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    rSlashrSlash2 месяца назад
    • You can literally get paid from playing games... RUvision

      CyberXarex YTCyberXarex YT14 дней назад
    • Lol

      Grootandrocket CerritosGrootandrocket Cerritos20 дней назад
    • I smell your cheese pool

      melmel22 дня назад
    • My HOA is just a bunch of older people who share a well, a park and a beach.

      Keith RiketaKeith Riketa24 дня назад
    • Yep bye so long good luck hiring

      Sara WeilSara Weil24 дня назад
  • I must have been super lucky, since the only HoA I lived in was actually rather chill. No street parking, but then again residential street parking in my city was only legal in marked spaces, anyway (plus the street wasn't wide enough for street parking). The HoA paid for all the lawn maintenance, paid for basic cable for the whole neighborhood, and (I swear I'm not making this up) paid to *replace my roof.* The house I was renting had the oldest roof in the neighborhood, and since the HoA wanted to maintain the uniform look of the neighborhood always hired the same contractors to do roofing jobs. You were asked to park in your garage, but not required to do so, and if you had guests they could park in your driveway overnight. If you had more guests, there were guest parking spaces between every pair of houses that fit six cars. Like... Based on what everyone else is saying about HoAs, I must have had the exception that proves the rule? I honestly really loved my HoA.

    Andrew TAndrew T4 часа назад
  • The last one was so satisfying and cool.

    Ayesha IrfanAyesha Irfan11 часов назад
  • Can anyone else see the skeleton in the background

    Jayden BellJayden BellДень назад
  • Not a real threat. If you work for free than being fired means nothing. Either way, you have no income.

    Tristan CauserTristan CauserДень назад
  • Had an employer that tried that unpaid OT shit on a coworker once. ONCE. Then the suits with the court summons courtesy of the USDOL (that is, the US Department of Labor) showed up. I don't know how that went down as my contract with that particular employer was up a week later and I didn't bother attempting to renew it, nor did I keep in touch with my old coworkers, but I do know that when I was looking up my old employer to double check the address for a more recent job application, the management structure had been completely reworked from the top down according to the website

    Mystic ThunderMystic Thunder2 дня назад
  • You should see the kind of shit they do to us in the Infantry. I say infantry because I cant speak for the kind of shit the officers do to their soldiers in other MOS's. But the shit we had to put up with makes this kind of tom foolery look like child's play. Any vet can vouch for that. But what can we do? as lowly enlisted we do as we are told or its way worse for us, we cant just quit.

    J, WilliamsJ, Williams2 дня назад
  • Since when is "hell" a profanity?

    Ch35h1r3C47Ch35h1r3C474 дня назад
  • Dave should have kept all his receipts AND his mouth shut. Get fired. Profit.

    Trump-a-Tron 6000Trump-a-Tron 60005 дней назад
  • You Go, Dave!

    Trius MalarkyTrius Malarky5 дней назад
  • great story :D

    NightCoreFreakOutNightCoreFreakOut5 дней назад
  • R/slash: * almost cusses * RUvision demonitization: I HOPE THE FXCK YOU DO, YOU'LL BE A DEAD SON OF A BXTCH I TELL YOU THAT-

    Kaz DreemurrKaz Dreemurr5 дней назад
  • They should have contacted the labor department. Couldve gotten back pay and then some, on top of tge bar receiving a HUGE fine

    Robert MillerRobert Miller6 дней назад
  • I would like that app info

    gunstealergunstealer6 дней назад
  • I just realized that if you wait on you vid and paused it then you would have a ad play at random times

    tbone supremetbone supreme6 дней назад
  • Wow and I thought Mr.Krabs was bad

    Nic 2751Nic 27516 дней назад
  • HOA huh I got beef with them massive beef I look all around no one else is getting letters from them even if their grass is tall for like a month and yet when our grass reaches a minimal level of being tall they sent us a letter this is why I hate this f****** neighborhood and the HOA that runs it cuz they're straight-up f****** singling us out and they know it

    incontinentia buttocksincontinentia buttocks6 дней назад
  • Hoa sucks my neighborhoods has a water slide at their pool and me and my friends went down 5 at a time (this isn’t allowed but eh) the lifeguards said we could go down once so we did and guess what? WE GOT FINED 25 DOLLARS AND SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK AND THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD WAS COMPLAINING ON SOCIAL MIEDA ABOUT HOW WE DISTURBED THE PEQCE WHEN THERE WERE TWO FAMILIES THERE WITH TEENS AND THEY DIDN’T CARE I hate HOA

    FX ShiverFX Shiver6 дней назад
  • 2:24 wow I live in portage

    Mathew ArnoldMathew Arnold6 дней назад
  • what the fuck is going on with you yanks, like half these stories are complete violations of employment law in most countries 😂😂

    joshuajoshua7 дней назад
  • My teacher did not know the meaning of bi so i was told to leave mid-work session i said ok and left then came back in 20 mins later when work time was over then got to work during lunch i was mad and came home googled it and found out i was right and she did not have the correct definition of bi i'm the one who got punished for her wrongdoing i'm in 6th i was in 5th then

    Zeo Is funZeo Is fun7 дней назад
  • KrazAykHat

    Keely HildebrandKeely Hildebrand7 дней назад
  • I worked in the IT department for a company that tried to make us to do ROTATING shiftwork plus be on call...for no extra pay. We said no but they start using veiled threats. We then joined the factory union which was not really considered being a team player for office staff, but we did anyway. I (being the most qualified and skilled) handed in my notice telling them I would not work for a company that threatens my co-workers and made one girl cry - Our immediate manager (management's bulldog) ended up getting a rash all over his body from the stress he was getting from his bosses and by us not playing ball. He was on sick leave for months and eventually quit due to stress LOL - This company could well afford a token pay raise - there were only 3 of us!!

    Sir Raymond LuxuryYachtSir Raymond LuxuryYacht7 дней назад
  • So the manager started to cut off the fat, from the most profitable section of the business. Which tells me he is a shitty manager who never attended school, or is plain retarded.

    Zamolxes77Zamolxes777 дней назад
  • 8:20 Correct. I never seen a "good" HOA, they exist only to fuck you over, like MAFIA.

    Zamolxes77Zamolxes777 дней назад
  • how bout go home and sue for back pay....with interest....

    Iam HighIam High10 дней назад
  • My HOA is super nice. My mom is the treasurer, and there are only a few issues. The only big issue (that im aware of, im a kid) is that nobody was saving to redo the roads

    Da BanananananaDa Bananananana10 дней назад
  • Oh fuck, HOA is total bullshit

    DisappointedDisappointed11 дней назад
  • The bartenders could have filed for wrongful termination easily for compensation.

    HNTR_TheGreatZyHNTR_TheGreatZy11 дней назад
  • For the last one they should have sued to make a ton of money back

    Hi there PersonHi there Person12 дней назад
  • 6:36 You know it's going to be a good r/maliciouscompliance story when the words 'Home Owners' Assossiation' and 'Project Car' are in the first Paragraph.

    Anish WeerasooriyaAnish Weerasooriya12 дней назад
  • 1:23 That’s my whole family when on vacation.

    Thinkpasta YayyyThinkpasta Yayyy12 дней назад
  • Wow that month I went to fort Wayne for a Japanese thing (I live in Indiana but almost the farthest point away from it)

    donna starnesdonna starnes13 дней назад
  • HOAs are EVIL!

    GenX RantsGenX Rants14 дней назад
  • Karen : im shopping here you should pay me for using your store!! Staff: No Karen : let me speak too your manager Staff: No Karen : ill sue! Staff: ................no

    That one undertale fanThat one undertale fan15 дней назад
  • Honestly, you should never live in a hoa neighborhood as a car enthusiast because you will be singled out for absolute bullshit

    Loli ExorcistLoli Exorcist16 дней назад
  • Bartenders are the tightest community in the world. No word travels faster and farther than from a disrespect bartender. They'll never be out of a job for too long, unless they suck.

    Scott W PilgrimScott W Pilgrim16 дней назад
  • this hits home...due to a payroll issue (the time clock wasnt recording punch ins or punch outs for almost 7 weeks, and the supervisors had to manually clock us into the system) i am missing a total of 36 hours of over time, and HR is being a bitch about it, stating there is no proof i worked that time... Well, i work in a secure facility, that, according you guys, has a zero blind spot CCTV system...so why dont you look at that the footage from the days in question?

    Dream WolfDream Wolf18 дней назад
  • Except that they can all legally sue them for unpaid hours as that is basically theft or in more extreme definitions, slavery. The employees could not just sue them and definitely win, but also get them thrown into federal prison. What was the dumbest thing - they let it go.

    ExGamArsExGamArs19 дней назад
  • What was the program he was using to figure out how much he was supposed to be working

    Andrew McCabeAndrew McCabe19 дней назад
  • 7:17 YO! That BMW is possibly a 320i from 1989! Those are dope!

    Mathias the RaccoonMathias the Raccoon19 дней назад
  • The HOA in my old town which was actually named POA, Property Owners Association, was actually really nice. They had two rules that actually made a lot of sense. I only knew one of them. It was no motorcycles within the gates. But there was a way around it. If you put a kinetic motor on a bike it’s a bike since it’s a kinetic motor.

    Der Wolf GamingDer Wolf Gaming19 дней назад
  • About that first story, 3 hours ain't that bad. I have gone thru days worth of driving coming out of this uncomfortable car with no complaints and he cant even go 3 hours? 3 hours is what we expect to have to drive to get anything. Pets, family, friends, anything! So yeah just sayin 3 hours ain't that bad. And unless you actually have car seats made out of brick and/or over 60 you shouldnt be complaining to badly. My grandfather used to have car seats as hard as brick and went on 10 hour trips. Now that I look back at it, it is stupidly hilarious! XD

    ItzNonoWolfi 2009ItzNonoWolfi 200919 дней назад
  • ❤️

    Gaming GiraffeGaming Giraffe20 дней назад
  • Our HOA is nice. The well basically the boss lives next door to us. And is good friends with everyone in my neighborhood

    colby dolancolby dolan21 день назад
  • That last story was a case of open mouth insert foot

    Terry KimballTerry Kimball21 день назад
  • A HOA “rule” is you can’t ride bikes at “high rates of speed” in my area. However they enforced this on me by STEALING MY BIKE AND TELLING ME TO GO BACK TO WERE EVER I CAME FROM!(I am from Poland) They said I could have it back if I pay $800 to get it back. I just took it from them. What are they going to do? Stop me. I am giant!

    Zeke GamingZeke Gaming21 день назад
  • just listening to this makes me realize I have a pretty sweet gig and shouldn't complain about it ever again!

    Simon ColesSimon Coles22 дня назад
  • r/completebullshitstories

    No NameNo Name22 дня назад
  • If I was the person from the last one, that final meeting would have gone VERY differently. Something along the lines of: "Oh, we're going to be fired for not working the hours that we AREN'T paid for?" *pulls out phone that has been recording the whole meeting* "Would you care to repeat that clearly into the phone? Because I already have lawyers working on a lawsuit for our unpaid work, and I bet they would LOVE to hear that even just a little more clearly...... Now this can go one of two ways. Either we get our pay for our time worked, both past and a guarantee for the future, or in about a week, y'all get a subpoena for violating labor laws, which will end up in court, because I think I speak for everyone on this side of the table when I say 'I refuse to settle.'."

    William RossWilliam Ross22 дня назад
  • The last one...that's one business that needed, nay, DESERVED, to be Ramsey'd.

    01100110 01110101 01110010 01110010 0111100101100110 01110101 01110010 01110010 0111100122 дня назад
  • 9:30

    BirthdayBoy !BirthdayBoy !22 дня назад
  • Hoa's shouldn't be legal.

    casey Whittingtoncasey Whittington22 дня назад
  • Yo I live in fort Wayne Indiana Anyone else??

    Yung MercyYung Mercy22 дня назад
  • You can watch this at 1.5x and lose nothing

    12yearsfromnow12yearsfromnow22 дня назад
  • lmao here in texas we take 8 hours just to get to the other side of the state.

    Easton FishbeckEaston Fishbeck23 дня назад
  • HOAs aren't about lining pockets, it's about giving every day people power they don't normally have and frankly don't deserve. Be very wary of anyone seeking power, especially politicians.

    jigglefloydjigglefloyd23 дня назад
    • Remember, HOAs can be good as well and are most of the time. You only hear the horror stories on sites like this because the good stories don't really make a good story to tell people.

      Shadowscall775Shadowscall77521 день назад
  • My H.O.A is really good

    Nicholas MartinezNicholas Martinez23 дня назад
  • On the last one OP does realize they could've sued, right? It's illegal to make people work without pay.

    Michael MahanMichael Mahan23 дня назад
  • Consultants are idiots. They tend to deal too heavily in theory that it tends to backfire.

    blackearl7891blackearl789123 дня назад
  • I really don't like how you emphasize the entire story everytime almost every word feels like you're trying to deliver everything as the biggest thing, and the smug doesn't help, really. the material is good, the delivery isn't great.

    Zephyr ElizabethZephyr Elizabeth23 дня назад
  • There are good HOAs. The one my family was a part of when I was a kid was for a neighborhood around a lake where all they did was host parties on the beach and keep the lake stocked with fish. There was zero interference with properties or day to day lives. No idea if it's still like that though. That was 15ish years ago.

    Joseph RitchhartJoseph Ritchhart23 дня назад
  • HOAs are like the mob, offering "protection" that you don't really need.

    Nik GeeNik Gee23 дня назад
    • @Shadowscall775 I've owned several houses and investment properties. Never ever have I experienced anything but pain with the HOAs. Wanna build something on your own property? Paint your own house? Landscape your own yard? Better go get permission from your neighborhood overlords first. Oh, and you better pay those overlords on time too, or theyll put a lien on your property.

      Nik GeeNik Gee21 день назад
    • Remember, HOAs can be good as well and are most of the time. You only hear the horror stories on sites like this because the good stories don't really make a good story to tell people.

      Shadowscall775Shadowscall77521 день назад
  • Why do hoa exist?

    cat gathcat gath24 дня назад
  • Ahhhh I love labor laws

    JetolerJetoler24 дня назад
  • 0:13 hey i live there

    zeiflen zimbuszeiflen zimbus24 дня назад
  • -Story 1: Some bosses love trying to save money even if it hurts an employee (and is completely illegal). See "labor cost bonus system for management" -Story 2: HOAs can be run poorly/have a-holes on the board. But it's just an agreement for the community.. that's it. Read the document before signing it. We hear the stories about the BAD HOAs or the ones where somebody was singled out. See "So my Audi got booted, and this is what I'm going to do about it....discuss" story from ten years ago on vwvortex for some HOA fun. Also called Dolly Man. -Story 3: See Story 1 response. Bosses can be stupid a-holes. Note restaurants are extremely risky ventures due to stock going bad if not used and generally high overhead, and they usually rely on the bar to make a profit for the whole place. So it makes sense that "the bar" part of the business would be profitable. Very little overhead, long lasting stock, high margins, few staff. Duh. But you need the restaurant to bring in the paying customers that just want a few drinks versus bar drunks. What they should have done was maybe open the restaurant a bit later or limit the earlier menu to save costs. But that would require smart people running the place.

    Bryan JonesBryan Jones24 дня назад
  • I had a senior at my job saying "but we work unpaid overtime all the time and so should you" Yeah, your job sucks and we don't want to do it.

    ParabuteoParabuteo24 дня назад
  • It's your home do as you please HOA sucks it called control yourself demons not others HOS should be unlawful!!! When you pay my Bill's than speak of not shut up. If you want war keep it up even moving you'll wish you did not ho there. On contracts draw a line on any unagreedable demands you can also write in any infraction you will be fined 500

    Sara WeilSara Weil24 дня назад
  • Bad employer's 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Sara WeilSara Weil24 дня назад
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