The Sidemen play Truth or Lies with complete strangers! #SidemenSunday
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  • Phil is BACK! 😂 Check out his previous appearance here:

    Vikkstar123Vikkstar12327 дней назад
    • Mim+adnan

      Nishat SunjanaNishat Sunjana8 часов назад
    • Lol toby was ready to box Phil

      A N TA N T10 часов назад
    • So hes not a stranger then

      lxj delir_lxj delir_День назад
    • Vikkstar123 play with Typical Gamer again

      Khumo MuthambiKhumo MuthambiДень назад
  • bruh i finna stan phil

    the aafc is the best also stream live in leipzigthe aafc is the best also stream live in leipzig44 минуты назад
  • Phil ...hate how he thinks hes funny

    Critical DamageCritical DamageЧас назад

    Bobbie💞Bobbie💞2 часа назад
  • Go on Ethan

    Haris JahangirHaris Jahangir2 часа назад
  • My brother pissed on me 😂

    Great GamerGreat Gamer2 часа назад
  • plssss do another one this made me piss my pants

    Abigail DonohoeAbigail Donohoe3 часа назад
  • LOL those tags

    DomaPlaysDomaPlays3 часа назад
  • Can we have more if Phil 😂😂

    Eden LeighEden Leigh4 часа назад
  • FBI open up.........

    Mic_ RoeMic_ Roe4 часа назад
  • Whats a Tory?

    yumiyumi5 часов назад
  • Phil😂

    PlainCactusPlainCactus5 часов назад
  • JJ just completely gets violated through out this.

    UnspiritedUnspirited5 часов назад
  • 12:02 SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!

    KokorykeKokoryke6 часов назад
  • at 0:06 DONT DO THE WOAH

    All about the climbing monkey .-.All about the climbing monkey .-.6 часов назад

      All about the climbing monkey .-.All about the climbing monkey .-.6 часов назад
  • 8:48 i knew the answer right away hahahahaha

    JustABoxerJustABoxer6 часов назад
  • The person in the blue shirts an idiot

    Rob ThomasRob Thomas7 часов назад
  • 25:49 ah me and the bois

    Cacheshadow JuniorCacheshadow Junior7 часов назад
  • 11:14 Omg I remember how deji and ksi were saying in one of there vids that they went on trips and they deji pissed on ksi xD

    Official_mehdi_10Official_mehdi_107 часов назад

    Official_mehdi_10Official_mehdi_107 часов назад

    Official_mehdi_10Official_mehdi_107 часов назад
  • 1:16 this girl looks like Ayesha Curry. xD

    Official_mehdi_10Official_mehdi_107 часов назад
  • like for a part 2

    Erica ParkinsonErica Parkinson8 часов назад
  • Joe ma boy from ull

    Harribo_1701Harribo_17018 часов назад
  • Tune in next time for the next episode of "Sweet home Alabama"

    Casual GuyCasual Guy8 часов назад
  • Here's my ultimate roast: Don't eat garbage, cause that would be cannibalism.

    CoyoteCoyote8 часов назад
  • What’s a Troy

    Anton LukicAnton Lukic8 часов назад
  • As a American I didn’t know what wanked meant I thought it meant physco 😂

    Aiden PuzioAiden Puzio9 часов назад
  • For all the non UK lads: *Tory* /ˈtɔːri/ noun (in the UK) a member or supporter of the Conservative Party.

    Hanu SiddhanthHanu Siddhanth9 часов назад
  • Hang on didn’t JJ snog his brother

    Jamez4018Jamez401810 часов назад
  • Why do people keep spelling phil as phill

    Craig SmithCraig Smith10 часов назад
  • Anyone else thought that Phil sounds like jack septic eye

    Oliwia PotockiOliwia Potocki10 часов назад
  • On behalf of Americans... wtf is a Tory? 😂😂

    TaraTara10 часов назад
  • I am from Scotland who else?

    ArticArtic10 часов назад
  • Phil is just bare jarring

    K EnnisK Ennis10 часов назад
  • True story: My aunt was fed up with my brother cuz he was acting like he was one drugs or something so she grapped him sat him on her lap and spat in his mouth BTW were black Africans

    Sunny MikoSunny Miko11 часов назад
  • Who does KSI date??

    Hannah _lolz_Hannah _lolz_11 часов назад
  • Me and the boys!

    Sir DeRANGED PsychoSir DeRANGED Psycho11 часов назад
  • Do they always wear the same thing?

    DaltiraDaltira11 часов назад
  • vikk might probably never come to any sidemen video coz of the way hes being roasted 1 like 1 prayer for vikk 👇👇👇

    AnonymousTVAnonymousTV12 часов назад
  • 4:15 tobi= lil wayne comfirmed

    Wannes JacobsWannes Jacobs12 часов назад
  • The guy in the blue and black checkered jacket actually seems like a bit of a legend

    LukeLewiTVLukeLewiTV12 часов назад
  • *(Strangers roast sidemen)* (crossed) Strangers roast KSI

    Vishal PrakashVishal Prakash12 часов назад
  • 5:21 😂 idek why I found so undeniabley funny

    sub to kill trumpsub to kill trump13 часов назад
  • I’ve had my brother pissed on me

    Zane Fitzgibbins-hedleyZane Fitzgibbins-hedley13 часов назад
  • Who hasn’t

    laura knapperlaura knapper14 часов назад
  • It’s bath time boys!

    Capper303Capper30314 часов назад
  • No one: Literally no one: Not even a living soul: Harry: iT wAs fOr tHe bOyS

    Rahmoon ModheshRahmoon Modhesh14 часов назад
  • The guy who's shouting so much stopped me from watching the whole way through

    Danny HuntroydDanny Huntroyd14 часов назад
  • *the dude in the blue shirt makes me so mad, he’s such a bully*

    EmmyEmmy14 часов назад
  • *guy in blue shirt seems emotionally abusive tbh*

    EmmyEmmy14 часов назад
  • ᑭetitioᑎ ᖴoᖇ ᑭᕼiᒪ to ᗷe tᕼe 8tᕼ ᔕiᗪeᗰeᑎ.. ✋🏻

    S!nnNe RS!nnNe R15 часов назад
  • ksi's dreads look like fried chicken feet.

    baked bean gregbaked bean greg15 часов назад
  • More Phill please

    MattMatt15 часов назад

    HMF hkfHMF hkf15 часов назад
  • Phil! 😂

    Gabriella LambertGabriella Lambert15 часов назад
  • I sent it to the bois.

    BarchticBarchtic16 часов назад
  • The Sidemen are way too close. LOL

    Mattvz VincMattvz Vinc16 часов назад
  • KSI:My bro pissed on me Deji:He ruined my credibility!

    TADOTADO16 часов назад
  • 1:22

    BlitzElectricBlitzElectric16 часов назад
  • Do more vidios with phill

    Petar ZuljPetar Zulj16 часов назад
  • How the hell did I just discover this channel. I'm literally pissing my pants from laughing.

    аняаня17 часов назад
  • when he has said f off phil I started to have tears in my eyes

    Sams gaming channelSams gaming channel17 часов назад
  • My brother pissed on me he was 3 i was 10 he’s annoying

    Gacha ChloeGacha Chloe17 часов назад
  • Bring back Phil

    Cellular GCellular G17 часов назад
  • 12:04 i agree with scottland all hail queen merida

    jamie bernardjamie bernard17 часов назад
  • Honestly thought joe was Lachlan at first

    True GamerTrue Gamer18 часов назад
  • Did Ethan and Emily break up?

    Jojo BlzJojo Blz18 часов назад
  • If Harry could vote he'd be a Tory.

    Russian BiasRussian Bias19 часов назад
  • JJ's self-esteem took a hit

    Jonathan JacoboJonathan Jacobo19 часов назад
  • I lile how they all take the piss out of jj

    Connor Wilson MtbConnor Wilson Mtb20 часов назад
  • What’s a tory

    TuggaliggTuggaligg20 часов назад
  • Sorry but it is a segway

    antman 8000antman 800020 часов назад
  • When that white guys asked KSU if Toby was his brother I just started cracking up

    JJ20 часов назад
  • this video is gold, had my crying of laugher the entire time wow!

    young jaredyoung jared20 часов назад
  • They aren’t from Alabama

    Gabriel MiltonGabriel Milton20 часов назад
  • That one girl who just continuously insulted Toby had me dead 😂😂😂😂😂

    Clancy NationwideClancy Nationwide21 час назад
  • Deji peed on ksi!

    boss kidboss kid21 час назад
  • This is how many people want another sidemen $100 vs $10,000 vacation ↓↓

    TFN NazTFN Naz21 час назад
  • Phil and Scott are absolutely legends

    Katie BeauKatie Beau22 часа назад
  • To be honest I don’t really like Phil he is really mean to everyone

    Taylor SimpkinsTaylor Simpkins22 часа назад
  • “I’m scOOt from Scotland *scottish accent

    TeezeyTeezey22 часа назад
  • This is how many people want a part 2 👇🏼

    ElijahManKillerElijahManKiller23 часа назад
  • KSi animated videos ............ only OG’s understand

    iamthebossiamtheboss23 часа назад
  • Do they know the person in the square blue shirt yes or no plz help meh

    Destiny Johnson channel 20077Destiny Johnson channel 2007723 часа назад
  • 16:19 Naruto: SASUKEEEEEEE!!! Sasuke: NARUTOOOO!!

    MiniMan 303MiniMan 30323 часа назад
  • Stocky Knockout

    megawallmegawall23 часа назад
  • when the question ''have anyone been pissed on their brother'' right away i just knew it was KSI like not to be rude but i can just see it no homo but it would be an accident NO HOMO BRUH DAMN ;-;

    king_dripnessVking_dripnessV23 часа назад
  • Mobile MonsterMobile MonsterДень назад
  • All they do is roast JJ lmao

    Nico BattiataNico BattiataДень назад
  • JJ’s fat jokes are coming right back at him. Karma 😂😂😂

    YoungCay 9YoungCay 9День назад
  • Couldn’t stop laughing 😂 please do a part 2!!!

    Jennie Hazel CookeJennie Hazel CookeДень назад
  • At 10:58 as soon as she asked where the date should be a Trojan ad popped up

    idiot and idiutidiot and idiutДень назад
  • KSI out here getting roasted

    JCWarfare YtJCWarfare YtДень назад
  • I love KSI's laugh

    M T3CHM T3CHДень назад
  • Does everyone from the midlands look like James Maddison?

    Aúpa AtlétiAúpa AtlétiДень назад
  • *stockyknockout*

    Annie MackAnnie MackДень назад
  • Am I the only one who didn’t notice vikkstar was there until the brother pissed on him one 😂😂

    Harris BamberryHarris BamberryДень назад
  • If I was from the sidemen I would feel roasted and tested but all together

    merlin puhrmerlin puhrДень назад
  • Did I just witness Ethan get some😂😂😁👍

    OrangeGaming721 -OrangeGaming721 -День назад