OnePlus 7 Pro POP UP CAMERA Durability Drop Test! Will It Survive?

OnePlus 7 Pro has an incredible design, made possible by it's pop up camera, but how durable is the pop up camera itself? Many of us are worried about whether it can survive a drop directly onto the camera, so how durable is the OnePlus 7 Pro pop up camera? Let's find out in this video!



  • I for one really appreciate seeing what this phone can handle those are common situations. it's a lot of money down the toilet for one simple drop. I've had my OnePlus 6 for 1 year now and it still looks like it's brand new but I'm a little worried about if I buy this for 750 plus dollars how hard is it going to be to keep it in great shape. Great video and information. Thanks.

    MJMJ2 месяца назад
    • @Max Herzberg AfD Different prices for different places... I got mine for 700$

      Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah2 дня назад
    • @plockacherrys i fucked up.will fix it later

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    • @takeshi696969 lies u just wrote 2 years

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    • @Glomo I need 1 too

      plockacherrysplockacherrysМесяц назад
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  • Thanks this video helped me choose between iPhone xr and one plus 7 pro

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  • Hey any body answer my question my one plus pro falled from 1 metre height accidentally sliped from my pocket and fall on a smooth cement road does it EFFECT MY PHONE OVER ALL SPEED ,LAGG OR CAUSES ANY INTERNAL DAMAGE PLS ANSWER MY QUESTION

    Manish NagarjunaManish Nagarjuna11 часов назад
  • Why I crying ?

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  • Where did you bought it

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  • I think they are recording on iphone xs, cuz he looks like a tomato.😂😂😂

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  • was using it without case after watching this vide *buys phone cover from amazon*

    Basic facts 101Basic facts 101День назад
  • 2:22 YEET!

    Itstheguy 12Itstheguy 12День назад
  • Did anyone notice his shirt? Wow!

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  • Best phone ever. Shits on galaxy S10+ and xperia 1. I have all of them.

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  • *Just feeling bad to like this video but did it*

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  • You could have gifted this to me rather than breaking it. xD

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  • Very good

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  • those weren’t even “worst drop” scenarios & this phone is shattered to sh_t! coupled with the fact that most repair shops ONLY replace iPhone & Galaxy glass makes this a scary investment.

    romello5kuggzromello5kuggz2 дня назад
  • Where'd u get that shirt tho, I love Pathfinder xD

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  • ill reallly love to have the broken oneplus 7 pro

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  • Que dorrrr assistir esse videooo rsrsrsrs.....somente vc pra ter coragem kkkkk

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  • Give for one plus 7

    Mr. XMr. X2 дня назад
  • I will literally never use this phone without a case on it.

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  • K 20 pro

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  • The screen fixed itself on that last throw for a bit

    Dopey DukeDopey Duke4 дня назад
  • This video is pretty stupid. You don't need to break the phone to test the camera free-fall detection, and of course, glass vs concrete you know what will happen.

    Alejandrissimo MRAlejandrissimo MR5 дней назад
  • OMG my heart beat increases while my babe fell down 😱😨

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  • Please tell should I buy S10 or oneplus 7 or oneplus 7 pro? because I don’t really like the pop up camera of oneplus 7 pro.

    Joy ChopraJoy Chopra6 дней назад
    • Rutuja Dicholkar ok thank you

      Joy ChopraJoy Chopra3 дня назад
    • S10+

      Rutuja DicholkarRutuja Dicholkar3 дня назад
  • Can you do a drop test with oppo Reno 10x

    suresh vsuresh v6 дней назад
  • my phone is bent

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  • And I'm over here putting napkins down before setting my 1+ 7 pro on tables even tho I have a case SMH

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  • just put it in rice

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  • looking into buying this device i really appreciate this video

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  • Thank you for show what will happen if you have a "car accident" and have your phone handy. 🤦🏻‍♂️👍🏻😃

  • U better give me the phone rather than destroying it

    Wangsuijan Gaming OfficialWangsuijan Gaming Official8 дней назад
  • Thank you for doing this video. How disappointing! What garbage . My onepluse 3t has been dropped so many time in the past three years and it still has zero damage to it. Looks like the usa market still has nothing but crap to choose from for it's consumers .

    Jarrod TJarrod T8 дней назад
  • i just ordered the phone and i saw this video.... i have no idea how to stop my order....:)

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  • i need please give me phone like this please if you have more and more money

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  • That scratched back looked like a cool back cover

  • That poor little phone...

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  • I think you have lots of stoks of phone send one to me please

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  • Dont waste the phone... If u dont need u can give me one...i am ur fan and a subscriber

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  • OnePlus 7 Spiderman Edition

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  • I would love one of these phones but can't afford it so watching you destroy it is tough to watch....

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  • Dang I wish you would have just let me have that phone before dropping it on the ground over and over again!

  • Humans becomes stupid.

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  • he sounded like mr beast at the start

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  • Poor OnePlus 7

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  • Im i hate seeing good android phones break, but loves seeing iphones breaking

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  • Can you please give away a OnePlus pro to me? Seems you're a rich guy... But I'm not... 🤦‍♂️

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    • And one for me, please jaja

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  • 4:54 *MORE BEAUTIFUL* 😂😂😂

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  • I saw your vod for 2012 about Samsung s3 i got it in 2012 I got 2012 _2019 it works

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    • Vid

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  • This guy drops something to the floor and hes like 😱"looook it got hit by the floooorr" 😱

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  • I drowned my previous phone :( I wish this was IP68 Waterproof, but I got it as the replacement anyway.

    TetroxideTetroxide12 дней назад
    • @rayana Oh, lovely. Thanks for the info, good to know! :)

      TetroxideTetroxide10 дней назад
    • It is water resistant but not ip68 has all the rubber bits protecting the holes and also in the camera..look it up on RUvision..if you drop it in water it will be plus didn't get it ip68 rated to save money but it is so don't worry about that..I have the one plus 7 Pro and it's a stunning phone..🗣️🗣️👍👍

      rayanarayana10 дней назад
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  • who will drop it from a knee height....unless you use the phone by your feet...😑😑😑😑

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  • Can I trade u my Samsung galaxy s10e and u can trash this phone ina vlong its mint condition know scratches on the screen or back and has an awesome case but I'd like the one plus 7 same condition mint condition wit the case and I'll trade mine my cousin has cancer and wants that phone and I'm willing to trade mine for the one plus7 get back to me if ur ok wit that.

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  • dude, I'm sorry, but all you're doing is basically just cracking half of your money

    Angelina DeBellisAngelina DeBellis13 дней назад
  • Watching this from my OnePlus 7 Pro and every time you dropped yours, I felt a sense of panic 😂😂

    Christopher BartonChristopher Barton13 дней назад
    • @Pich Nancy yes it's really fast. So far after a week I haven't had any problems. I think it's worth it

      Taylor RobinsonTaylor RobinsonДень назад
    • @Taylor Robinson could u tell me is it good to use? Does it works fast? And is there any problems? I wanna buy it so much

      Pich NancyPich Nancy2 дня назад
    • 😂😂right. I just got mine today and I'm like... Nooo don't do it

      Taylor RobinsonTaylor Robinson8 дней назад
OnePlus 7 Pro POP UP CAMERA Durability Drop Test! Will It Survive?