Stewart and Busch fight after Richmond

Tony Stewart is upset with Kurt Busch after the race and he let's Busch know about it.
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  • Schmoke

    Mr PhillipsMr Phillips7 дней назад
  • Two ass hats!

    James BenedictJames BenedictМесяц назад
  • Bad idea for smoke to piss people off, he’s just a fat fuck no muscle lol, he’s like Elon musk.

    Please youtube Unban my account :cPlease youtube Unban my account :cМесяц назад
  • Oh. I thought there was a "fight". Thumbs down.

  • Kurt Busch is a douchebag. Watch the video of him ripping Jerry Punch before an interview. Penske fired him soon after. Total asshole.

    Franklin CoverFranklin Cover4 месяца назад
  • WEAK CUNTS. Everyone of the gutless pussies. Hell , Danica Patrick has a bigger dick than these guys.

    Harry BrowneighHarry Browneigh4 месяца назад
  • i wish i was a uoutube your and have 710,523

    Alysia VanAlysia Van5 месяцев назад
  • "Ten laps ago this car didn't have a scratch, now it's destroyed" because you destroyed it...Also if you don't get Tony was upset then why did you run into the back of Kenseth for doing the exact same thing?

    Bronco FanBronco Fan5 месяцев назад
  • Tony The Bitch Crybaby Bully He Dont Get His Way Hes A Bully Piece Of Shit

    Jeff FloydJeff Floyd6 месяцев назад
  • Weren’t they teammates before this? And I thought it was kyle Busch...

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  • Tony's Jackass

    Jeff FloydJeff Floyd7 месяцев назад
  • Ok, so where was the fight as described, click bait!

    Bill BoydBill Boyd7 месяцев назад
  • the fight and it's participants in general show how passionate they are to race.... i love this

    Hannah FletcherHannah Fletcher10 месяцев назад

  • what a joke we're was the fight them sissies ain't gonna fight

    Micheal ReynoldsMicheal ReynoldsГод назад
  • What a hypocrite. “Not sure what the 14 was upset about” “I got run into by the 20 that’s why I was upset with him”

    Andrew HogentoglerAndrew HogentoglerГод назад
  • This is what the media was hoping for in March 1979 at Richmond after the Allison-Yarborough incident at Daytona and then at Rockingham.

    mkl62mkl62Год назад
  • Kick both busch brothers out of NASCAR. They do not deserve a spot in NASCAR as they are involved with every issue.

    Mr BMr BГод назад
  • And Stewart did not intentionally kill sprint car driver,because of his temper,Yea Right.

    Pete SmithPete SmithГод назад
    • Ya,and that dope head didn't walk into the side of Stewart's car. That fuck tard killed himself.

      kragsevenkragsevenГод назад
  • I was expecting them to both go get their purses and slug it out.

    SludgeSludgeГод назад
  • Nascar is so gay now people just cry if they get bumped give me a break nascar is a bunch of pussies go back to the good old days

    tAmEz ZoDiActAmEz ZoDiAcГод назад
  • There is absolutely no driver in history of NASCAR that I dislike more than tony stewart ... fat ass punk !

    D. RichmondD. RichmondГод назад
  • Those short tracks really can blow some short fuses😆

    cswace62 Wilsoncswace62 WilsonГод назад
  • Plenty of empty seats at the race, they should be worrying about that.

    DataLinkNowDataLinkNowГод назад
  • i love going to Richmond

    Kevin TeagueKevin TeagueГод назад
  • NOW, they have become lovers!

    No More NuclearNo More NuclearГод назад
  • and next year he has a contract with Stewart Haas Racing that's strange

    BeroslosBeroslosГод назад
  • Kurt was just banging every one

    Dave BrownDave BrownГод назад
  • got better after they dumped the Outlaw

    Jim WichertJim WichertГод назад
  • Now Kurt just calls him "Boss Man" lol

    MrPoppoppoppoMrPoppoppoppo2 года назад
  • 43 "the King"

    L I amL I am2 года назад
  • He said "I'm coming through get out of my way!"

    ElsaFan 248ElsaFan 2482 года назад
  • Kurt Busch the no 78 car in furniture row

    ElsaFan 248ElsaFan 2482 года назад
  • Payback is a bitch, huh kurt??

    jasonaboydmsjasonaboydms3 года назад
  • Oh, look… one of the Busch babies is having a meltdown. GTFOH, Crybaby Busch. It’s past your beddybye time, you douchebag.

    storyofcorystoryofcory3 года назад
    • its just GTFO.

      Joe ColomboJoe Colombo3 года назад
  • How did they fight

    Pedro DelgadoPedro Delgado3 года назад
  • I didn't see a fight

    Stephen615Stephen6153 года назад
  • anyone that would work for a killer,scorpion stewart, is worse than he

    Redkelly ReRedkelly Re3 года назад
    • You seem to have missed the part where Tony Stewart gassed and fishtailed his car up the track into Ward with his wheels turned right in a counter-steer all the way through the kill as he drove up to the crash scene while the race was under caution...

      gtrick64gtrick642 года назад
    • i see you know nothing about dirt track racing

      Redkelly ReRedkelly Re2 года назад
    • Redkelly Re If you had your brain cells checked recently, you would know that Kevin Ward Jr. as the stupid stoner fuck that he was got out of his sprint car and jumped in front of stewarts sprint car. Don't call stewart a killer for an action that was aimed towards being high on drugs and to having tony's fault of killing him even though he didnt.

      friskyheiserfriskyheiser2 года назад
  • Oh the irony, now they are teammates.

    Anthony KernichAnthony Kernich3 года назад
    • uh huh

      ThePickaxer_YTThePickaxer_YT2 года назад

    Wayne BaldwinWayne Baldwin3 года назад
  • In 2013, they fought... 2014, teammates... 2015, friends... Friend life!

    DarkFoxly ClawzDarkFoxly Clawz3 года назад
    • NASCAR Crashes 2018NASCAR Crashes 20182 года назад
    • +potatoe guy (mrchickenslapper) They had some stories early Back in 2007 through 2008

      PC&PopscergiPC&Popscergi3 года назад
    • lol

      alfiealfie3 года назад
  • stewart is a crybaby

    Saltwater AnglerSaltwater Angler3 года назад
    • He made a valid point, either your just to stupid to understand, A Tony Stewart Hater, or you just want to argue with someone for the simple sake of arguing.

      Wayne MosesWayne Moses3 года назад
    • Yeah. He gets so pissy for something that's HIS FAULT!

      Wesleyem3Wesleyem33 года назад
    • @gtrick64 You obviously know nothing about this. They said it was an accident caused by that drugged out half drunk kid. The loser ran into Tony, not the other way around. FOOL!

      Marty933Marty9333 года назад
    • @Marty933 ''The sheriff, the judge, the prosecutor and 5 video tapes of the event say so'' Say what exactly? If you are going to make a point, at least make a point...

      gtrick64gtrick643 года назад
  • watch out kurt ,this scorpion stewart is a back shooter

    redkellyredkelly4 года назад
  • I don't like Tony Stewart

    Jaco ShasJaco Shas4 года назад
    • who gives a shit who you like or don't like.

      Wayne MosesWayne Moses3 года назад
  • Hey and now they're teammates its such a small world.

    Big Man GayBig Man Gay4 года назад
  • Stewart is fine as long as he does the moving. Move him and he becomes a whiny little bitch.

    bbodinefan11bbodinefan114 года назад
    • He was stupid and I cant deny that. But Stewart did that shit.

      bbodinefan11bbodinefan113 года назад
    • @bbodinefan11 kevin ward jr. did not remember just throw your helmet.

      Redkelly ReRedkelly Re3 года назад
    • Nice dude.

      bbodinefan11bbodinefan113 года назад
    • @bbodinefan11 you get out of your car a point at the scorpion stewart ,well you see what happened to kevin ward jr.

      Redkelly ReRedkelly Re3 года назад
  • Half a year later: Smoke: "Wanna drive for me?" Kurt: "Sure thing, old friend, we'd make great teammates!" In all honesty, I'm a fan of both, didn't like seeing this, and loved seeing them become teammates.

    Emil BorchertEmil Borchert4 года назад
    • Newman recruited him without Tonys permission :)

      Mr PhillipsMr Phillips7 дней назад
    • @Indiana Joe Music Kyle is more hotheaded than Kurt Busch

      Lord Of VengeanceLord Of Vengeance12 дней назад
    • @Indiana Joe Music agreed

      Joe HaeckJoe Haeck8 месяцев назад
    • Emil Borchert ; it came together good tho you know I forgot Kurt Busch drove for Furniture Row Motorsports.

      Malik ElcoSS454Malik ElcoSS454Год назад
    • Emil Borchert 00am

      Melvin FosterMelvin FosterГод назад
  • What A Fight Against Kurt Busch And Tony Stewart

    Archangel1708Archangel17084 года назад
    • GaMES

      Jayalovely LovelyJayalovely Lovely4 года назад
  • Rubbing is racing

    Bill M.Bill M.4 года назад
  • kurt dont hit back unless the other person is a woman...

    Michael JohnMichael John4 года назад
    • I missed that part when he hit you.

      Wayne MosesWayne Moses3 года назад
    • +Michael John your an idiot, he wasn't even guilty and that psychotic bitch of an ex girlfriend he had pulled the same domestic abuse shit with 2 other men that she was with.

      WestCoastFishingWestCoastFishing3 года назад
    • @Daniel Gebhart this is my job and thanks for the at a boy

      redkellyredkelly3 года назад
    • @redkelly Oh my god do you have anything to do all day besides go on every video involving Tony Stewart and spew your "scorpion stewart" bullcrap? Get your head out of your butt, get off your butt, and get your butt into a job so you actually have some purpose... Actually better yet just go sprint car racing, get wrecked and charge down at somebody's car and see how you fare...

      Daniel GebhartDaniel Gebhart3 года назад
    • @Patrick Star the scorpion stewart needs to clear the air, when will he tell how he tried to avoid killing kevin ward jr. ? it has been a year since the scorpion killed the man and not a word said.

      redkellyredkelly4 года назад
  • Teammates now..............

    MCOSpotting HDMCOSpotting HD4 года назад
    • Stewart the boss of Kurt Busch.

      Malik ElcoSS454Malik ElcoSS454Год назад
    • I think Smoke is pretty happy they hired Kurt every time he walks past the Daytona 500 trophy at SHR.

      Jeff GordonJeff Gordon2 года назад
    • +Pidgeot it's definitely there now

      WestCoastFishingWestCoastFishing3 года назад
    • @Aaron Zevgolis tony wasn't against kurt coming over, he just didn't think the timing to build a fourth team by 2014 was there

      PidgeotPidgeot4 года назад
    • @MCOSpotting HD against Stewarts wishes if you do your research.. It was Gene Haas the co-owner of the team that hired Busch behind Stewarts back and uses his company to sponsor him.

      Roblox And Moviestarplanet!Roblox And Moviestarplanet!4 года назад
  • Who I really feel bad for is Paul Menard getting hit on the cool down lap.

    Ghost Interval ProductionsGhost Interval Productions4 года назад
  • whos the fuckboy trying to block the camera tho? those are fox cameras who paid millions of dollars to be there to film what happens at the race, not someone with a cell phone filming your brother after he got knocked out in your back yard at a cookout, fuck outta here pushing the camera away fox can film whoever and whatever the fuck they want at THEIR race coverage

    FightFan5FightFan54 года назад
  • Hmm, I sure didn't see a fight after the race, as the title states... but it was a good watch. I'm sure back then I was spewing some choice words at Busch. LOL

    Jackie CarterJackie Carter4 года назад
    • So you don't see them shoving each other after the race?

      Mark HardingMark Harding4 года назад
  • Now Stewart owns Busch's car...which in essence means he owns that little pussy.

    • 2017 Daytona 500

      Jeff GordonJeff Gordon2 года назад
    • @Xtrovid Bwahahahahaha......2 races won in that car is a shit ton? Go back to your Nintendo, basement boy. 

    • He's in the chase, second to last round with a decent shot at getting to the final. Don't talk down to people who know more than you buddy.

      XtrovidXtrovid3 года назад
    • @Xtrovid Bwahahahahaha......2 races won in that car is a shit ton? Go back to your Nintendo, basement boy.

    • +LT1HILLINGHOE Except a shit ton of wins and points?

      XtrovidXtrovid3 года назад
  • All you mother fuckers need to get over it move on

    Chris BryantChris Bryant4 года назад
  • Less than 1 lap earlier Kurt used his bumper to move Tony Stewart out of the way , but is upset when Kenseth does it to him.

    joseph gabellojoseph gabello4 года назад
    • But they were really jammed up bumper to bumper like 5 cars deep when Kurt bumped Stewart out the way, kenseth closed like 2 car lengths just to punt Kurt out the way.

      WestCoastFishingWestCoastFishing3 года назад
  • You piss off Stewart and next thing you know everyone is pissed off at you. Don't mess with Stewart

    Chase VanDuyneChase VanDuyne4 года назад
    • @Chase VanDuyne you piss off tony and he hires you*

      PidgeotPidgeot4 года назад
  • And the next season, they became team mates..

    DJ MettsDJ Metts4 года назад
  • Kurt Busch is a punk. He and his bro think they can do whatever they want to get ahead but do not try to do same to them they will cry.

    Scott DudleyScott Dudley4 года назад
    • Kurt Busch isn't really like that anymore, I can't say the same about his brother Kyle but Kurt is one of the low key guys now, he races aggressively but he knows his limits and knows he's gonna get raced back the same way. Kurt's a lot smarter now then he was 4 years ago, he's with a championship caliber team and knows he's lucky to be with such a great team

      WestCoastFishingWestCoastFishing3 года назад
    • You could say that back in 2012, but you can't say that now.

      Billy JenkinsBilly Jenkins4 года назад
  • This is why you never mess with Tony!

    Dillon MurwayDillon Murway4 года назад
  • Poor Tony gettin ripped a new asshole right now.

    BassManBobBassCoversBassManBobBassCovers4 года назад
  • Kurt Busch has real sociopathic problems. He pushed Tony, and whines if Tony pushes back. He has trouble during practice at Dover, so he beats up his groupie girlfriend. Nothing is EVER Kurt's fault. When he drove for Penske, he was speeding on a pit stop and threw a obscenity laced tirade on his crew that it was their fault. How many top teams have fired him? Most of them and for good reason.

    Marty933Marty9334 года назад
  • the kid had some weed thats no excuse to kill somebody, try killing the drunks in this world that would help with the population problem.and sterilize them hillbillies in the south them inbred bastards

    mark whitemark white4 года назад
  • Stepped out of the car or not!!!! STEWART tried to get close to the kid!!! Now he's gone!!! Bring him back???? STEWART NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL IDIOT!!! Its clear STEWART thinks he's untouchable.

    llivetoride07llivetoride074 года назад
    • Tony Stewart is not a murderer!!! I don't know why you defend Kevin Ward when the idiot was HIGH, and stepped onto the racing surface where he was in a all black firesuit and in a track with a shitty lighting system. Oh wait... Tony Stewart was scrubbing off his tires where his car ACCIDENTIALLY slipped out from under him.

      Dillon MurwayDillon Murway4 года назад
    • This video has nothing to even do with that incident. So why do idiots like you that believe Stewart ran the dumb kid over on purpose think you have to bring it up any time Stewart is mentioned? Give it a rest. No one in the Nascar community or any racing community thinks there was any malicious intent. Give it up. You just look stupid at this point.

      Keaton DavenportKeaton Davenport4 года назад
    • @Tylnorton your not a loser bud. You hold your own. Take care and be safe.

      llivetoride07llivetoride074 года назад
    • @llivetoride07 17 years old is nothing compared to an idiotic 12 year old. I've won arguments against people many times. How does that make me a loser at 17? How old are you then?

      TylnortonTylnorton4 года назад
    • @Tylnorton The way I spoke to you I should be that age. I'm very sorry, take care and watch your mouth when posting online. As I will do the same just for this matter as I had not idea your a kid.

      llivetoride07llivetoride074 года назад
  • You'd think he'd be over all his hostilities by now, at least he should be if he's sane!

    rod brownrod brown4 года назад
  • Yes Kurt....

    Don CarloDon Carlo4 года назад
  • why the fuck is nascar posting fights to their official channel??? Like wtf are they encouraging this shit?

    Mario ReyesMario Reyes4 года назад
  • watch out Busch hell put u in the wall, and then run(KILL) you over!!! then hell say hes sorry and his fans will CHEEER AND PRAYYY FOR TONY!!!

    Jake MackieJake Mackie4 года назад
    • Hey sorry for calling yall a dumbass but still this incident was before the wreck and he was on pot

      Lucky The WolfLucky The Wolf4 года назад
    • That's what you get when you think you're a smart arse and start walking through moving traffic to go after someone to make a point after they TOUCHED you, a gentle fucking brush isn't worth losing your life over, he knew the risks when he started walking towards the cars instead of getting off the track, the safety car is there to get the track clear & danger free so racing can resume, not so you can try to settle your petty score over a very very trivial racing incident. P.S. HE WAS HIGH!

      Mark HardingMark Harding4 года назад
    • Your dumbass does know this happend a year and a few months before that incident and Ward was on pot at the time

      Lucky The WolfLucky The Wolf4 года назад
  • Dale Sr would wreck cars in front of him whoever leads the race he puts his foot to the floor nudges em and they get out of control enough dale sr takes the win! That's why his respected and known as The Intimidator!

    Rowdy The RedneckRowdy The Redneck4 года назад
Stewart and Busch fight after Richmond