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Polo G - Deep Wounds Official Video 🎥By Ryan Lynch

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  • “We aint Neva Duckin Beef🙅🏾‍♂️Bitch We Not Vegan”🗣‼️

    Polo GPolo G24 дня назад
    • Bro I’m vegan

      Teezmo716Teezmo7166 часов назад

      Edward HoewelerEdward Hoeweler6 часов назад

      Edward HoewelerEdward Hoeweler6 часов назад
    • Mf goat all 219 nd 2020❗❗❗💪💪💪

      Andrew ZunigaAndrew Zuniga6 часов назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 1040

    Swahee HayeSwahee Haye3 часа назад
  • Tell me why this true

    Leke TLeke T3 часа назад
  • My friends got killed on the same block we used to play sad emojis

    Jackie BessicksJackie Bessicks4 часа назад
  • this fire

    Monte MontgomeryMonte Montgomery5 часов назад
  • You said u use to pray I hope u still pray 🙏😇😇😇🙏😇💯

    princess nayprincess nay5 часов назад
  • and songs facts

    Antonio ButlerAntonio Butler6 часов назад
  • I felt something when I heard dis polo g the best rapper right now

    De'Mon JonesDe'Mon Jones7 часов назад
  • This song sounds close to his heart 😔 💔

    MilzyMilzy7 часов назад
  • yo cuz

    kelton harriskelton harris7 часов назад
  • i will be back 2020💔

    Andxion AndxionAndxion Andxion8 часов назад
  • I felt this an my girlfriend break my heart 💔 so I felt this

    lil redvevolil redvevo11 часов назад
  • Do you no how Many times he breath

    omer eendjeomer eendje11 часов назад
  • Me: uhh Fire department Fire department: is it polo G Me: yes Fire department: yeah we have been getting calls about him lately

    ImPsychoImPsycho12 часов назад
  • From his heart to our ears🔥

    Jonathon AngellJonathon Angell14 часов назад
  • I'm so close to 60 subs 😁😁👌

    Jlowe05 -Jlowe05 -14 часов назад
  • *I Been Scared By Your Coochie Left My Dick Stinging* 💀

    JaymellJaymell17 часов назад
    • Jaymell Bruhh lmaoo😂😂😂😂

      AuxdineroAuxdinero13 часов назад
  • 🔥🔥

    ღ GewoonTycho ღღ GewoonTycho ღ17 часов назад
  • *“You got your life in your hands until you lose a case”*

    MaxMax18 часов назад
  • Bruh I'm crying it's a sad story

    Malayjah's TubeMalayjah's Tube18 часов назад
  • “You got yo life in yo hands till yhu lose that case” 🔥

    Marcus is kooMarcus is koo19 часов назад
  • We vegan

    Izealous CallawayIzealous Callaway19 часов назад
  • before 10 mil

    Not ListedNot Listed19 часов назад
  • i dont see how u can dislike this it has deep meaning to it

    jjissmooth playsjjissmooth plays21 час назад
  • Keep it on boy u doing so good u match

    Jalayah TankersleyJalayah Tankersley22 часа назад
  • D major baby

    Brody RomenroBrody Romenro22 часа назад
  • "so much potential in these lives these niggas through away" :(

    ShadowShadowДень назад


    GMT eliGMT eliДень назад
  • 💨⛽️🔥

    DF- FazoDF- FazoДень назад
  • This song fire the lines so sad sometimes

    Siege_lx ProSiege_lx ProДень назад
  • Who’s more deep.... Juice Wrld or Polo G?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Alex CzajkaAlex CzajkaДень назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jeff HolaJeff HolaДень назад
  • I left Chicago unscathed, now I can sit back and reflect on my past from a comfortable space.

    Suits N TiesSuits N TiesДень назад
  • Nice💖💖💖song I'm single💔💔💔

    Îssa Téé MøxyÎssa Téé MøxyДень назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Lil KeyLil KeyДень назад
  • I think that polo g is something like new chief keef Shit or some like dat

  • I am from North Philly

    Melissa ClarkMelissa ClarkДень назад
  • Love this song

    scott pittsley jrscott pittsley jrДень назад
  • best song ever heard

    Shane HallShane HallДень назад
  • Plz another collab with tjay

    JakobgaatloesoeJakobgaatloesoeДень назад
  • My lil brother. Salute. Motivation

    Mack 20Mack 20День назад
  • My friends got killed on the same we block were we used play

    Francisco OchoaFrancisco OchoaДень назад
  • 'My friends got killed in the same block where we used to play' That lyric made me tear up no joke 😢😢💔

    mushi Tafamushi TafaДень назад
  • If you wasn’t present around “ finer things “ please kick rocks or Turn thumps up blue

    NowTrendingNowTrendingNowTrendingNowTrendingДень назад
  • Thx

    Conner CraigConner CraigДень назад
  • if i could be with u give all the money and the fame up

    Jaydon RichardsonJaydon RichardsonДень назад
  • one minute life was so hard shit had me losing faith

    Jaydon RichardsonJaydon RichardsonДень назад
  • My Family Lost a member and this is his song we listen to when we want to remember him and you said that joe be bugging joe is his name 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Max OntiverosMax OntiverosДень назад
  • "i know my haters checkin on me, i been doing great"

    Ritchie ChikuniRitchie ChikuniДень назад
  • Expand your horizon fam niggas Finna hate just for clout but remember u are fire this song makes me think of good shit

    zach marstallzach marstallДень назад
  • *my friend got killed on the same block where we used to play*

    Fearr AlexFearr AlexДень назад
  • You got ur life in ur hands till you loose a case, bro foreal foreal . Anyone who sees this, just know you can do anything you want. This world is yours, so make it what you want . You CAN do it, never give up. You fall just get back up and keep pushing . Jump into 2020 ahead of the game , and remember, life is what you make it. ;}

    Younginfamou$Younginfamou$День назад
  • Subscribe to this channel if you a polo g fan

  • My mans lookin sharp

    Kyng Kyle GamingKyng Kyle GamingДень назад
  • Im doing this song on a school project.......Good luck

    KxbeKxbeДень назад
  • this his best song so far like if agree

    Dc HerbbDc HerbbДень назад
  • This song so good

    Vachul HakobjanyanVachul HakobjanyanДень назад
  • Like if this is deep but on 🔥

    younggirl4607 younggirl4607younggirl4607 younggirl46072 дня назад
  • This song lit as fk🔥🔥🔥

    andy gibbsandy gibbs2 дня назад
  • Hey polo g I have brain cancer and it would be my dream to see you every one like this so I can meet polo g

    Lil Ray And Lil CantLil Ray And Lil Cant2 дня назад
  • Polo visit my house 19489 Mansfield

    Saucy LikSaucy Lik2 дня назад
  • 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 jeezzzzz Polo G 🌈

    KID SPLASH Dose GamingKID SPLASH Dose Gaming2 дня назад
  • Polo we love you don't end up like x with the depressing song we want u alive

    Lonnie IsaacsLonnie Isaacs2 дня назад
  • Clickk

    Edward HoewelerEdward Hoeweler2 дня назад
  • prod. callari, d major & 1040

    222pmb222pmb2 дня назад
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    scarlett dunnscarlett dunn2 дня назад
  • You gotta listen to this 5 times then you end up likeing it. It’s more of a lyrical song then a bump and flow song

    MachoMacho2 дня назад
  • This a pain song

    Junior WinningJunior Winning2 дня назад
  • First we we're broke but now I'm swervin in that Range truck 🔥

    Nicholas LienNicholas Lien2 дня назад
  • This song go hard

    khalif hassankhalif hassan2 дня назад
  • Every bar u got is firme you got everyone reciting your lyrics line by line not just hooks 🔥💥🧠

    Jacob IbarriaJacob Ibarria2 дня назад
  • “Heard he went undinafide then hallows chewed his face”

    Derrick WoodsDerrick Woods2 дня назад
  • slapperoni

    justin willisjustin willis2 дня назад
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    Xúçčí GwūpøXúçčí Gwūpø2 дня назад
  • 👍👍👍👍👍

    Xúçčí GwūpøXúçčí Gwūpø2 дня назад
  • Why he had to block the Gucci belt out

    Jason squadJason squad2 дня назад
  • love ittttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ǝpıɔınS ZǝᙠıΛǝpıɔınS ZǝᙠıΛ2 дня назад
  • We ain’t never ducking beef bitch we not vegan/I listen to this song in the car keep up the good work bro

    Conner CraigConner Craig2 дня назад
  • His music is hard and beautiful

    Gucci Go KrazyGucci Go Krazy2 дня назад
  • If your "choppa" is sending .223.... Its not a real choppa dog sorry. Real ak is 7.62 😂😂😂

    WrenchTwistinWrenchTwistin2 дня назад
  • Why does he have a paper clip?

    Chunky RaguChunky Ragu3 дня назад
  • Dog this is so cold

    Kemon WashingtonKemon Washington3 дня назад
  • Best song

    illuminate POLUUilluminate POLUU3 дня назад
  • we ain’t neva duckin beef bitch we not vegan.... DAMNNNNN

    cool dudecool dude3 дня назад
  • Most underrated song out now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jake DeMattosJake DeMattos3 дня назад
  • Why they blur the gucci

    islippry Ninja265islippry Ninja2653 дня назад
  • so slept on bruh🤒💤

    VMARIS0LDY0U- MariiVMARIS0LDY0U- Marii3 дня назад
  • props for giving the director credit in the title

    Modern Day AuteurModern Day Auteur3 дня назад
  • Dad -Stop that music Son - Why Dad- because we have bigger speakers upstairs Like if it is true

    ThegGamerzThegGamerz3 дня назад
  • Man polo a different breed of rapper the rhymes everything you just feel it in every song💯

    Your MotherYour Mother3 дня назад
  • This shiiii fire

    CTB ZaneCTB Zane3 дня назад
  • Definitely reminds me of speaker knockers

    Jared CraiterJared Craiter3 дня назад
  • ну почему я не могу перестать слушать это !!!!

    Danila KovtunDanila Kovtun3 дня назад
  • Mum:were are your friends?? Polo G:they died the same block we used to play waaaaa waaaaa waaaa!!!

    Tzhz The guys Lil guysTzhz The guys Lil guys3 дня назад
  • Why is the belt blurred out ???

    Jevan FletcherJevan Fletcher3 дня назад
  • 🔥🤘🏾🖤

    DmacDmac3 дня назад
  • I’ve been starting by your love left my heart deeping

    K&N GamingK&N Gaming3 дня назад
  • Im listing to dis at 2:43 am

    Lil MemerLil Memer3 дня назад
Polo G - Deep Wounds Official Video 🎥By Ryan Lynch