HUGE Dyno Fails! 2013 Dyno Fails COMPILATION!!

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  • Stupid Americans...

    cefnonncefnonn2 часа назад
  • Why are people so stupid?🤔

    sfpartyboysfpartyboy3 часа назад
  • 12:31 5000HP

    Supercarsxrescue Animation LegosSupercarsxrescue Animation Legos3 часа назад
  • And the moral of the story Children, don't redline your car.

    Dan E GarnerDan E Garner3 часа назад
  • A 7:57 What in THE fuck is this retard doing?? WOW.. The car is a piece of shit also.

    Dave MicolichekDave Micolichek4 часа назад
  • @ 4:30 Nothing but a Sump, Crank, Rods, and Pistons left attached to the dyno. Bummer man....

    Dave MicolichekDave Micolichek4 часа назад
  • where did they find a dyno in Africa?

    john doejohn doe6 часов назад
  • pretty lame

    Jim  BartzJim Bartz10 часов назад
  • Intercooler piping blowing off is included in fails? That happens in 60% of dyno runs

    Swan DonovanSwan Donovan11 часов назад
  • lol the third last had good reaction though

    noreal namenoreal name12 часов назад
  • People be like my car broke the dyno so it must be over 2000hp 😂

    Conner TateConner Tate15 часов назад
  • Is that Alan Tudyk in the last clip ?

    Negative OneNegative OneДень назад
  • First dude must have shit his pants

    Pinkamena Diane PiePinkamena Diane PieДень назад
  • @ 2:40, that shop looks to be ran by a bunch of fat no ones. The one guy wouldnt even put down his beer, just carried it around with him while he looked at the tire.

    Don JuanDon Juan2 дня назад
  • Whoohoo yeahhhhhh Yeehaw wtf??

    Brendan sfxBrendan sfx2 дня назад
  • Video sucks.

    SOLID117SOLID1172 дня назад
  • Never go to a shop, that is a hang out place for watchers, two or three people at the most. Very unprofessional. 🤡👀💣

    Logan AdamsLogan Adams3 дня назад
  • Them dyno shops reveal a lot of info, don't they !!!!

    Truett NeatheryTruett Neathery3 дня назад
  • Fuck dyno'ing a car. I respect and love my car too much to put it through this abuse for a stupid piece of paper for the purposes of impressing strangers. Now all these dipshits don't have a ride for work or any destination, and they have to pay out of pocket thousands. Damn clowns.

    Paul OsicnePaul Osicne3 дня назад
  • I think something broke.......

    VINMAD666VINMAD6664 дня назад
  • Stupid is as stupid does.

    Praque ForqskPraque Forqsk4 дня назад
  • Change the title to "Minor dyno fails". Huge fails are e.g leg out of bed debris flying through panel work, vehicle being reduced to scrap because of fire, drive shaft breaking and wrecking the cab &c.

    Mark StuckeyMark Stuckey4 дня назад
  • Most US tuners have no clue about tuning and testing on a dyno. They put the part in the car and drive it on the Software or other parts will be changed even it should. I see this so many time.

    flashtuflashtu4 дня назад
  • Amatures!!!! Lack of experience using tools and dyno testing.

    JagstarJagstar4 дня назад
  • Welcome to you local Dodge dealer😀

    B BB B5 дней назад
  • Whats with all the d bag's and their drinks

    Dustin LayteinDustin Laytein5 дней назад
  • 4.34 maybe might need more than an oil change and filter to fix that

    timj41timj415 дней назад
  • huge?

    MaikelMaikel5 дней назад
  • First clip, "Due to exhaust" Second clip, "Due to Dodge"

    ErockErock5 дней назад
  • So funny watching fucktards with piece of shits cars putting them on dynos.

    Keith CooperKeith Cooper6 дней назад
  • What's the car on 5:19? I thought it to be an Escort Mk2, maybe a BDA or with BDA fenders, but I'm not aware of an Escort being able to shift like that. Nice, whatever it is!

    Gerard StutjeGerard Stutje6 дней назад
  • if the dyno shop only uses one shoe lace to secure your car, leave.

    immrnoidallimmrnoidall9 дней назад
  • No surprise.

    Fillup 40Fillup 409 дней назад
  • 0:30 The balding guy who thinks he tricking everyone (in the middle on the right side) almost took a shit- not that he cared about his body getting struck- this nigga was more terrified that the wind from the so called 1200HP dick mobile breaking free WOULD KNOCK HIS COMB OVER TO SHIT- exposing him for the bald, SENSITIVE QUEER that he is! "Niggs" should have put that "hair system" he created on the "dynamometer"- How much power does anyone think that joint has?

    Scott PrendergastScott Prendergast10 дней назад
  • I have some pity for the first and last video. The rest...Nah !

    R VerroR Verro10 дней назад
  • That last mustang looked seriously painful which of course equals lots of cash to get it back in shape, hopefully with the necessary corrections!

    Karl KKarl K11 дней назад
  • Use chains, not straps

    Lexx1976Lexx197612 дней назад
  • 5:16, Walk away just walk away.......................;)

    Leigh WinspearLeigh Winspear12 дней назад
  • I can see it now. The guy sitting in the car thinks the RED area on the tach is where the needle is SUPPOSED to go, and....BOOM!

    Dan ForbessDan Forbess12 дней назад
  • 7:22 *THUG LIFE*

    ShimonShimon13 дней назад
  • 3:34 m3 lovers look away

    ALEXALEX15 дней назад
  • Many a butt were puckered in this video...

    Banana PhoneBanana Phone16 дней назад
  • 😂😂😂😂in garbage

    lifestylelifestyle16 дней назад
  • nothing new here, seen it all before

    bigrocketsbigrockets17 дней назад
  • Idiotssssss with small penisessssss 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    Nice PushNice Push17 дней назад
  • Was that a Honda nsx motor letting go? Ouch, not going to be cheap.

    AxemanAxeman18 дней назад
  • I love watching the same morons who weave through rush hour highway traffic ruin their cars

    Control ZControl Z18 дней назад
  • Nice editing skills, sir. {sarcasm}

    SludgeSludge18 дней назад
  • DUMBASSES😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Scott FoxScott Fox18 дней назад
  • The black golf one does that dyno shop sell doughnuts there cos there was some fat fuckers there

    julian brownjulian brown18 дней назад
  • It would of killed you to edit some of these down!?

    Brian HamiltonBrian Hamilton18 дней назад
  • To much video just put the failure not a half a day leading up to dyno run

    Michael OversMichael Overs19 дней назад
  • Typical shit box Mopar spitting it's guts out. Get a Ford and stay in front of that junk for safety. Lol.

    Ray LampRay Lamp19 дней назад
  • I never trusted these things to begin with...

    АлтегореАлтегоре19 дней назад
  • Called dumb shitism

    Dave HibbsDave Hibbs19 дней назад
  • Classic example of cars being dynoed by idiots Thats either the idiot that has bolted on loads of bits without rebuilding the engine or uprating anything on the drive chain or the idiot that let a car that clearly makes too much power for the mobile dyno on there in the first place

    Lamster66Lamster6620 дней назад
  • "Huge Waste of Time! 2013 Dyno Mishaps and pipes blowing off COMPILATION!!"

    Geoff InfieldGeoff Infield21 день назад
  • It was the fat boy in the trunk that caused it.

    Philip NavinPhilip Navin21 день назад
  • 8:00 totally legit setup there. Nice

    LKNANMLLKNANML22 дня назад
  • why would you ever want to dyno a front wheel drive vehicle, it's an oxymoron

    f r e e b i r df r e e b i r d22 дня назад
    • f r e e b i r d my guess is to see how much hp/tq it makes?? don’t get me wrong I haven’t had a fwd car since my first car 11 years ago.. but I feel like that was a real dumb ass question 🤷‍♂️

      Nick RNick R21 день назад
  • Don't know if you can call blowing a turbo coupling a fail. That's just part of ironing out the kinks of a new build.

    wheeln 24/7wheeln 24/722 дня назад
  • Not sure if some of the dyno fails were as "huge" as some of the Laardvarks or Fuppapotomi around for the 2nd car were!

    Gerry LundergaardGerry Lundergaard22 дня назад
  • dumb fucking compilation. most of these clips are hardly failure let alone be "huge". Most of them are minor errors occuring often during dynoruns :/

    Paul WPaul W23 дня назад
  • People putting cars on jerry rigged dynos deserve what happens to them and their cars. Fucking idiots.

    Eric McManusEric McManus23 дня назад
  • There should be a Dyno for Dummies published.

    Ron GigearRon Gigear23 дня назад
  • Shit.

    Mikey McMikeFaceMikey McMikeFace23 дня назад
  • 10:50 You could tell in the first 5 seconds that POS was coming off that dyno. But besides that, the first video with the red deuce coupe. The crowd was cheering, but the driver was not not happy at all.

    BBQ NutBBQ Nut23 дня назад
  • So painful

    sweetlogosweetlogo23 дня назад
  • These guys running on Dyno's should watch these videos....STRAP THE FUCKER DOWN oh man.

    Michael MMichael M24 дня назад
  • I'm not a dyno operator, but, I would think that tying the vehicle down correctly would thoroughly covered in Dyno 101!!

    retro440retro44024 дня назад
HUGE Dyno Fails! 2013 Dyno Fails COMPILATION!!