Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2

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  • Is that hat the same hat from Content Cop??

    TerriblePersonTerriblePerson5 часов назад
  • now i have the newest comment!

    Skullsmasher99999 !Skullsmasher99999 !День назад
  • You can get fucking hot water in prison but you never would be able to get two razors and a fucking plug and outlet with out being noticed

    Sam ShinnSam ShinnДень назад
  • Last pass saving the password in your phone for your phone

    Jacob CravenJacob CravenДень назад
  • its tasts like metal ... because it is metal in solution made by elektrolyse, with the nice tast of chrome

    Henry ZerbstHenry ZerbstДень назад
  • just tattoo ur password

    Tobi BbTobi BbДень назад
  • THe water turns yellow because the oil on the razors.

    Johnluke GloverJohnluke GloverДень назад
    • Also the metal taste means there was still a current in the water, best ways to stop your heart 101

      Johnluke GloverJohnluke GloverДень назад
    • I.e. Your stupid ***** why'd you drink it...

      Johnluke GloverJohnluke GloverДень назад
  • stop telling prison inmates to kill themselves.

    Dininabo DinayDininabo DinayДень назад
  • Electricity can and will catalyze the oxidation of any metal.

    ecstasy.apostasyecstasy.apostasyДень назад
  • When you run electricity through salt water the sodium chloride molecules reduce into sodium and chlorine ions, which are poisonous and give it the yellow tint. So never ever do that and drink the water

    NuppusaurusNuppusaurus2 дня назад
  • The worse one I saw was a dry ice air conditioner that would kill you from carbon dioxide poisoning.

    ErimadErimad2 дня назад
  • 1:00 getting some ptsd over here

    Owen FriendOwen Friend2 дня назад
  • Life hacks are made by aliens there trying to kill us all

    Pointless VideosPointless Videos2 дня назад
  • Reddit from this post directed me here. Just on the basis of your wizard shirt. I subscribed. So, where you buy that shirt?

    Klaus Garcia-RoblesKlaus Garcia-Robles3 дня назад
  • 11:45 my dad literally has a knife like that for carving turkey and stuff you can get it at target

    ReefleksPlayzReefleksPlayz3 дня назад
  • I wonder why they call it a "death cable"? 🤔

    MuseumitoriumMuseumitorium3 дня назад
  • 9:05 adding that salt was a really bad idea. When you run a current through water it separates the hydrogen from the oxygen. If there is salt in the water it separates the CHLORINE from the sodium and releases TOXIC CHLORINE GAS.

    Ottomar HoweOttomar Howe3 дня назад
  • There is no spoon

    Harry McNeillHarry McNeill3 дня назад
  • 13:04 He like literally do not know how to use a saw! xD

    5dope5dope4 дня назад
  • haha its not boiling its just a new hydrogen and oxygen

    Svitpo PSvitpo P4 дня назад
  • Aaron Paul is wacky

    Leo TheOneLeo TheOne4 дня назад
  • I have that knife

    Ford F1-50Ford F1-504 дня назад
  • The spoon is expectations vs real life

    Wallo GodlyWallo Godly4 дня назад
  • I was drinking some fizzy water and I snorted so violently I hurt my throat.

    Ronan Oberteuffer-BaileyRonan Oberteuffer-Bailey4 дня назад
  • It’s a heckin battle bot!

    rockonmyfriendrockonmyfriend4 дня назад
  • 11:27 Me when I'm about to do something I know I'm going to regret but proceed to do it anyway...

    TurtleTurtle4 дня назад
  • The color It's probably the plastic from the death wire thats was melting

    Ralle 2550Ralle 25504 дня назад
  • These are so fucking funny

    Cosmic TurbanCosmic Turban4 дня назад
  • Imaging someone just skips to 10:44 and just like wtf

    AlexwasthereAlexwasthere5 дней назад
  • can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song at 5:43?

    redleader895redleader8955 дней назад
  • You made a new got: toe chopper

    magical pugtatomagical pugtato5 дней назад
  • Copper man, it's the copper.

    George MathewGeorge Mathew6 дней назад
  • I once made a "taser", which was literally a death cable connected to one of those power bank things with a socket in them strapped ti a belt and exposed ends in the other Tested it on a metal box and totally almost fucking killed myself out of my own stupidity I used the power button on the powerbank to control the taser btw Almost electrocuted myself before even testing it because I was a 10 year old with access to a powerbank and old stuff from the attic, but no electrical knowledge

    Alan LaiterAlan Laiter6 дней назад
  • Wow william died almost twice maybe three times becuse of this!

    Teletubbie whit a shotgun yeetTeletubbie whit a shotgun yeet6 дней назад
  • Water turned yellow from burning the wood

    Dave NormanDave Norman6 дней назад
  • Induction-heating is still commonly used in places like China, think about that if you ever visit the country and are offered some tea, many kettles are just pitchers with 2 zinc-plates wired directly to the wall socket.

    FuturePantsFuturePants7 дней назад
  • "nobody only has one spoon" you have never met a bachelor have you? I think I own one of every dish/utensil... I just wash them after every use

    FuturePantsFuturePants7 дней назад
  • Was that Michael reeves?

    GuitarGuitar7 дней назад
  • electrolysis of the chrome plating.

    TehcarpTehcarp7 дней назад
  • Nice Viking

    TehcarpTehcarp7 дней назад
  • wtf is this ad lol

    Andy PahmAndy Pahm7 дней назад
  • So right now I am 11 and last year I made a death cable hear are two things I did with it 1. I plugged it in the bathroom outlet and touched it with a metal screw driver 2. Plugged it in my bedroom outlet and put it on my bed cover then all I hear was crack and it Burnt a hole in my bed cover

    Beastly BurtonBeastly Burton7 дней назад
  • Soooooo.... the water boiling with razor blades isn’t boiling the water, it’s making hydrogen gas. So if you were tho take a flame to it, it would explode.

    V EspyV Espy8 дней назад
  • probably chuncks of sugar?

    GoldGamer PlaysGoldGamer Plays8 дней назад
  • the look at 8:04 nearly made me choke on my sandwich

    Briana LambBriana Lamb8 дней назад
  • It took me so long to realize that the squirrel was actually a mic

    Cornbread596 YTCornbread596 YT8 дней назад
  • Electrolysis not boiling lmao

    Kid AdventurerKid Adventurer8 дней назад
  • "it tastes like i have a bunch of "pennies" in the back of my mouth" -William Osman

    MR_MR_8 дней назад
  • Cameraman John is HowToBasic

    Daniel MarkDaniel Mark8 дней назад
  • It is funny how you have a lightning shirt.

    Jack BeckerJack Becker8 дней назад
  • Battlebott

    immense fox 13immense fox 138 дней назад
  • 9:46 you made clorine thats why its yellow neet and the chunks where metallic sodium both could have killed you.

    GamingEnterpriseGamingEnterprise8 дней назад
  • Wait why are u wither Michael Reeves

    Inferno PlayzInferno Playz8 дней назад
  • When you run a current through salt water you’re making chlorine, sodium, and hydrogen. If Micheal drank that he would’ve drank chlorine water. Aka the same thing that killed thousands of people in ww1

    King205King2059 дней назад

    King - BirdKing - Bird9 дней назад
  • cameraman low key actin like how to basic

    jack mackayjack mackay9 дней назад
  • Hey give electrolysis a quick google and see why the water had a yellow tint

    Best CreationsBest Creations10 дней назад
  • The water turns yellow because of the rust of the blades

    XF4SLVXF4SLV10 дней назад
  • What is an electric knife, really

    R SmithR Smith10 дней назад
  • mAybe the water tasted bad because you dumped a shit ton of salt in it before boiling it with electric razor blades

    Steve HarveySteve Harvey10 дней назад

  • Just thought I'd point out that if those razor blades are stainless steel then there's going to be tons of iron, chromium, and nickel ions in that water. Probably some hexavalent chromium too which is extremely toxic and carcinogenic sooo... Don't drink it

    Max McCormickMax McCormick11 дней назад
  • 1:58 cause screw sponsors

    tsundere _santsundere _san11 дней назад
  • I was like "why do you have a lifesized poster of this other youtube dude" then it hit me that you are that william...

    Well Hi JohnWell Hi John12 дней назад
  • Alright, y'all need to post the tracks you're using in these videos, good music library!

    Alin SAlin S12 дней назад
  • "Is that mold or blueberry?"- Said everyone since the creation of blueberry bagels

    MichaelMichael12 дней назад
  • i think we have all shocked ourselves with house power lmfao

    MichaelMichael12 дней назад
    • what

      Jeff JeffingtonJeff Jeffington6 дней назад
  • This is his best video

    Tommy LordTommy Lord12 дней назад
  • Perfect matrix reference available... But no he goes with boneless harry

    Tom BakerTom Baker13 дней назад
  • William osman made a hydrogen generator.

    Li PoLi Po13 дней назад
Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2