The Search For Our New Pet

We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...
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  • I wanna sugar glider🥰

    RoyalRoyal9 минут назад
  • I think jericho bc you could take him anywhere but also the possum bc he was sooo cut and cuddly also they had a lot of fun with it

    Ella FaithElla Faith25 минут назад
  • Toad

    Gina ZsótérGina Zsótér29 минут назад
  • You also have different names

    Crystal SmithCrystal Smith58 минут назад
  • whos still wondering wheres their pet at??

    yrgjessicayrgjessica59 минут назад
  • i found a 4th difference well i think we all new what,which is their hair

  • As a person who has had more kinds of animals than you can imagine, including a skunk. I would say, if it is legal in your state, get a opossum. I've raised two litters of 8. Out of 16 babies raised to releasing age I was never once bitten. I have also caught several wild opossums and removed them from situations where either they were in jeopardy or were being a nuisance. I pick them up by their tails. They are a very non aggressive animal. If you guys travel a lot though, you should probably not get an animal that isn't going to do well without your attention. I think you are absolutely correct about the responsibilities of a tortoise. That's a heck of a commitment that continues for someone long after you guys are gone. It seems to me that the giant toad could be an appropriate pet for you. By the way, don't judge goats by that little lady. They are very intelligent, and in many ways are like a dog. Mine do tricks and follow me on hikes. They (I have 11) are constantly vying for my attention. It has nothing to do with food. They love the scratches, pats, and rubs. They even try to do some loving things to me like trying to groom me. When mine are old enough, they will be able to carry 50 pound packs and we will be able to go hiking and camping together. However, the allergy thing should definitely rule the goats out for you. I'm not really allergic to any animals. Yet after a couple of hours of rubbing all over 11 goats, and them rubbing and climbing on me. Even I have some mild allergic symptoms. I hope this helps. Good luck!

    Scott BoydScott BoydЧас назад
  • The toad!!!

    Addi Baer!Addi Baer!2 часа назад
  • Get the opossum

    Jess the BestJess the Best2 часа назад
  • Tortoise xxxxxxxx btw I love you guys sooooo much 😻♥️

    Mea FordMea Ford3 часа назад
  • the cool turtle

    Simra WaheedSimra Waheed5 часов назад
  • Tatiana or Tod or scult

    Hanane ChanHanane Chan5 часов назад
  • I think Ruben was the best

    Abigail WilliamsAbigail Williams6 часов назад
  • Anyone else notice that llama picture twitching in the background of Ethan's room? I can't stop looking at it...

    Estevan RamirezEstevan Ramirez8 часов назад
  • The TOAD

    Sadaf HashamSadaf Hasham9 часов назад
  • You guys should get a Peruvian inca orchird they are hairless dogs perfect for if you have allergies

    Arella AndreArella Andre10 часов назад
  • Well I’m like super late and like a month behinds in videos but I’m catching up late at night bc why not 🤷🏻‍♀️😂. Anyways I think I like the tortoise, well um Ruben the Tortoise. Plus with the whole age thing it could be a thing you pass down to your kids 😂 bc ya lol!

    Stephanie ObregonStephanie Obregon11 часов назад
  • E: What is going on today? G: What is *goating* on? •laughs•

    Faith HoranFaith Horan12 часов назад
  • Noah looks so cute HaHAHAHA

    Faith HoranFaith Horan12 часов назад
  • And suddenly I wish my name was Tatiana

    Mele TaimaneMele Taimane13 часов назад
  • So we are all just going to act like Grayson isn't orange orrrr

    Chelsea WelchChelsea Welch14 часов назад
  • Did anyone else notice that the snake kinda made a heart around Ethan and Grayson? ❤️

    KillerAlmond 23KillerAlmond 2314 часов назад
  • Aww why do they get 1k dislikes this stuff is amazing and hilarious 😂 ☺️💕

    Corey MothersoleCorey Mothersole14 часов назад
  • The opossum because it works with Grayson’s allergies and like a dog

    Ella :DElla :D15 часов назад
  • I really think the opossum would be the best because it’s just like a dog and gray is not allergic and a dog can bite hard to but u can train it just like a dog opossum r really cool and I think it would be the best pet for u guys.

    PandaXGamingPandaXGaming15 часов назад
  • Jericho, because it suites you a lot and you guys loved him. :)

    Lauryn LizarragaLauryn Lizarraga15 часов назад
  • Opossum

    Sarah Nicole CorpuzSarah Nicole Corpuz15 часов назад
  • Grayson I think can have a dog cause he said its fur and dander he can have a hypoallergenic dog has real hair and no dander one is a double doodle I got one I think they should try one they are cute and just the best

    Maleah MccoyMaleah Mccoy15 часов назад
  • Toad and turtle

    Yam Yasmin Allison MadisonYam Yasmin Allison Madison15 часов назад
  • opossum

    Rachel WallabyRachel Wallaby16 часов назад
  • *Tatiana you’re beautiful don’t listen to him*

    Sara W.Sara W.16 часов назад
  • My ferret died 3 weeks ago.

    Alpha_Alpha_17 часов назад
  • There are cats and dogs for people who are allergic to other animals

    Isreal MillerIsreal Miller17 часов назад
  • Bird box, but better

    Angella LeeAngella Lee17 часов назад
  • The o possum

    McKenna and FriendsMcKenna and Friends17 часов назад
  • the tortoise!!!

    Alison WellsAlison Wells18 часов назад

    Taiylor RobbinsTaiylor Robbins19 часов назад
  • They were so gentle and kind to the animals! It was so pure how excited they got.

    Tanner M.Tanner M.19 часов назад
  • 8:03 "I mean look at that cute face" I spit on my glasses from the inside

    I’m suingI’m suing19 часов назад
  • giant toad. jericho.

    Ashley OddsAshley Odds19 часов назад

    Reaction girlReaction girl20 часов назад
  • I loved the opossum. You guys should get Sylvester!

    Ryan ParksRyan Parks20 часов назад
  • What up toad!

    JoselynJoselyn21 час назад
  • The giant toad

    Caden GrahamCaden Graham21 час назад
  • Jarako the toad sorry I spelt that wrong

    Kayla EinertsonKayla Einertson21 час назад
  • I heard when you live with and are exposed to the Russian blue cat little by little, your allergies will go away. Well this one RUvisionr said it worked for her. It took a month. Cats can be raised to be friendly like dogs. You should try it. Sorry, if it's not a dog or a cat it's not much of a pet. I liked the goat though if you have farmland for it to live on.

    E ME M21 час назад
  • get a hairless dog lol 😂

    Conner CoxConner Cox21 час назад
  • Any dbh fans laugh when he named him jerico?

    Kriptina :3Kriptina :321 час назад
  • I love goats😂🐐❤️ethan asking Grayson for the goat is me to my parents everyday😂

    Lilly CooperLilly Cooper22 часа назад
  • Toad

    Michael HirschMichael Hirsch22 часа назад
  • the snake

    David NorrisDavid Norris22 часа назад
  • Ruben!!! He matched your personality’s so good and it would be so cute

    Megs vids.Megs vids.22 часа назад
  • Get the possum

    Kathy CeronKathy Ceron22 часа назад
  • The huge frog

    chasity howardchasity howard22 часа назад
  • lmfaoooo grays veins popping out hes so scared of that scorpion

    AttyXBaddieAttyXBaddie22 часа назад
  • You guy always make my day

    Elizabeth BolerjackElizabeth Bolerjack22 часа назад
  • this video made me smile so much lol :)

    AttyXBaddieAttyXBaddie22 часа назад
  • I love you guys

    Elizabeth BolerjackElizabeth Bolerjack22 часа назад

    samanthaaasamanthaaa23 часа назад
  • Go for an old tortoise from a rescue shelter!

    Ashton WhiteAshton White23 часа назад
  • i would go for the oppossom (idek how to spell it lol) or the toad bcs the toad was AdOrAbLe!

    Sophie BaylissSophie Bayliss23 часа назад
  • the toadddddd

    Clare MahedyClare Mahedy23 часа назад
  • Bust down Tatiana 😂

    Katelyn AudreyKatelyn Audrey23 часа назад
  • The possum

    Rylee CostelloRylee CostelloДень назад
  • you should get the toad

    Laura ArcherLaura ArcherДень назад
  • Either the giant toad or the tortoise

    Emalee SchleiermacherEmalee SchleiermacherДень назад
  • possum 100% it was soooo cute

    Grace MillerGrace MillerДень назад
  • Why does the son kinda look like Jeffree stars boyfriend Nate 😭💀

    Ryan BermudezRyan BermudezДень назад
  • The toad but I think the snake was the bomb

    cliona rosecliona roseДень назад
  • Tortes!!

    Daniella GonzalezDaniella GonzalezДень назад
  • possum

    TheCadenceproductionTheCadenceproductionДень назад
  • Should I be offended that a goat has my name? 😅

    Tatiana FortesTatiana FortesДень назад
  • Get the toad get the toad get the toad

    Kim GriffinKim GriffinДень назад
  • My favorite was Tatiana but for you I think is the frog. Also I have my notifications on but I don't have social media.

    Gabrielle PhelanGabrielle PhelanДень назад
  • Frog or the possum

    Annk IzzoAnnk IzzoДень назад
  • Opossum

    jackie maleckasjackie maleckasДень назад
  • You guys look so funny with the snake lmaooooo

    Annk IzzoAnnk IzzoДень назад
  • GET JERICO!!!!!!

    Julianna SmithJulianna SmithДень назад
  • He thinks of good names for the animals

    Annk IzzoAnnk IzzoДень назад
  • Oh yes possum.

    pastel creativitypastel creativityДень назад
  • The toad...plzzzzz

    Yolanda BlountYolanda BlountДень назад
  • He wants to be sprayed lmaooooo

    Annk IzzoAnnk IzzoДень назад
  • Omg I love you guys

    Annk IzzoAnnk IzzoДень назад
  • Obey the hipno toad

    -JayareKay --JayareKay -День назад
  • Personally I’d say Sylvester the Opossum just cause he could sorta mimick the feeling of having a dog because of the fur and he was just cute and cuddly.

    Carly KlingelbergerCarly KlingelbergerДень назад
  • The big toad

    Chionna RiegerChionna RiegerДень назад
  • ruben!!!!

    Avery LaughlinAvery LaughlinДень назад
  • ruben!!

    Alina RimbachAlina RimbachДень назад
  • opossum

    Arianna DrummondArianna DrummondДень назад
  • Tortoise

    rose& lotusrose& lotusДень назад
  • Possum :3

    AylnioAylnioДень назад
  • Its a question for grayson

    Klara SuhKlara SuhДень назад
  • Hoi i have a question are u straight???

    Klara SuhKlara SuhДень назад
  • My favorite animal was the skunk and i think the best one for you would be the giant toad as you both said that you would 100% get one

    Valentina SarettaValentina SarettaДень назад
  • I'd just like to compliment Grayson's pet-naming skills. Chris the scorpion. Amazing. I definitely think you guys should pick Jericho. You immediately seemed to love him.

    Lady MarmaladeLady MarmaladeДень назад

    Ione WarrellIone WarrellДень назад
  • ruben 🐢

    paige barberpaige barberДень назад
  • Get the toad

    Karilee GardenKarilee GardenДень назад
  • 18:22 it's a love heart with Grayson and Ethan in!

    Gracie BoycottGracie BoycottДень назад
  • Nope Grayson is thicker than Ethan

    Karilee GardenKarilee GardenДень назад
The Search For Our New Pet