I Gave Gamestop a Second Chance - Another Refurbished PS4

I Gave Gamestop a Second Chance - Another Refurbished PS4. I got a call from a GameStop manager not long after my first video reviewing the GameStop refurbished PS4 I bought. GameStop told me they have been working to improve their refurbishing process so I thought it was only fair to give them a second chance. This second GameStop refurbished PS4 was noticeably better than the first but unfortunately still not as good as I was hoping.
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About This Video: A couple months ago I bought a refurbished PS4 from GameStop and made a video showing what it was like - which was not good. Now I've purchased another GameStop refurbished PS4 and will show you what I found. The first negative is that they seem to have sanded part of the top cover and also the controller. However, the console does work normally and doesn't smell bad (like the last one). When I opened the PS4 up it looked pretty clean inside and also had new thermal paste but it was missing a thermal pad for one of the RAM chips. So easily better than the last one which was nice to see.




    polok890polok8907 часов назад
  • typical process is to use a "magic eraser" on "dirty" areas. These sponges are actually a mild abrasive. This is what causes the sanded look. Every console or controller i have purchased, that has been tagged refurbished is like this. The main problem with refurbished, is you have no way of knowing (as a non technical person) what the issue was that required the unit to be opened. as a tech, you can as seen figure out quickly once you open it.

    xTHExBOSSx46xTHExBOSSx4621 час назад

    A KingA KingДень назад
  • The top cover can be wet sanded and polished to get the shine back

    SaabritoSaabritoДень назад
  • They use magic erasers to abrade the surface. That’s what created the micro scratches.

    Milk and BourbonsMilk and Bourbons2 дня назад
  • wow for once a gamestop manager that cares about customers

    ArtemsokoArtemsoko2 дня назад
  • Only when a company is failing do they fix their issues. Maybe if you hadn't screwed people over all this time you wouldn't be failing. I love Gamestop and will miss it because I love gamestores and I love physical media so I hope they get it together.

    Chester CopperpotChester Copperpot2 дня назад
  • In my experience some name brand controllers come with that shiny slick finish and some come with that drippy matte finish and it's never seem to have any Rhyme or Reason or explanation and once again I am talking about name brand controllers it's been happening my entire life of playing video games

    Confused LonerConfused Loner2 дня назад
  • What did GameStop offer you when they apologized, I’ve heard that they give a $100 GameStop card

    onebozo4uonebozo4u2 дня назад
  • SOOOOOOOO much thermal paste!

    mr starfiremr starfire3 дня назад
  • This dudes reviews are biased aswell! You can buy one smoker system and get a non smoker system as a replacement. Doesn’t mean all the “premium” refurbished are bad! So this dude gets a thumbs down!

    TheeAdamA VlogsTheeAdamA Vlogs3 дня назад
  • This dude exaggerates and no way in hell GameStop is just calling you because they seen your video! You had to call them and make the complaint! GameStop also wouldn’t down their employees! You sound dramatic and full of lies. This guy is clout chasing

    TheeAdamA VlogsTheeAdamA Vlogs3 дня назад
  • Do u fix controllers

    Wren DooleyWren Dooley3 дня назад
  • Bro do u got a teardrop on your face?

    Rizz razzRizz razz4 дня назад
  • I’ve never had a bad experience with game stop ever so I guess I’m just lucky

    Caden JenkinsCaden Jenkins4 дня назад
  • How has everybody’s ps4 controller thumbsticks are always wore out but I have had my controller’s since 2013 and there fine

    Papi ShaiPapi Shai4 дня назад
  • They probably sanded it because you bought it refurbished, that would make sense to me lmfao 😂

    ImMorTaL_GuNnEr1 -ImMorTaL_GuNnEr1 -4 дня назад
  • Like I said I've never once had problems with gamestop

    Hardin OriginsHardin Origins4 дня назад
  • Try and do giveaways. Nice idea

    GH -Goal Highlights.GH -Goal Highlights.4 дня назад
  • Gamestop: ohhh, so the PS4 had little thermal paste... What do you think now? >:D

    IxaNyaIxaNya5 дней назад
  • Obviously refurbished is them just cleaning it lol if they actually put new parts in it they would buy broken ones off people 😂fixem sell them as refurbished

    Nemanja DracaNemanja Draca5 дней назад
  • That's really good least you helped and game stop took your feedback this time. Well done Steve!

    nfxcr3wnfxcr3w5 дней назад
  • Would like to see a UK version of this type of video, I wonder if they do that odd sanding nonsense over here.

    Andy PierceAndy Pierce5 дней назад
  • If you did this in Australia (and put the word “premium” in front of it) Australian consumer law would drag you through the coals. It’s poorly repaired at best and the price is ridiculous. This is why retail stores are dying.

    J.H.MasonJ.H.Mason6 дней назад
  • Hi dude, how do you know about this ? Can you fix psp slim 2000 can not turn on?

    Sean SwenoSean Sweno6 дней назад
  • If I am near you would you take a look at my console ? Plz help

    Deibin07 YTDeibin07 YT6 дней назад
  • ROTFLMAO @ the first 1.35min of this video. Kudos to you bud for even allowing them a second chance. I also love that you let some manager back pedal to you. I don't think gamestop and quality control go together in any sentence at least in the positive sense lol

    Sean McGrewSean McGrew6 дней назад
  • I bought a refurbished PS3 80GB last December and had some issues with it so I brought it in for an exchange recently. I even upgraded my warranty to a two-year warranty knowing it will have the issues again at some point. Got it home and popped out the HDD to find that it was a 60GB and not the 80GB as I had paid for. So I had to make a special trip to bring the replacement unit back and was going to have to wait for them to find another 80GB to replace it. But they figured just take the HDD out of my bad one I had brought in the day before and swap it out so I don't have to wait for them to replace the console. Works fine so far and the fan in the unit I have now is so quiet compared to the other unit which pretty much sounded like a hair dryer. Now I can hear the TV while using the PS3. I just can't believe that they had the 60GB in their system as an 80GB. They screwed up and I had to waste my time, gas, and money because of their mistake. GET WITH IT GAME STOP! PISS OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS AND WE WON'T BE BACK. I would of liked to see them at least try to compensate me for the troubles, but nope, not from GAME STOP.

    DJ Soundz EntertainmentDJ Soundz Entertainment6 дней назад

    xllxRUDE_DOGGxllxxllxRUDE_DOGGxllx7 дней назад
  • That is way too much thermal paste, how can you not mention that?

    Scott OpperScott Opper7 дней назад
  • What price was it

    James LeechJames Leech7 дней назад
  • This is used right? 😐

  • I purchased a PS4 Pro refurbished that was working perfectly, then later became corrupted for some reason. Took it back for another and now this one is overheating with most games and high fan sound. 3rd chance?

    HyperzonHyperzon8 дней назад
  • the top looks like that because they have removed custom skin that previous owner had glued on.

    Niklāvs BiernisNiklāvs Biernis8 дней назад
  • of course they called they got bad publicity and are just covering their asses. they dont give 2 shits about the common man

    Eric EnglishEric English8 дней назад
  • Not impressed with the build quality of ps4 controllers. Bought one to replace a dead ps3 controller for my computer. Used it a couple times and it was stored about a year. I went to use it again and I don't remember what went wrong, but it was unusable anymore. Bought a new one and it lasted a few weeks before it stopped working correctly. The build quality is just flimsy as well. It's a shame because the touchpad is nice for PC. Switched back to a $20 Logitech wired controller. Solid and reliable. The only reason I switched from my original Logitech to PS3 is because it was old and the triggers were digital instead of analog, but the new ones are now analog as well.

    Caddy GuyCaddy Guy9 дней назад
  • Not saying that's my old ps4, but I did take a brillo pad to it to get the 4 year old stickers off when I traded it in for a pro

    Andrew DerAndrew Der9 дней назад
  • It sucks when game stop goes out of business by their own industry

    Anthony EscobarAnthony Escobar9 дней назад
  • Gamestop sucks

    Kenny RobertsKenny Roberts9 дней назад
  • Someone with sweaty hands wanted a better grip.

    Morally BankruptMorally Bankrupt9 дней назад
  • Someone followed your advice on "how to clean your ps4" and clean the cover with green scotch pad... :P

    Joao JesusJoao Jesus9 дней назад
  • tells me the controller was refurbished had a crack on the handle and they put epoxy and sanded it down and painted it should of used water sanding and wouldnt even know a difference

    Tim CoteTim Cote9 дней назад
  • Holy crap they used way too much thermal paste.

    Kris HoweKris Howe10 дней назад
  • HGST = Hitachi Goldstar

    Joseph WotellJoseph Wotell10 дней назад
  • Not the first time that has happened.

    Donald HolbenDonald Holben10 дней назад
  • Didn't they just send you a "special" unit so that you will clean their name on your channel? I suspect everyone else gets same crap you got first time.

    Migol xMigol x10 дней назад
  • Should’ve ordered from a different address and different name....just saying

    Josh AllenJosh Allen10 дней назад
  • HGST drives are Western Digital, same company. They were Hitachi, bought out by IBM, then bought out by Western Digital in 2012.

    zushibazushiba11 дней назад
  • Since a brand new regular PS4 500GB costs 265€ and the slim with 500gb + a second controller 300€ here (in germany) i wouldnt spend more than 225 on a "premium refurbished" console.

    traXtraX12 дней назад
  • Still wouldn't buy one personally.

    Another LevelAnother Level12 дней назад
  • They bought a new ps4 and sanded it to make it look used hahahaha! 🤣

    Fernando HernandezFernando Hernandez13 дней назад
  • they probably got you a special one because they knew it was you that bought it? but good job hope they don't do any half assed worked

    InzelgoniInzelgoni14 дней назад
  • I looked at your other videos and still no answer for best place to purchase a refurbished or used consoles? My choice is still GameStop because it’s easy to return and despite what you say in the two videos I think they’re probably the most reliable place since they have a refurbishment center. GameStop is not as bad as some RUvisionrs make them out to be. I’m convinced RUvisionrs badmouth them for the views.

    Eric DrakeEric Drake14 дней назад
  • You mind me asking a q here ... See the thing is my PS4 pro is about 1 year old and when I play games that aren't on disc it gets loud! The fans are making a noise ... I've already opened it as much as I could without losing warranty to clean the fan a bit. However ... it wasn't really dirty. What else could cause it blowing like it when playing games from HD?

    Stijn VthStijn Vth14 дней назад
  • Gamestop always gives a controller that does not match

    NJC_ 2005NJC_ 200515 дней назад
  • Was the purchase anonymous?

    geepriestgeepriest15 дней назад
  • Refurbished should mean near new looking and should operate perfectly. This is just a second had PS4 that works.

    AussieTVAussieTV15 дней назад
  • I think you missed a great opportunity here. "This video is brought to you by D-Brand. Hide unsightly sanded down consoles and controllers with ease."

    Lin NyuntLin Nyunt15 дней назад
  • Nice product @gamestop hahaha. That company is a complete joke!

    Jsalley005Jsalley00515 дней назад
  • I think that what you are considered as "sanded" is probably because they use "Magic Eraser" from Mr. Clean or other brand for cleaning the remote and console! This look like a effective way to clean at the first glance, but these "eraser" are just a micro-abrasive pad and this is precisely what it looks like when used on any plastic surface! It looks like if you are using a 500 grid buffing sand paper.

    VlopddapVlopddap15 дней назад
  • This guy looks like the marshal from far cry 5 ngl.

    TauTau16 дней назад
  • why would anyone buy a refurbished PS4 or any console , the components only last a certain amount of hours before failing. and they are not that much cheaper than a new one. need to be half price to make it worth it.

    PitManNCBPitManNCB17 дней назад
  • My refurbished PS4 from GameStop sounds like a garbage truck...

    ChronicMenudo YTChronicMenudo YT17 дней назад
  • maybe they sanded them cuz the owner had sticker residue left on it or they were planning on painting it n never did

    bethbeth18 дней назад
    • should've just replace that part of the cover

      Rejwan Hammerburst MiahRejwan Hammerburst Miah16 дней назад
  • I had XBO refurbished once, it looked like new, worked perfectly, but i decided to sold it to get XBOX. This ps4 looks like it was heavily used o.O

    sp4wnersiaksp4wnersiak18 дней назад
  • Good video. Nice to see you are making an impact on GameStop refurb process. Well done.

    worldwidewillemworldwidewillem19 дней назад
  • The sandpaper look on the top looks like it was from a Magic Eraser to me, you can kinda tell by how fine the scuffs are. But its common sense that sanding anything glossy will obviously ruin it, so not sure why they would...

    Name your channelName your channel19 дней назад
  • Hard to find good employees that will work for very little pay

    Jonathan OwensJonathan Owens19 дней назад
  • Maybe the shiny part was sanded down so it didn't reflect as much haha

    Frank HughesFrank Hughes19 дней назад
  • Gamestop means you can't game with their products.

    Francesco PiromalliFrancesco Piromalli19 дней назад
I Gave Gamestop a Second Chance - Another Refurbished PS4