MASSIVE Grass Bubble Pops! (AMAZING)

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  • Can we get 50,000 likes?!

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    • YES

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    • I thought you said in the video 1mil

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    • you already did~! :D

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    • No one million

      10000 subscribers with no videos?10000 subscribers with no videos?22 дня назад
    • Yeah you go 94k likes

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  • Hl

    Carri RielCarri Riel5 часов назад
  • Hey I also love grass bubbles

    Veronica ChiaVeronica Chia11 часов назад
  • I know how to make a grass bobble you dig a hole under the grass then put water in the hole

    Crazy About SpaceCrazy About Space12 часов назад
  • water gets stuck under the grass when it rains

    Jeremey HatchJeremey Hatch16 часов назад
  • a grass bubble is often made by floods or a lot of rain and is soaks into the grass and makes a grass bubble

    Rise vantomRise vantom20 часов назад
  • We have a grass bubble and I use it as a trampoline -_- I love it

    Lancer *-*Lancer *-*20 часов назад
  • 1+1=

    Crystal WeaverCrystal Weaver20 часов назад
  • So satisfying 😍♥️

    River EditzRiver Editz21 час назад
  • 😊 / / /

    Gacha dang gaming!Gacha dang gaming!22 часа назад

    Deborah LynnDeborah LynnДень назад
  • I might be scared of that because maybe there's going to be lots of water everywhere and can't breathe in dirty water and ew

    Shaniah and Jade CoxShaniah and Jade CoxДень назад
  • WT

    Shaniah and Jade CoxShaniah and Jade CoxДень назад
  • WTH

    Shaniah and Jade CoxShaniah and Jade CoxДень назад
  • WTF

    Shaniah and Jade CoxShaniah and Jade CoxДень назад
  • They look so satisfing

    Thebeast135Thebeast135День назад
  • when did you start makeing vids cause there all so good

    Koukou BelmamounKoukou BelmamounДень назад
  • Lily’s are pink Like Cotten candy And why is my like crazy 😂

    Connie MakesConnie MakesДень назад
  • Nope

    Henry LedlinHenry LedlinДень назад
  • i like you so much

    Hashim YousofiHashim YousofiДень назад
  • Hit the golf ball in grass bubble

    Dylan SheppardDylan SheppardДень назад
  • 13.26364533546+365646564454554554555565

    Mirleni AvilaMirleni AvilaДень назад
  • I hate my mumma

    Aisha NaveedAisha Naveed2 дня назад
  • infitent do you like grass bubbles l do thair so cool😎😎😎😚😚😚

    Kristina PuacaKristina Puaca2 дня назад

      Sophie LonesSophie LonesДень назад
  • Kaylus’s calluses

    Molly BravoMolly Bravo2 дня назад
  • This is Jake 🙌 👕 👖 👟 He has no friend's 1 like=1 friend for Jake

    Raquel DuranRaquel Duran2 дня назад
  • Infinite I know it is a glass bubble

    Jared and Shenelle WilsonJared and Shenelle Wilson2 дня назад
  • What's 9 x 3 then

    Carson NorrisCarson Norris2 дня назад
  • Lol coolest thing ever

    Phoenix GamerPhoenix Gamer3 дня назад
  • Yes

    Jeffrey MossJeffrey Moss3 дня назад
  • 160000000000000000+00000

    Jeffrey MossJeffrey Moss3 дня назад
  • 61

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  • i saw the old video and subbed a long time ago

    Jeremy BeckJeremy Beck3 дня назад
  • soóooooooóoooo COOL

    kamil marekkamil marek3 дня назад
  • put me bake

    Caitlyn DuncanCaitlyn Duncan4 дня назад
  • Micheal jordan: Play roblox.

    Gamer_Wolfie pam pm pu hoo turramp pam pam poGamer_Wolfie pam pm pu hoo turramp pam pam po4 дня назад
  • {\___/} ( • • ) /) 💚(\

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  • 1 like=1grass bubble for infinite.

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  • I wish you said to get to infinity likes

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  • I got one

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  • Do you live with reaction time?

    Jack - GamingJack - Gaming4 дня назад
  • Best

    Jazmin edmondsJazmin edmonds4 дня назад
  • Wow this is the most likes I ever got

    George WrightGeorge Wright5 дней назад
  • You can use the grass bubbles for a trampoline

    BrixBevBrixBev5 дней назад
  • You allow say that

    Rain DropRain Drop5 дней назад
  • Well if you're so smart what is 100×1.5=

    D BastineD Bastine5 дней назад
  • I can’t watch this anymore cause you say grass bubble wayyyyyy to many time 😂🥺

    88 PlatinumSavage88 PlatinumSavage5 дней назад
  • Caylus how many times do you say grass bubble in the video my lord bro😂

    88 PlatinumSavage88 PlatinumSavage5 дней назад
  • you are rude realy rude

    O. HixO. Hix5 дней назад
  • I love you

    Molly HussainMolly Hussain5 дней назад
  • This is Carter he is zero years old🚶🏻‍♂️ how old can you gehe get👎🏻

    Carter Reporting for ChildrenCarter Reporting for Children5 дней назад
    • I know I tried my hardest but it’s so dumb this is so stupid

      Carter Reporting for ChildrenCarter Reporting for Children5 дней назад
  • caylus grass bubbles are easy to make just pump water into your lawn and boom so make one and record!

    Diamond DanDiamond Dan5 дней назад
  • Only OG’s remember the train

    Aayan MahmoodAayan Mahmood5 дней назад
  • Wait... You are at 11 mil already? You were 10 mil like 3 wks ago

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  • If infinite likes grass bubbles hit the like bottom

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  • 11M subs no merch???

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  • Weird

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  • Yes

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  • Roses are red violets are too I got 8 likes wait...... why is it blue?

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  • I'm crazy and weird

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  • :( I fell OOF my bike and I found ten scratches

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  • WTF

    Carson GreeneCarson Greene6 дней назад
  • I wont to see you in real life

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    seum Hawkinsseum Hawkins6 дней назад
  • i have a grass buble

    Rafael Assis de Sanson PortellaRafael Assis de Sanson Portella6 дней назад
  • If you want make a grass bubble did a huge hole put your hose Barry the hose and turn on the hose the ground will get filled up with water and then you’ll have a grass bubble

    Justin WulfJustin Wulf6 дней назад
  • Do a try not to say what change

    Tyler BrownTyler Brown6 дней назад
  • I Send a gras buubel 2 tims

    Rebeca GamboaRebeca Gamboa6 дней назад
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    Rebeca GamboaRebeca Gamboa6 дней назад
  • I am subbed to you. And I love your channel soooo much I've been subbed since the START of this channel. AND PEOPLE CAN WE GET HIM TO 20 MILLON SUBS BY THE END OF THIS YEAR?! I think we can do it

    Sydney MillerSydney Miller6 дней назад
  • I want I grass Buble

    Playing and everything else Evan HamwaalwaPlaying and everything else Evan Hamwaalwa7 дней назад
  • Well infinite the only people that are normal are god and Jessie’s but ok what you mean

    Ranger PlayzRanger Playz7 дней назад
  • I like grass bublles

    Gacha Boy1Gacha Boy17 дней назад
  • Amazing video

    Shikha BeriaShikha Beria7 дней назад
  • every like you get gets more grass bubbles to pop

    shiny eeveeshiny eevee7 дней назад
  • yea being wried is awsome

    shiny eeveeshiny eevee7 дней назад
  • Ilove your vedos and you or the best

    Jose RomanJose Roman7 дней назад
  • Who remembers infinite lists

    Richie RansburghRichie Ransburgh7 дней назад
  • Grass bubbles can happen from busted pipes or from soil soling together

    Christina BeresChristina Beres7 дней назад
  • R.I.P glass 😢😢😢

    Latoyia RunnelsLatoyia Runnels7 дней назад
  • Cool

    Gacha_Lilly_XxCool AmazGacha_Lilly_XxCool Amaz7 дней назад
  • Grass bubbles are the best

    Lisa MartinLisa Martin7 дней назад
  • We are weird cause you cant spell doofus without us doofUS

    Cullen MangusCullen Mangus7 дней назад
  • If you find a grass bubble run it over with a car and see what happens

    Natalie RiveraNatalie Rivera7 дней назад
  • I'll try to give you 5000 likes if people don't go with me I mean if you agree to get 50,000

    Matt HillMatt Hill7 дней назад
  • You live at North Myrtle Beach

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  • Hey it's Nick I'm at my Mimi's right now and my dad took apart the trampoline and you take it to our house now we have a trampoline you want to come I want one avenue south before 32876552 if you want to come

    Matt HillMatt Hill7 дней назад
  • GRASS BUBBLE!!😉🤤😆💨🤣

    Mama RheeMama Rhee8 дней назад
  • i dare u 2 get your nose peirist!!!!!!!!!

    Melvin ArigoniMelvin Arigoni8 дней назад
  • ur not pewdiepie

    toxic raventoxic raven8 дней назад
  • I wouldn’t jump on it because imagine......... The whole thing exploding and you fly all the way to Africa.... actually that is pretty cool but still you die soooooo yeaaaaa

    Melanie Omg girlMelanie Omg girl8 дней назад

    Savina PlaceSavina Place8 дней назад
MASSIVE Grass Bubble Pops! (AMAZING)