David Ortiz In Stable Condition Following Shooting

Former Red Sox baseball player, David Ortiz is in stable condition after being shot in the Dominican Republic.



  • Reasons y a latino wud shoot one of the most famous pipl in their country 1. He owed money (dont think that the case cuz that dude rich) 2. He got beef with the mafia (highly doubt it he is a peaceful and good man) 3. He going all BIG Papi up in sum married bitches culo....and sum married dude aint having that. Ima go with theory number 3. Big Papi put his lil papi in the wrong hole.

    Gdcd GdcdGdcd GdcdМесяц назад
  • Before you fools start posting Crap about B Papi,let all the facts come out

    Kerry BrockKerry BrockМесяц назад
  • He was shot for a reason no one will pay a hit over a man with out reason

    Juan CroosJuan CroosМесяц назад
  • Gangsters don't like other people flossing in their hood. Someone put this fool up to this.

    genius comment alertgenius comment alertМесяц назад
  • Worlds dumbest hit man. Why would you do it where everyone sees you

    J MJ MМесяц назад
  • Big papi’s entourage is the real fucking deal haha, holy fuck. They got that guy no time flat, that’s how an entourage is supposed to act.

    michael mcclatchymichael mcclatchyМесяц назад
  • If I were rich I wouldn't be associated with those thugs of friends or be involved with drug lord woman. I would be busy building an empire making sure my entire blood became well of

    Khadar PashaKhadar PashaМесяц назад
    • Farah Wacays yes

      Shed CjcjdShed Cjcjd25 дней назад
    • Shed Cjcjd why did you murder your wife?

      Khadar PashaKhadar PashaМесяц назад
    • I just murder my wife by shooting her im done with this life

      Shed CjcjdShed CjcjdМесяц назад
  • Big boppy

    Urban OutdoorsmanUrban OutdoorsmanМесяц назад
  • A drug lord thought that David Ortiz aka “ Big Papi “ was having an affair with his wife so he hired 2 men supposedly police officers to shoot or attempt to kill David Ortiz

    Air PodsAir PodsМесяц назад
  • Smh sad,,good thing he didnt die though, that would have been a tragedy

    Sean RichardsSean RichardsМесяц назад
  • Why the fuck is this stupid fucking video impossible to find? Sick of these news organizations clickbaiting it in the thumbnail and showing .2 seconds of it

    Noggin FodderNoggin FodderМесяц назад
  • Big Bapi...😝😣

    Doctor MindBenDaDoctor MindBenDaМесяц назад
  • REAL SHIT!!!!! "Let the shooter live, he needs to talk first!!!" .... Vigilante Justice baby!!! Long live Ortiz!!!----!--!!!!!!!!

    Doctor MindBenDaDoctor MindBenDaМесяц назад
  • The Dominican republic is no longer safe for americans

    Kyle JamesKyle JamesМесяц назад
    • David Ortiz is Dominican.

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
  • The investigations into the attack against David Ortiz are moving fast. The Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez had already warned this morning that the case did not correspond to a robbery or an action of street violence. Everything pointed to the fact that it was a personal settling of accounts. Big Papi friends count, asking absolute confidentiality, that they had already warned him of the danger he was running. Ortiz would be seeing a woman, related to a suspect being involved in matters related to the world of drugs. Despite the warnings from his inner circle, these sources comment, Ortiz continued to frequent the company of the woman. This would have incited crime.

    PJ VelotosPJ VelotosМесяц назад
  • Supposedly he was having a affair with some top boss wife so the hit was up on him but that's just what's going around I could see them taking money from him before shooting him.

    XMarksthespotXMarksthespotМесяц назад
  • Big boppi?

    John DoeJohn DoeМесяц назад
  • God gave big papi another chance, time to reflect and praise the lord.

    Louie D'angeloLouie D'angeloМесяц назад
  • 🤬💩😇👻

    freddy swagfreddy swagМесяц назад
  • Stay up here Papi. Papi has been a American citizen since 2008. I mean,... I guess it's safer here. Kinda wondering here lately though.🤔

    Maniac RiderManiac RiderМесяц назад
  • He was having an affair with a drug lord wife having sex with a man wife will get you killed fast thanks to God for giving him a second chance

    Wisdom101Wisdom101Месяц назад
  • I can’t believe the news just repeat non sense . If you take a look in the video the person who shoot him it’s not wearing a striped polo shirt like the guy they are beating up . They don’t know who it’s the shooter and I am pretty sure it will be a cold case .

    Aquenea VidaAquenea VidaМесяц назад
  • How about those big tits at 0:45? Damn!

  • he was bagging a drug's lord woman... that´s why this happened. you never mess with another man's woman MAMAGUEVO

    jeuri labrillejeuri labrilleМесяц назад
  • I love it when you call me big boppa

    Shawn PorterShawn PorterМесяц назад
  • Must've been a Yankees fan.

    John JamesJohn JamesМесяц назад
    • Do people like baseball in the Dominican Republic?

      MattVacc 37MattVacc 37Месяц назад
  • Damn man, get well🙏🏾 I heard he was fuckin a drug lord's wife. If that's true, well, that'll get a hit on you for sure

    I'm UpI'm UpМесяц назад
  • Jealousy all over the world

  • he got shot because he was having an affair

    sofiazhardysofiazhardyМесяц назад
  • Extremely rich people are usually involved in crimes. I’m sure he was targeted by a drug cartel

    PuffsterPuffsterМесяц назад
  • I think this was a hit orchestrated by the family of a smashed bullpen phone...

    Danny DaDueDanny DaDueМесяц назад
  • He’s too famous to be sleeping with married woman don’t ya think?

    Raymond ColonRaymond ColonМесяц назад
  • Get well, big boppy.

    Dr. AwkwardDr. AwkwardМесяц назад
  • Look like a blood Sacrifice

    BEATZ4DAZ GlobalBEATZ4DAZ GlobalМесяц назад
  • actually the woman said big bobbie

    akosh1976akosh1976Месяц назад
  • Why did he do it

    Big BIck Nick TorralbaBig BIck Nick TorralbaМесяц назад
  • Well looked like a message from someone, unless the guys are a really bad shot it seems like they could have killed him if they really wanted to..

    mAKtre47mAKtre47Месяц назад
  • No one caaaaaaaaaaaaaaares~

    Jessie NicholasJessie NicholasМесяц назад
  • Messing with a gangsta woman paid the consequence

    bori1769bori1769Месяц назад
    • Rick James nah a real man would leave the skank

      Car LosCar LosМесяц назад
    • bori1769 really?!!!! Is it worth killing someone over a woman?!!!!! That’s messed up, a real man would confront and fight with fist 🤛🏼

      Rick JamesRick JamesМесяц назад
  • Welp, so much for my vacation to the DR...

    Ka Bar BrotherKa Bar BrotherМесяц назад
    • Really? Not shooting in the U.S cant believe it stay in your bubble. Peace

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
    • @Ka Bar Brother Fair enough Ka Barito!

      Jaqen H'gharJaqen H'gharМесяц назад
    • Accepted, but I might get the chance to take them with me, provided their attack doesn’t kill me outright. If it does, then it’s not my problem anymore. I accept that there are any number of things that can go wrong and prevent me from defending myself with my pistol, and I understand there’s nothing I can do about those cases, no doubt about it. In the other, more common cases, however, it provides a great many more options in the defense of myself and those around me.

      Ka Bar BrotherKa Bar BrotherМесяц назад
    • @Ka Bar Brother If someone runs up on you from behind you wont have a chance unless you have eyes in the back of your head son

      Jaqen H'gharJaqen H'gharМесяц назад
    • Of course we do, but here, I have a chance of getting them before they get me. Or at least, get them before I succumb to them having gotten me. In the DR, however, I’m not legally licensed to carry a concealed firearm. I don’t have a problem going to “dangerous” areas, I have a problem going unarmed, is all I’m saying.

      Ka Bar BrotherKa Bar BrotherМесяц назад
  • Why the guy that shot nipsey didn't get beat like that

    sebastian zsebastian zМесяц назад
    • sebastian z because no one never heard of Nipsey

      BEATZ4DAZ GlobalBEATZ4DAZ GlobalМесяц назад
    • sebastian z cause aint nobody know who tf he was till he died

      LookAtDatCheeseLookAtDatCheeseМесяц назад
  • They did some street justice!!! We need that here in the USA more often.

    Larry FineLarry FineМесяц назад
    • They where not playing with them for real.

      Nathaniel GreeneNathaniel GreeneМесяц назад
    • Exactly! That’s why I love my country! And ppl talking bout how ppl gon shy away from visiting DR now but look at how the real ppl treat the attackers! That’s where the love is at! LA should of did that same shit to Eric holder for taking King Nipsey from us.

      OfficialEj1OfficialEj1Месяц назад
  • #BigPapi Heal fast , Bud ... You Are An Awesome Guy, And There Are Tons Of Children That Need Their Hero.

    PerryArt420PerryArt420Месяц назад
  • "Big Bapi" 😂 smh, Big Papi!

    cashflow2daycashflow2dayМесяц назад
  • hearing he was having an affair with a drug lords wife????

    moonbatxraymoonbatxrayМесяц назад
    • They say, people in DR shoot if they think there is a " reason" personal issues. Not in the lunatics level, not yet cause it seems the whole World is getting there

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
    • Gee I wonder why she prefers him over a drug lord? Hmm... Nah I don't blame her anyways.

      Sukeban HavenSukeban HavenМесяц назад
  • If you wanna know those are 2 police officers who was bought by a drug lord so that drug lord knew something and those cops shot Ortiz down but i want that Ortiz wouldn't die

    10000 subscribers without any videos10000 subscribers without any videosМесяц назад
  • Whos Big Bopi 🤔🤔 0:03

    Bigg BORICUABigg BORICUAМесяц назад
  • Babe Ruth was the white Big Papi

    machengamachengaМесяц назад
  • Lesson learned stay out of SHIT HOLE Countries.

    Ryan HeartRyan HeartМесяц назад
  • With all the awesome Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, X Ray Techs, Radiologist , lab techs, Good housekeeping, excellent Dietary dept. David Ortiz will Be well taken care of and Have quick recovery. Thank You Boston Medical Center!!

    Marsha McDonaldMarsha McDonaldМесяц назад
    • He’s in Mass General Hospital

      Nancy NoelNancy NoelМесяц назад
    • Well, in D.R the Doctors did a good job aswell. Peace

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
  • Talk about fake news all day until you can't breathe oxygen because you have been suffocated with it. It appears David Ortiz is hooked up to a sinister money machine.

    Paul DaileyPaul DaileyМесяц назад
  • People dying in drepublic hotels and now a dominican star shot wtf.

    latino heatlatino heatМесяц назад
    • Last year in june Junior got killed by dominican gang, 2 days later another dominican dies

      AmazeAmazeМесяц назад
    • Because nothing happends in the U. S. come on people. Lunatics everywhere that is scary! Peace

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
    • People dying all over the world not just dr

      Nova DrizzleNova DrizzleМесяц назад
    • latino heat i think cuz the new was talking bad about masones in rd .so i think this is like a revenage

      diegodinamita dddiegodinamita ddМесяц назад
  • Im a David Ortiz fan but he was shot because he was having sex with another notorious drug dealers wife out here in DR. This wasn’t a hate shooting. Sad had to be him glad he’s okay thoughZ

    Dee teeDee teeМесяц назад
    • They say.

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
    • If that's true it's a very poor decision on his part. He could've had that anywhere in the world

      Seto Kaiba First of his name BottleSeto Kaiba First of his name BottleМесяц назад
    • Dee tee I can believe give me the name of the drug dealer or wife name?

      BEATZ4DAZ GlobalBEATZ4DAZ GlobalМесяц назад
    • And how do you know this ?

      Alison QueeneyAlison QueeneyМесяц назад
  • 😭"please dont let me die... I am a good man." All u good men out there... That aint touch ur soul?

    Russell CutlerRussell CutlerМесяц назад
  • Supposedly David Ortiz got shot because he was having an affair with a married woman.

    trey treytrey treyМесяц назад
    • Sooooo... It happens all the time. Shouldnt cost nobody they life tho.

      Proverbs 17-18Proverbs 17-18Месяц назад
    • Who also said something about the countries ruling party and the shooter was found out to be a policeman

      omar tavarezomar tavarezМесяц назад
    • “Supposedly”

      Bandits BaseballBandits BaseballМесяц назад
  • What is it with these Mega Rich sports Icons always going back to their 3rd World Shit Holes and always getting Shot...these 3rd world Countries are mostly filled Mainly with super poor Jealous Haters...they do make bulletproof dress clothes..if I'm worth a couple hundred million dollars...I'm wearing Bullet proof clothes cause.only wealthy smart people wear them...you cant tell the difference from any other clothing...I hear David lives in his home country 1/2 the year and the other 6 months in the USA...David please buy bullet proof clothes and hire 2 body guards when you hit the Clubs..Yes, your loved bye millions...but too many Jealous Haters. A Bulletproof dress shirt would have been perfect last night in Dominic Republic .

    Douglas FoxDouglas FoxМесяц назад
    • Specially if you have an affair with a drug lord, "wife"

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
  • Dominican Rep is full of very devious people, I would be suspecting of anyone that is a beneficiary of a life insurance or other assets.

    angel marteangel marteМесяц назад
  • I feel ashamed by my country’s actions 😭 bruh quien hace eso? Coño?

    Aesthetic_ DudeAesthetic_ DudeМесяц назад
    • Your country is a toilet

      Cody FritzlerCody Fritzler29 дней назад
    • Damn. I only saw one person shoot him. I didn’t know everyone in the country shot him.

      xMACHOxMANxxMACHOxMANxМесяц назад
    • Aesthetic_ Dude no one person speaks for anybody's country. The US loves DR, and we love Big Papi!

      machengamachengaМесяц назад
  • For the handful of idiots complaining about the pronunciation, please shut the fuck up. She said it right. Idiots 🤦🏽‍♂️ On a more serious note. I wonder if he slept with someone’s wife/girlfriend?

    Carlos DiazCarlos DiazМесяц назад
  • Big papi come home Where you belong US Papi 💪

    Efrain VelazquezEfrain VelazquezМесяц назад
    • Actually, he is Dominican.

      mayelin carrascomayelin carrascoМесяц назад
    • We haven't owned blacks for 160 years stop being racist lol

      Lamont Cranston INC.Lamont Cranston INC.Месяц назад
  • Major organs?? It split his liver based on reports.

    Lucas BrayLucas BrayМесяц назад
    • That sound extremely painful...

      Sukeban HavenSukeban HavenМесяц назад
    • Liver and gull bladder are serious

      Seto Kaiba First of his name BottleSeto Kaiba First of his name BottleМесяц назад
  • Dummies in a can. why did he go over there.

    E VE VМесяц назад
    • It's his country he was there for that reason. Violence occurs everywhere or have you forgotten all the mass shootings in the united states.

      Julianne MaganJulianne MaganМесяц назад
    • E V his country

      G UpG UpМесяц назад
  • We love you big papi wish you the best

    Jenny JonesJenny JonesМесяц назад
  • Poor guy, I don’t like Red Sox or care about Boston! But big papi is a cool mofo! May god bless him and help him have a good recovery because this is a stupid thing to do to somebody not hurting anyone! Just chilling relaxing and life can end like that. Doesn’t matter if it’s the US or third world sh$thole DR! Whoever shot him will definitely get the electric chair there they don’t fuk around like America

    Jeff salvetoJeff salvetoМесяц назад
  • For dating a druglords girlfriend...smh. Watch out for females like these fellas!. And make sure her boyfriend is not a jealous one.

    deoriginalleftydeoriginalleftyМесяц назад
  • Satan gonna swallow that cocksucka David Ortiz,..like he swallowed Jose Fernandez,...RIP....it's only a matter of time.

    fedner simeonfedner simeonМесяц назад
    • hshsh jaka I think his mom was spurned by Ortiz

      Seto Kaiba First of his name BottleSeto Kaiba First of his name BottleМесяц назад
    • Can't stand jealous niggaz like you.

      fedner simeonfedner simeonМесяц назад
    • Look, about what i said, i didn't mean it boo..I'd like to tell you,..That love covers over all things babe,..Sooo..How are you?

      fedner simeonfedner simeonМесяц назад
    • I'm schizophrenic now. Ahahaha, lady u need to seek professional help..Cocksucka,..Whats wrong with you mam, you sound bi polar,._get help from God or someone who can help you, its obvious your demonic.

      fedner simeonfedner simeonМесяц назад
    • ​@fedner simeon go see a doctor, I think you're schizophrenic

      Landfill Of The LostLandfill Of The LostМесяц назад
  • Get better big man!

    jgrove111jgrove111Месяц назад
    • Get on a wheelchair big man.

      fedner simeonfedner simeonМесяц назад
  • Get the hell out of that messed up place Big Papi. Stay in America where there are no guns;).

    ylekiote99999ylekiote99999Месяц назад
    • Lmfao he said stay in America where there r no guns where u from I need to move there

      Adrian MontalvoAdrian MontalvoМесяц назад
    • U wish. There are guns and death everywhere in America. so shut up u cocksucka.

      fedner simeonfedner simeonМесяц назад
  • Umm, who is Big "BOPPY"???🤣

    Dynamite JonesDynamite JonesМесяц назад
    • Dynamite Jones clean your ears. She said it right

      Carlos DiazCarlos DiazМесяц назад

    Debora KirklandDebora KirklandМесяц назад
David Ortiz In Stable Condition Following Shooting