I Bought The BEST Rated Items On Wish!!

Thanks to Wish for sponsoring this video!
To purchase the items in this video click here: bit.ly/2wWNZm0
BUYING THE HIGHEST / BEST reviewed / rated items on Wish!! You won’t believe what 5 star items we got!!
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  • Thanks to Wish for sponsoring this video! To purchase the items in this video click here: www.wish.com

    ItsYeBoiItsYeBoiМесяц назад
    • Ashton Christensen bo

      Isaac PetersIsaac Peters3 дня назад
    • Itsyeboi stop talking trash about an app when you are sponcered by

      Temp GoogleTemp Google7 дней назад
    • Itteboi literaly was talking trash about wish app

      Temp GoogleTemp Google7 дней назад
    • congratulations

    • You look hot with the blue shades G LMAO No Homo

      Matthew EstradaMatthew Estrada25 дней назад
  • a week? it takes a month to get to me.

    Bella MayBella MayЧас назад
  • If I hear one more “vibe”, “hype”, or “fam” I’m gonna stick ya vibe up ya ass

    ELITE426ELITE4267 часов назад
  • Man wish fuckin sucks

    Ryan MoserRyan Moser9 часов назад
  • A week?! It usually takes my stuff 3 weeks to a month.

    WitchyldeWitchylde18 часов назад
  • ItsyevibezzzzZzzzz

    team EAZEYteam EAZEY19 часов назад
  • A week for everything to come, yeah right

    Whack LagacWhack Lagac20 часов назад
  • i hate hearin him say "fam" and "bruv"...

    Call Me UniqueCall Me Unique22 часа назад
  • You can literally see how bad the quality is. Don't lie to your viewers.

    PuqoPuqo22 часа назад
  • He said 1 week shipping 🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡

    Charlie BlessingtonCharlie BlessingtonДень назад
  • No one: This guy: VIBES

    joe braujoe brauДень назад
  • How bs is this rip

    tartineboy41tartineboy41День назад
  • How messy is this guys room 🤣🤣

    Cameron RandallCameron RandallДень назад
  • Hi

    Noreen KazantzisNoreen KazantzisДень назад
  • 20

    Hammadi15 ROBLOXHammadi15 ROBLOXДень назад
  • You can't shut your door now so it's another object to clutter up ypur flat you'll probably never use. CCTV was useful. 🤠

    John KeanJohn KeanДень назад
  • Can't get the drone to sync withe the RC. Controller 😖 Heeeelllllp ...

    John KeanJohn KeanДень назад
  • Any1 noticed something is censored in the background prob a dildo

    Eclo YTEclo YTДень назад
  • Is YaBoi gay ?

    dxma 777dxma 777День назад
  • Try to climb up n down them stairs as you clean that room . Kapeesh?

    moekhnmoekhnДень назад
  • Ha your sponsored so you did 5 star not 1

    Ezackly Boi_YtEzackly Boi_YtДень назад
  • Crazy story: a camera says to me to subscribe and like. Is this normal? and legal?

  • Is wish gonna help you clean your room

    Jesse TorresJesse Torres2 дня назад
  • Why do you talk like such a fucking idiot?

    Anthony RuizAnthony Ruiz2 дня назад
  • There's no way you got that many items delivered with in a week. IT COMES FROM CHINA!!! 99% of stuff from wish hasn't even left Chinese customs in a week. Most of the items on wish can be found on Amazon for same price or cheaper and they have real customer service.

    Timm BTimm B2 дня назад
  • If I were a subscriber I would unsub, Wish is a horrible site and sells misleading items to people. And that you said they were trash until they sponsored you is very telling about you and your channel.

    Jeremy LowryJeremy Lowry2 дня назад
  • Knew it was all BS when he said he got the items in a week lol On a side note thanks for putting in the comments they sponsored the video. I believe RUvision terms should make you VOICE it in the beginning of the video but at least it was obvious by the acting.

    Ender WigginEnder Wiggin2 дня назад
  • And the award for biggest douche goes to....

    Aaron SeizAaron Seiz2 дня назад
  • This isnt gonna be a long intro just gonna get into it...... 2 min later

    Ouriana CoucheOuriana Couche2 дня назад
  • 5:10 James Charles in a bugs life

    six threesix three2 дня назад
  • Did anyone else see the purple blinking light by is phone camera when he plugged it in.

    Dylan WaltersDylan Walters2 дня назад
  • wish sucks asshole

    adrastos123adrastos1232 дня назад
  • All items were from amazon lol wish is bad

    Calabe BistCalabe Bist2 дня назад
  • He gets his stuff in a week? wow

    Zak Van zylZak Van zyl2 дня назад
  • Swish is great if you wanna wait forever for the shit to be delivered

    Heather CollierHeather Collier2 дня назад
  • Are you gay?

    robbyrobby2 дня назад
  • 13:40 ok but it's still just his powerbank charging his phone and not the backpack 🤦‍♀️ weird reaction

    Marie BalensiefenMarie Balensiefen2 дня назад
  • Yo did this guy literally plug in the usb extension cable from the backpack right into the wall the first time? ...

    Lance MartinezLance Martinez2 дня назад
  • Sell out

    A Simple GamerA Simple Gamer2 дня назад
  • Every wish product is junk

    Jason CoughenourJason Coughenour3 дня назад
  • I went through the comments liking every comment from people cringing at this guy 😂😂😂 Wavy Vibe Dookie? Just eww

    Tipu ShehreyarTipu Shehreyar3 дня назад
  • I bet this won't get more than 870 likes

    Why_RealisticWhy_Realistic3 дня назад
  • Have you ever been told that you look like Alpha-M's little brother ?

    Fred-DFred-D3 дня назад
  • Use them as itsyemadscientist

    Gabe CarterGabe Carter3 дня назад
  • I love WISH lol bad ass video

    Victor MadridVictor Madrid3 дня назад
  • Ok its my first time here but since u r sponsored by wish i wont be back.im sure everything u talk about is gonna be labeled awesome since they pay you.

    John TooJohn Too3 дня назад
  • Yoooo Why does the levitating globe looks like the discovery channel logo

    Abraham ReyesAbraham Reyes3 дня назад
  • Itsyedoctor glasses or itsyescientist glasses

    Jose GoatJose Goat3 дня назад
  • One week delivery from WISH? Must be express. (Wish is better then GEARBEST)

    roger sowersroger sowers3 дня назад
  • You saved 1200 dollars on a no name China bag. Hope they paying you good to be such a faggot

    Ben HillBen Hill3 дня назад
  • What a faaggggot

    Ben HillBen Hill3 дня назад
  • Why are you Canadian bit speak English slang...

    tyler franklintyler franklin3 дня назад
  • Why so hyper/intense, chill a bit, dude. And what's with the million edits? Smh...

    BeatNoLogicBeatNoLogic3 дня назад
  • Do not buy from wish ... customer service is the worst... clothing is always undersized and the electronics are always faulty

    Facts not FeelingsFacts not Feelings3 дня назад
    • Nah girl just don't buy electronics off wish that's a FACT. And always measure yourself using a GIVEN chart on wish. Otherwise order one or two sizes larger than your size because in china sizing is different

      Carlos L.Carlos L.2 дня назад
  • Everything I have bought from wish has been good quality. Thanks for your video.

    Jessica RanosJessica Ranos3 дня назад
  • Why are these words so cringy

    Jeremy DantoneJeremy Dantone3 дня назад
  • The vibbbbbbbbbeeee!! Miss this.

    Neil Patrick ArciagaNeil Patrick Arciaga3 дня назад
  • You are one of a thousand retards that spend people's money on stupid shit then rub it in their faces. Fucking worthless morons all of you.

    freakylilgfreakylilg3 дня назад
  • Clean up your room. - Mom

    boardskinsboardskins3 дня назад
  • Gold bar??

    andy leeandy lee3 дня назад
  • Omg you are insanely retarded

    Led TigetyLed Tigety3 дня назад
  • How many times did he say vibes?

    Ebru BrooksEbru Brooks3 дня назад
  • 3:34 his muscles are clearly faked

    Ebru BrooksEbru Brooks3 дня назад
  • you r not my boy time to leave this channel bye.

    Oliver KoskinenOliver Koskinen3 дня назад
  • He playing Messi in a new film

    Rich GRich G3 дня назад
  • you suck

    Sašo PraznikSašo Praznik3 дня назад
  • Was your first word as a child "vibes"? Can you even go 10 seconds in you life without saying vibes???

    Eben SwanepoelEben Swanepoel4 дня назад
    • @Jackie Cuamba that too, this guy should find a dictionary online to try and learn a few new words.

      Eben SwanepoelEben Swanepoel5 часов назад
    • Eben Swanepoel or “wavy” 🙄

      Jackie CuambaJackie Cuamba5 часов назад
  • if every Time he sead come I'm doogie i whould punch him his face he whould be blue

    Aida RodriguezAida Rodriguez4 дня назад
  • How did you get sponsored by wish but you always say wish has low quilty😂

    Geovani CruzGeovani Cruz4 дня назад
  • I already hate the word vibe and wavy.

    Raise SemiRaise Semi4 дня назад
I Bought The BEST Rated Items On Wish!!