

    Joel OlsonJoel Olson3 дня назад
  • A car it drives you will need blue wool coal gold and yellow wool

    Magdalena KozubMagdalena Kozub3 дня назад
  • Make a hybrid monster

    mrheyward welchmrheyward welch4 дня назад
  • Wolf wings Using an elytra and a wolf spawn egg. when you sprint wolves will spawn and every mob nearby will parish. when you sneak you will have fire resistance for 2min and so will your pack. Look up to fly and enjoy the experience of the item. Also equipped like a chestplate. Thank you.

    Destiny DogloverDestiny Doglover4 дня назад
  • pygmy staff you can summon pygmies

    Darred PlayzDarred Playz5 дней назад
  • Shulker armor just get shulker shells and craft it like a normal armor it will give you feather falling and you can control your levitation without having fall damage

    Darred PlayzDarred Playz5 дней назад
  • Make a sandwich and pinnes in your house and give your mom Dan delete your Minecraft

    Earl MerinEarl Merin5 дней назад
  • honestly the fire apple shouldve been a ghast apple

    MemecraftMemecraft5 дней назад
  • your.... resource packs that means that i cant do any of THIS WHY DO I WATCH YOU I CANT DO ANY OF THIS I ALWAYS WHANT TO DO THIS STUFF bye

    murphy greavesmurphy greaves5 дней назад
  • Jetpacks: heres the recipe 2 Flint And Steel, 2 Iron Ingots and a Gold Ingot. it lets you fly up bye Spacebar and forward W back S right A and left D sideways and up is a bit slower than forward and back. it also burns mobs AND starts fire on everything behind it.

    ZaBur NickZaBur Nick5 дней назад
  • Make a cogwheel

    Cringe and noob ie stuff HahaCringe and noob ie stuff Haha6 дней назад
    • The cogwheel is crafted with five blocks of iron and the corners are blank

      Cringe and noob ie stuff HahaCringe and noob ie stuff Haha6 дней назад
  • rotten bread one bread and one puffer fish inflicts poison and you can troll other players as well

    Gamer boyGamer boy6 дней назад
  • super hand it will make you're hand do everything 5x faster and will also add 5 extra slots to you're hotbar recepie- diamond | obsidian | diamond diamond axe | diamond pick | diamond shovel potion of strenght | nether star | potion of strenght does 5 hearts of damage without any enchantments works only in the main hand

    Filip WeinstockFilip Weinstock6 дней назад
    • Filip Weinstock He only accepts 1 and in the first one he said you can’t do multiple

      Yolky FolkYolky Folk3 дня назад
  • backpack gives you extra inventory space recepie- leather | leather | leather leather | (any color of dye) | leather Leather | leather | leather the color of dye that you choose will be the color of the backpack to use it put in in the chestplate spot

    Filip WeinstockFilip Weinstock6 дней назад
  • shrink potion it will make you so small you can fit under blocks recepie- nothing | iron pick | nothing obsidian | dragons breath | obsidian gun powder | gun powder | gun powder put it in you're off hand and jump and when you hit the ground you will turn miniscule

    Filip WeinstockFilip Weinstock6 дней назад
  • Gamer juice a healing potion surrounded by gold apples

    Kyle WillmannKyle Willmann6 дней назад
  • Great sword just the original crafting recipe as a sword but with the main material surrounding the main material the sword will have longer range and +3 damage from the “normal sword” the great sword can be enchanted with all the enchants a “normal sword” has and quick charge because it takes longer to pick up the great sword

    Dark GhostDark Ghost6 дней назад
  • A pop tart. It gives you regeneration 3 and another life

  • Endither potion you are able to have the power of the ender dragon, wither and are you have blast protection after you drink it. How to craft it Ender dragon head at the top middle Nether star at the bottom middle Beacon bottom left corner Enchanted golden apple botton right corner An enchanted diamond top right corner Withergon egg top left corner Omega glass bottle middle How to make enchanted diamond 8 diamonds around the edge dragons breath in the center How to make withergon egg 8 nether stars around the edge and an ender dragon egg in the center How to make an omega glass bottle Glowstone dust times 2, gunpowder times 2, redstone times 2 and grass blocks times 2 in any way around a water bottle. Please make this logdotzip.

    OmegaUltra YTOmegaUltra YT6 дней назад
  • But it works like the things ur supposed 2 have 2 create it

    Janejie chenJanejie chen6 дней назад
  • Any ways its just a reskin of a ultimate weapon

    Janejie chenJanejie chen6 дней назад
  • How about a swiss army knife 1 drill 1screwdriver 1 shovel 1sword You decide the recipes and functions I hate having my hotbar clouded up by things so i decided to suggest swiss army knife

    Janejie chenJanejie chen6 дней назад
    • Janejie chen Drill and Screwdriver aren’t minecraft items

      Yolky FolkYolky Folk3 дня назад
  • Dragon saddle . You can tame the ender dragon by feeding it 24 eyes of ender then craft the saddle with one wither star in the center, 5 iron around it, and on scute on the bottom. You can then control and fly the tamed dragon

    Kenny ChungusKenny Chungus6 дней назад
  • Try making a thor hammer = with axe + golden apple + nether star + totem of dying + bedrock

    Black FlameBlack Flame6 дней назад
  • And god chest armour. its easy. you just need alot of nether star and dragon eggs

    Super Master SquadSuper Master Squad6 дней назад
  • And u can fly

    Super Master SquadSuper Master Squad6 дней назад
  • God apple Apple in mid and all is dragon eggs is all sides

    Super Master SquadSuper Master Squad6 дней назад
  • Make a chair actually diamond and its unbreakable Recipies diamond in the top nine nether stars in bottom

    Super Master SquadSuper Master Squad6 дней назад
    • Nine? You have to kill nine withers and get the stars to make a chair? No hate tho

      Kenny ChungusKenny Chungus6 дней назад
  • EXPower sword Replace the stick with a bottle of enchanting when crafting this sword When held it collects exp and each level it gains makes it stronger in every way. it can also drain the exp of mobs eventually killing them in order to restore its durability. When the player dies the sword loses all of its exp

    Mad LaugherMad Laugher6 дней назад
  • watergun shoots water

    hang shenhang shen7 дней назад
  • water gun

    hang shenhang shen7 дней назад
  • Nuclear bomb Needed:9TNT 2CREEPER HEADS USING:4X3 CRAFTING TABLE it can destroy 1000000 blocks make sure your in survival

    Pewds CorpsPewds Corps7 дней назад
    • jk creative its not block its item throw it very far then it destroy 1000000 blocks

      Pewds CorpsPewds Corps7 дней назад
  • Spestanaz Helmet 4iron blocks and 2nether star

    Pewds CorpsPewds Corps7 дней назад
  • I could tell you a story one day i

    FroloFrolo7 дней назад
  • Can you do a mod of dragons please!!!!!!!!

    FroloFrolo7 дней назад
  • Make a rocket elytra

    Matthew PlaysMatthew Plays7 дней назад
    • Wow

      Matthew PlaysMatthew Plays7 дней назад
    • T

      Matthew PlaysMatthew Plays7 дней назад
    • Y

      Matthew PlaysMatthew Plays7 дней назад
    • Cool

      Matthew PlaysMatthew Plays7 дней назад
  • Pls

    Judith SavoJudith Savo7 дней назад
  • Ender dragon sword Ender dragon armor and Ender dragon tools

    mjlopie fifimjlopie fifi7 дней назад
  • Make a Xbox one with 2 Redstone 1 iron one ironbar.

    allison braggallison bragg7 дней назад
  • My fav was mud

    The Cringe MASTERSThe Cringe MASTERS7 дней назад
  • pool 4 polished diorite and a water bucket in the middle

    scarlett pearlscarlett pearl7 дней назад
  • Make spears and pila. I suggest for both that you have to craft shafts somehow and then put a stone block, flint or a diamond on top for the spear and to iron ingots for the pila. The spear would just function as a longrange stabing weapon but you can throw the pila (and stack it in your inventory like arrows). A pila is a roman throwing spear btw.

    german Communistgerman Communist7 дней назад
  • Musket: 1 gunpowder 2 sticks 1 iron

    Dimmie LordDimmie Lord8 дней назад
  • spider man shirt. 1 red dye 2 leather. It looks cool, and gives you an attack damage boost.

    David CrowtherDavid Crowther8 дней назад
  • school bus. 2 leather 2 bamboo sticks 1 redstone. You can drive the school bus. You place it down like a spawn egg. You can be really annoying and beep the horn a ton.

    David CrowtherDavid Crowther8 дней назад
  • Rope. 2 leads plus a slime ball. You can lead all mobs and animals. You can tie it: to go rope climbing, tie players up, and tie boats to a boat dock.

    David CrowtherDavid Crowther8 дней назад
  • I have no idea if people are just making these up. But if they are then, i would like to make is candy. You can eat it. It gives you a speed boost, how you make it is 1 cookie and the rest of the spaces cake. If they are not just making it up then... poop.

    David CrowtherDavid Crowther8 дней назад
  • A unicorn and a majic wand made out of two sticks and a nether star

    Judith SavoJudith Savo8 дней назад
  • Now that's how you get pets! 8:11

    StormyCloudStormyCloud8 дней назад
Turning COMMENTS into Minecraft CRAFTING RECIPES! #3