How Will Biden Win Working Class Voters? | The View

"The View" co-hosts discuss the presidential candidate's message to Trump supporters.
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  • So Biden will s staying true to policies and positions I cannot support and won’t. So Biden is not my choice.

    cycleforwardtimecycleforwardtime12 дней назад
  • Democrats and Republicans are all lying

    lonnielrclonnielrc17 дней назад
  • 1994 joe Biden law. Trump is going to win ADOS.

    lonnielrclonnielrc17 дней назад
  • you know who can win working class voters? bernie sanders

    rosasariarosasariaМесяц назад
  • Biden will destroy everything Trump has built up for the US. Biden is an idiot and maybe a spy of China...Trump will win this idiot easily...

    Lion KingLion KingМесяц назад
  • Rich privileged Abby doesn't want Medicare for all because she doesn't need it but the rest of America does Speak for yourself 1%

    Farheen HussainFarheen HussainМесяц назад
  • I actually love the blonde fat chick. This show has 4 other jerk offs agreeing with each other the whole time

    MrSpreademMrSpreademМесяц назад
  • Biden is a joke

    John HarveyJohn HarveyМесяц назад
  • Biden will quit for health reasons! He does not have the energy and mind to run!

    Daniel LiyDaniel LiyМесяц назад
  • Minimum wage jobs aren't nothing to brag about as many Americans go on food stamps and Medicaid because their jobs don't pay enough and sometimes have no benefits. I agree Abby's privilege was definitely showing. Democrats will win back Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as more people of color who they ignoring in this conversation will give a Democrat the electoral college victory.

    Stephen AndersonStephen AndersonМесяц назад
  • Yup, my paycheck actually is higher from the tax cut.😂

    Sarai HopeSarai HopeМесяц назад
  • Stop trying to make Biden happen, Warren is THE BEST option we have periodt.

    Sandra Santa MarinaSandra Santa MarinaМесяц назад

    bill jonesbill jonesМесяц назад
  • Abby is wrong. Trump ran saying everyone will have healthcare and it will be the cheapest ever. Medicare for all is popular among both Democrats and Republicans. Affordable, without pre-existing condition restrictions Healthcare, even with their different views, is popular in both parties.

    C. LynnC. LynnМесяц назад
  • My wages went up I am doing very well , I don't care what other people say I have improved since Trump has been in office

    robin kilbyrobin kilbyМесяц назад
  • Tulsi Gabbard is the only one true patriot. She served two tours of Iraq. She wants to stop these wars and bring the money back to the American people. That’s how she will pay for healthcare, education, infrastructure and homelessness. Biden is a Zionist liar, just like trump

    Dublin BayDublin BayМесяц назад
  • these 4 dingbats kill me.. lol

    Paul Lo CurtoPaul Lo CurtoМесяц назад
  • Biden is for corporations & Bernie is for workers.

    NitoNovaNitoNovaМесяц назад
  • abby is right about Americans not supporting “socialist” ideas such as Medicare For All. The much-reported “70% of Americans support Medicare for All “ poll result is misleading because when that same poll drilled down, asking how the complete elimination of private insurance, higher taxes, and long waits for medical care affected respondents views, support of Medicare For All dropped below 40%. No one ever reports that inconvenient truth.

    Tia JTia JМесяц назад
  • If people want socialism then move to Venezuela and live there and you will see it doesn't work

    james evansjames evansМесяц назад
  • What scares Abby the most, White Nationalist Terrorism or healthcare for all Americans?

    Judith OsorioJudith OsorioМесяц назад
  • Once again, shut up Sunny and MEghan. Let Whoopi and Joy talk.

    Annie onymouseAnnie onymouseМесяц назад
  • Whoppi didn’t wanna say President Trumps name, I didn’t care for President Obama but he was still my President. It’s sad really how people act. They want Democracy but are pissed when it doesn’t go in their favor. Bunch of cry baby’s.

    Jon HutchinsonJon HutchinsonМесяц назад
  • #theview also those #'s are conflated with retail and customer service employers like Old Navy that employ tons of people but only give them 10 hours per week to avoid giving benefits. This is not an exaggeration I used to work for them

    HelloHelloМесяц назад
  • I want more left. No one ever actually explains why healthcare and education works everywhere else but here

    D-BombD-BombМесяц назад
  • Sleepy Joe got me asleep

    devinngeorgedevinngeorgeМесяц назад
  • sorry guys. Trump will win 2020 with a landslide.

    shadowbannedshadowbannedМесяц назад
  • Biden doesn’t have any ideas for the middle class and white Americans won’t support Biden over Tramp.

    John MackJohn MackМесяц назад
  • I don’t know how he is ahead in the poles Bernie is so much better he is just a corporate democrat opt out ewww sounds like republican

    Karla FaulknerKarla FaulknerМесяц назад
  • This country is still on Obama’s economic policies (with the exception of taxes.) Low unemployment has very little to do with the crunchy Cheeto in the Oval Office.

    Daniel ArcureDaniel ArcureМесяц назад
  • I don’t get it, what is Biden proposing that he will do for the economy? When their are a surplus of jobs it becomes easier to pick and choose where you choose to be employed thus resulting in better individualized economic achievement. He needs to come up with ways he will create an improved socio economic system that will enhance the lives of workers. Just by delivering mute points he shoes his lack of goal oriented plans for the future the future of devolving economic growth in the U.S.

    Jeromy NallJeromy NallМесяц назад
  • OMG...are you kidding. let me guess Obummer gets the credit. ridiculous .

    Cheri PeytonCheri PeytonМесяц назад
  • In addition, the tariff.

    Willy BagatcholonWilly BagatcholonМесяц назад
  • There goes Abby never missing an opportunity to bash Medicare for all as an evil socialist idea.

    PYRO 101881PYRO 101881Месяц назад
  • I don’t like Biden but he said the truth about how the economy works the way you measure it is how are ordinary people dealing not by how the rich see the economy

    Jay CamachoJay CamachoМесяц назад
  • Corporate stock buy backs have artificially inflated the stock market.

    Dannelle UtschDannelle UtschМесяц назад
  • Biden would sniff all of the cast's hair on the view except whoppie's nasty stinking dreads!

    Randy BoisaRandy BoisaМесяц назад
  • Why doesn't Abby think saying 'I can tell you' is factual? Can I get a stat or poll to back that up? Abby is all opinion which means she has no evidence, no stats and no TRUE definitions to the words she uses? GO BACK TO FOX!

    unknown unknownunknown unknownМесяц назад
  • I think Biden will be out of the race by Nevada.

    Ryan ScarolaRyan ScarolaМесяц назад
  • Biden did not have no answer to the economy.

    Miguel HernandezMiguel HernandezМесяц назад
  • Majority of the country is white poor people you think they don’t want free Medicare is you kidding me

    Keith McGaffieKeith McGaffieМесяц назад
  • Abby was such a pathetic replacement for Sara 🙄

    Keaton SafarKeaton SafarМесяц назад
  • "Fair share" I think we've heard that before... Bernie 2020!

    NamaSlay01NamaSlay01Месяц назад
  • Easy, just pick up president Obama voters.

    Purple RainPurple RainМесяц назад
  • Medicare for all is for lazy people that don't wanna work . No free things . Someone has to pay for it .

    scaldon2scaldon2Месяц назад
  • He's preaching to the choir. He going to get the left vote. Just like president trump will get his right vote. We won't change our vote. We don't see lies. We see hard truths. We don't see divisions caused by trump. We see the media lieing to cause those fears and divisions. He is talking to the left and also the independents and undecided. That's where I see trump and Biden really fighting for their votes. Because like I said. We won't change our minds.

    m hm hМесяц назад
  • no one cares how well the economy does or how many people are employed. what's so great about having a job if you're getting paid slave wages? what use is it to me if the economy is doing well, how can i calculate the benefits to me individually? these are right wing and centrist talking points and have no relevance to working class people. the economy doing well just means people at the top are creaming it

    Harry KHarry KМесяц назад
  • So there you go one little angel got her wings

    Barry SheridanBarry SheridanМесяц назад
  • Facts facts don't lie it's a fact that the economy is booming because of Donald Trump

    Barry SheridanBarry SheridanМесяц назад
  • Everybody loves the Savior to

    Barry SheridanBarry SheridanМесяц назад
  • You ladies or in a dream world keep dreaming that's cool

    Barry SheridanBarry SheridanМесяц назад
  • Joe Biden only listens to his sponsors and not the people. But he will tell the people anything to get elected and then back peddle. Centrists are further right than the people who follow the Republican Party. We need corporate money out of politics as this is what is corrupting the system. We need politicians that represent the people not the elitists. We also need media that represents the people and not propaganda like the view. People voted for Trump because they thought he represented the working class and not the elite, but he lied.

    Simon KeelingSimon KeelingМесяц назад
  • Stop all immigration and Medicare for All will work in America. Trump 2020

    Jane DJane DМесяц назад
  • Stop spending money on immigrants and every family in America could get a government check for $14,300 every year for healthcare or whatever. Trump 2020

    Jane DJane DМесяц назад
  • This Trump voter would love Medicare for All, pay raise. Ironically Trump has done more than anyone to promote Medicare for All because you must first stop all immigration or it won't work... Biden wants open borders, Biden would destroy any chance for Medicare For All. Trump 2020

    Jane DJane DМесяц назад
  • He won’t. He is a corporate butt boy. BERNIE 2020!!!

    Matthew SandersMatthew SandersМесяц назад
  • Unemployment is low, because people have more than one job. Someone needs to pull that video of him agreeing with repubs, that medicare and ssi need to be cut. His first fundraiser was held by the ceo of comcast. He voted for the war in Iraq, he voted to repeal glass stegal, he voted for segregation in schools, he's against legalizing marijuana, no medicare for all, no free college. No thanks.

    0LadyV00LadyV0Месяц назад
  • I love listening to Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar talk about the “working class.”

    E BE BМесяц назад
  • In spite of? Try and sell that to the workers who have seen their 401Ks bloom and job opportunities for their kids bloom!

    onnielou70onnielou70Месяц назад
  • Maybe by you and joy that have time to count all all his lies joy is really pathetic and sonny maybe you care about all the being nice in this country hot us nowhere Obama did nothing for African Americans trump gave them jobs..real people not ones that are worth over 2 billion I mean the white trash trailers and hood in anerica care about paying there Bill's and saving to help other family. Give it up the real world is not privileged sonny ugh

    Lisa FlickLisa FlickМесяц назад
  • Democrats are warped! No Chance! Trump2020!

    Miranda CarpenterMiranda CarpenterМесяц назад
  • Joy is forever on Trump's neck and I LOVE IT!!!! Stay on there, Joy!!! Am with ya!

    HairMusic VideosHairMusic VideosМесяц назад
  • These women are rich and will never worry about wealth and medical while many are suffering and NOW they are lecturing all of US. They have no clue and have no empathy

    Maraale RamaaleMaraale RamaaleМесяц назад
  • These woman can not relate to the working class. They are millionaires.

    Frankie BFrankie BМесяц назад
  • Meghan not making a fool of herself and letting Abby make a fool of herself instead 😂. Baby steps

    squeallymaniacsqueallymaniacМесяц назад
  • OH my God! Medicare for all! Heaven preserve us.....we could end up like CANADA!

    Laura WestenraLaura WestenraМесяц назад
  • Bernie potties in his pants.

    Mark OliverMark OliverМесяц назад
  • Bernie = "Bozo the Clown"

    Mark OliverMark OliverМесяц назад
  • Biden = Larry Nassar? Biden 2020, Biden will lower the age of consent to Any age?

    Mark OliverMark OliverМесяц назад
  • Bernie 2020 or its a bust

    Cannon CagleCannon CagleМесяц назад
    • Bernie is a arm waving bozo the clown.

      Mark OliverMark OliverМесяц назад
  • Biden wants to lower the age of consent to 8 years old.

    Mark OliverMark OliverМесяц назад
  • Got it who ever the chicks from the view indorse and defend vote the opposite way cuse the are clearly democrated shills

  • 10,000 lies I guess joy was counting them, what a joke she is, y can’t she just move away and take the evil sunny with her.

    Tim ZackelTim ZackelМесяц назад
  • No. There saved ya 3 min

    jovan turnerjovan turnerМесяц назад
  • My job only gave employees an $1000 that was heavily taxed. Of course I was hired too late to get the bonus. I was still in training 🙄🙄🙄🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ THAT TAXCUT DID NOTHING

    Jazmine x ReneeJazmine x ReneeМесяц назад
    • Because that tax cut wasn't meant for you it was only for the rich gram crackers

      Mike CarterMike CarterМесяц назад
  • From the true leeches of society, the heirs to family money Abby and Meghan taking the BIGGEST handout in life, Inheritance; We normal-folk apparently don’t deserve their falsely perceived handout of ‘Medicare for All’ cuz it’s socialism and ‘But Venezuela!!!’ propaganda is too scary for them. Socialism is all around us in America with Medicare, the VA, police, firefighters, interstate highway, public transit and on and on. We live in a mixed socialist/capitalist economy like most developed democracies. Fascist Nazis weren’t socialists as they slaughtered their own ppl and Venezuela fell apart with the rise of corrupt Authoritarian socialism. That’s not what Bernie or AOC advocate for.

    Risa NicolaRisa NicolaМесяц назад
  • He won't win working-class voters. They left the Democratic party decades ago, and ain't coming back.

    laughingstalklaughingstalkМесяц назад
  • 1:51 Whoopi's face in response to Abby's responses lollllll

    Aishwarya NetAishwarya NetМесяц назад
  • I'd love to see Biden come out with a statement saying that he will sign, on his first day in office, an Executive Order that would lead to the repealing everything Trump has done.

    William FrenchWilliam FrenchМесяц назад
    • William French are you a retard who lives at home with your mommy? Trump is doing great record low unemployment for blacks and hispanics record breaking good economy theres more jobs than workers to fill them etc what specificly has Trump done that you hate so much?

      Drew BunchDrew BunchМесяц назад
  • Like some have said - we are lucky Trump hasn't crashed the recovering economy handed to him by Obama.

    William FrenchWilliam FrenchМесяц назад
  • Oddly WiredOddly WiredМесяц назад
  • A grip of Russian libtard bots on this channel .

    al jbugal jbugМесяц назад
  • AOC said it best - “We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right things to do, but when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires and when it comes to unlimited war we seem to be able to invent that money very easily”

    Clarisa HalimaClarisa HalimaМесяц назад
    • 🔥🔥🔥

      IMHTPIMHTPМесяц назад
  • Alvaro SanchezAlvaro SanchezМесяц назад
  • I disagree with Abby. I still like her more than Meghan though

    john gleasonjohn gleasonМесяц назад
  • Abby lies poorly. Most ppl want Medicare for all....duh! 🤦‍♀️

    Sabrina SalvatiSabrina SalvatiМесяц назад
  • I hate to say it but, I'm making more since Trump took office. I probably would not vote for Biden

    George PristourisGeorge PristourisМесяц назад
  • Biden had his time Years ago to run. There so many better candidates running such as Mayor Pete and Andrew Yang. Democrats need a candidate who inspires and get people who didn’t vote last time to vote this time and Biden isn’t the one!

    Clarisa HalimaClarisa HalimaМесяц назад
  • Barbara Walters has dementia? Put her back on "The View", no one will know the difference. I heard she's "stunod".

    john cariosciajohn cariosciaМесяц назад
  • The only ones doing the fear mongering and dividing are the deranged Democrats/liberals... I choose Trump #TRUMP2020

    Rocio GuerreroRocio GuerreroМесяц назад
  • HAGS OF MENOPAUSE MANOR! ACA put 20 more people on medicare, great! My insurance premiums DOUBLED, so now not only am I paying for my healthcare, i'm paying for someone else too. Obama lied to us, he said "you can keep your health plan, & keep your doctor", A BIG LIE. Biden is a proven loser, & Obama & Biden lost over 1000 seats at the state & federal level. BOTH LIARS, & PROVEN LOSERS!

    john cariosciajohn cariosciaМесяц назад
  • 75 percent want Medicare for all...... So how is that a fringe socialist policy? Fucking Republicans, man.

    Alain PumaAlain PumaМесяц назад
  • Islamophobia is ok on The View but Hugs and Medicare are questionable. Ok.

    Hana Ayo AlemayehuHana Ayo AlemayehuМесяц назад
  • I live in PA. My wages have gone up substantially after being frozen for most of Obama's terms. The people I know are doing well. Good luck dems. You'll need it.

    white deionwhite deionМесяц назад
  • Meghan is tolerable today!! 🤔🤔

    Danielle Dove ダニエルダヴ🇯🇲🇯🇵Danielle Dove ダニエルダヴ🇯🇲🇯🇵Месяц назад
  • I really wish there was one person on the panel that isn't gaga for Biden. Makes me sick

    threelittlebirdzthreelittlebirdzМесяц назад
  • persona non grata you know meg what it means ...

    Corry CoxCorry CoxМесяц назад
  • Why should i pay for other peoples health care....TRUMP 2020

    robert logiudicerobert logiudiceМесяц назад
    • Isn't that how insurance works? With private insurance you're also paying astronomical CEO salary, lobbyists, advertising etc. Medicare for all will have much lower operating costs.

      LalalalaLolaLalalalaLolaМесяц назад
    • robert logiudice maybe not Trump 2020 but I agree. I want to pay for mine not everyone else’s

      Softgrunge 1947Softgrunge 1947Месяц назад
  • Their wages didn’t go up under Obama and Vice President Creepy either!

    Dirg RamseyDirg RamseyМесяц назад
  • Since the first of the year, my health insurance went up $60 , my mortgage went up $60 and I owe taxes.

    Shannon OdermattShannon OdermattМесяц назад
How Will Biden Win Working Class Voters? | The View