Brantley Gilbert - Man That Hung The Moon (Audio)

Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing Man That Hung The Moon (Audio). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC




  • Brother, becoming a parent is an adventure. I have a little boy and a baby girl. The first time they look at you and smile, and look at you with that pure love, it's a hammer to the heart.

    Amanda KohlerAmanda KohlerДень назад
  • Masterpiece 🙏

    th3 Bac0naterth3 Bac0naterДень назад
  • Today is the day my son will be born and this song perfect. Keep up the good work BG.

    Tommy Craver5150Tommy Craver51502 дня назад
  • Good job bro bg

    Taz BluntTaz Blunt2 дня назад
  • I think that Brantley Gilbert is amazing person I've never got to go to a concert but he would be one of my favorite one's,he's helped me me with his music than anything on a personal reasons thank u BG

    Barbara MorrisBarbara Morris4 дня назад
  • Beautiful song.

    Mamaof4rugratzMamaof4rugratz5 дней назад
  • This song makes me tear alittle even though I ain't a father figure to a kid anymore but I still worry and care for him and his mom even though shes married I miss them both and every time I seen him I teared and loved it and couldn't ever ask for any better little boy in my life

    Timothy RiddleTimothy Riddle6 дней назад
  • Wow this song .. Just gotta say WOW! 💖🙏💖🙏

    Desiree McConnell CrockettDesiree McConnell Crockett8 дней назад
  • Oh goodness i have no words to describe how i feel about this song but i have been a fan since shes my kinda crazy and gotta say this is on of my top 5 favorites from you BG, truly amazing. I love you.

    Marissa GreeneMarissa Greene9 дней назад
  • you've had some AMAZING videos come out before. This song is a tear jerker for sure and I'm really hoping you got a video in plan for this song as well.

    Zvonimir "Chekov" BracikaZvonimir "Chekov" Bracika9 дней назад
  • 👍👍

    Radoslav VlahovRadoslav Vlahov9 дней назад
  • Tears men thanks fore everiting 😪

    Jefta DijkstraJefta Dijkstra10 дней назад
  • Gd

    Carrie HigginsCarrie Higgins10 дней назад
  • cant wait to see you in jacksonville had a great time on bg cruise last oct what a blast i will never forget thanks

    Margaret HoltMargaret Holt11 дней назад
  • could have not wrote a better song for your son thats why you are the best singer and songwriter love your music brantley

    Margaret HoltMargaret Holt11 дней назад
  • 😫bg done did it again

    Zane PowellZane Powell11 дней назад
  • Who else thinks Brantley is the most amazing song writer 🙏🏻

    Dmax lb7Dmax lb712 дней назад
  • Great song! It’s been awhile

    Zeph ·Zeph ·12 дней назад
  • This song gives me chills all over my body! This is the most touching an awesome song ever!

    Beth LukeBeth Luke12 дней назад
  • It takes a lot more then i care to admit to make me cry but when i first saw the ultrasound pic of my son tears fell from my eyes

    MattMatt13 дней назад
  • Another Holiday without my kids that for each and everyone that gives me my freedom THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

    Randy JobsonRandy Jobson13 дней назад
  • your voice is amazing brantley

    Sharon EldridgeSharon Eldridge14 дней назад
  • Heck ya my kind of country

    NevaehandRonaldNevaehandRonald15 дней назад
  • One of the best damn songs I have ever heard really touched my heart strings

    Todd AaronTodd Aaron16 дней назад
  • Please make a music video for this song!!

    Luke CritneyLuke Critney16 дней назад
  • It made me cry I love you 😘😍😻BG

    Autumn ApplegateAutumn Applegate16 дней назад
  • I'm listening to this in two in the morning and this really hit me hard

    Crystal TerryCrystal Terry17 дней назад
  • Man I love my father and everything he does he is a damn good father and man

    Jennifer CamposJennifer Campos17 дней назад
  • Brantley Gilbert reminds me of my dad. My dad might be in a better place but I can still remember that the last words he said to me was "I love you son. " R.I.P Dad.

    Koda WhiteKoda White17 дней назад
    • My grandma's last words to me were "I love you" i miss her so much

      Official Jordan SolomonOfficial Jordan Solomon14 дней назад
  • Our son Brantley is due October 12th and I thought it was so weird that the day before we found out the gender I got a notification on fb saying you will be here in GA on October 10th!! I thought well that would be insane if this baby is a boy!! How crazy would it be if October 10th was his birthday (My husbands is October 14th)!!! We saw you in concert back in August 2014 in Colorado after my husband came back from deployment in Afghanistan!! Love your music!

    Nutter Party of 5Nutter Party of 517 дней назад
  • Beautiful song

    Seth WisemanSeth Wiseman17 дней назад
  • Damn it this hits me like a Mack Truck my friend love you brother thanks for this

    Randy JobsonRandy Jobson17 дней назад
  • It touches my heart. Thanks BG

    Kathy BousmanKathy Bousman18 дней назад
  • Damn this one got me

    Jason LeeJason Lee18 дней назад
  • Happy late Father's Day Brantley Gilbert

    Charles RoseCharles Rose18 дней назад
  • L0V3

    Rosslyn FisherRosslyn Fisher18 дней назад
  • brantley makes me cry becuz my couisen died at the age of 26 i loved him and i know he loves me to my aunt and uncl loved him derrick i love you (; l miss you you died at the age i was 8 and im still 8 right now ); i miss you derrick ilove rest in pease L0VE

    Rosslyn FisherRosslyn Fisher18 дней назад
  • Love this song because I lost my 2year old and my wife in 2014 in a car accident this song brought tears to my eyes and brought memories back

    Christian McKnightChristian McKnight19 дней назад
  • From a vet who listened to you in Iraq and helped me find the Lord, thanks BG

    Mark ElmoreMark Elmore19 дней назад

      Janson GanderJanson Gander5 дней назад
    • @Shaine Kimball gghgdjdcfdfug

      Carrie HigginsCarrie Higgins10 дней назад
    • Glad you found your way brother. BG is definitely one of the best country artists out today who isn’t afraid to show he love the Lord. Glad he could be that guiding light to you. He’s helped me through some difficult times too.

      Shaine KimballShaine Kimball17 дней назад
  • This song is beautifully amazing!

    kathrine knightkathrine knight19 дней назад
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Sisters fun timezSisters fun timez19 дней назад
  • I never got to spend time with My father, but I would understand what he would be like. Love you Daddy, I miss you

    Suzie QSuzie Q19 дней назад
    • i lost my cuson he was a gerat person like your dad was god bless you suzie

      Rosslyn FisherRosslyn Fisher18 дней назад
  • Love how u brought the baby laugh in the end great song.God Bless

    Bruce UyvariBruce Uyvari19 дней назад
  • 😭😭😭

    Nicole LynneNicole Lynne19 дней назад
  • 💜love this song

    Nicole LynneNicole Lynne19 дней назад
  • Well, I'm moving out of my parents' house tomorrow. You've successfully made my dad cry 4 times in a row.

    Brayden RitchieBrayden Ritchie20 дней назад
    • thank you!

      Brayden RitchieBrayden Ritchie19 дней назад
    • Aww, tell your dad that my mom has always said "they grow up, move out, but never stop needing their parents." I'm 38, a College Professor, and have 3 of my own babies. I still go ask my mom for advice. If my dad were still alive, I would go to him too. Good luck Brayden on your future on your own. Remember you will always have your parents to turn to. Now go have fun and succeed!

      Jennifer Lowenthal-HersheyJennifer Lowenthal-Hershey20 дней назад
  • My Dad and I both cried. Perfect Father's Day song.

    seanjake87seanjake8720 дней назад
  • U are the best country singer Brantley Gilbert

    Garrett kiddGarrett kidd20 дней назад
  • BG your lyrical prowess is unequivocally unparalleled .........

    Robert OnditiRobert Onditi20 дней назад
  • Brantley Gilbert's songs are addicting because they are all greater than great

    James MonkJames Monk20 дней назад
  • I'm 6 weeks away from meeting my baby girl, this song really hit me I cried. I love it. I've been very emotional lately. Lol

    Tristen BrownTristen Brown21 день назад
    • @Tristen Brown that is awesome!!! Sadly we were not able to do that but it worked out just fine. We took our son every month for the first year of his life and along with all the pictures that we took ourselves, I wish every day that we had a lot more.

      Amy MostellerAmy Mosteller20 дней назад
    • @Amy Mosteller between me and her momma, mostly get momma we will have plenty of pictures. She's a stay at home wife and mom, which means I'm working to provide but I wouldn't have it any other way.

      Tristen BrownTristen Brown20 дней назад
    • My son will be 17 in July and I cried like a baby listening to it. My best advice to you and Brantley is take pictures and more pictures and when you think you have taken too many too lots more and videos!!! They grow so fast!!! CONGRATULATIONS

      Amy MostellerAmy Mosteller20 дней назад
  • My grandfather raised me from the time I was born my grandmother died when I was 11 and he did it on his own for 9 years a week ago we put him on hospice I have always thought of him as super man and now he’s at home peacefully passing with my aunt and I taking care of him and he needs me more now then I need him and any day now god will be calling him home this song couldn’t have come out at a better time 💕

    stephanie Hormanstephanie Horman21 день назад
  • This song really hit home to me,lost my dad and this made me think of all the great memories we had. Thanks b for making true music that really hits home . Had me tearing up brother

    David BurnsDavid Burns21 день назад
  • Another dam great song bg. BG nation for life keep it up.

    Cody HowerCody Hower22 дня назад
  • Can you ever perform in Texas

    Justin PaulJustin Paul22 дня назад
  • Modern day prodigal son vibes!!!!!

    Jackson walkerJackson walker22 дня назад
    • Exactly

      Tristen BrownTristen Brown21 день назад
  • Dang it BG! Don’t need to be listening to this at work; people look at you funny when your eyes are leaking for no visible reason. Beautiful song!

    Sharon BeaufordSharon Beauford22 дня назад
  • I heard the first 30 seconds and got a big ass smile

    BAR Chaosmaster339BAR Chaosmaster33922 дня назад
  • Sounds like older Brantley and I love it!

    andi lavandi lav23 дня назад
  • 164 idiots disliked this song for some reason.

    lance nicholslance nichols23 дня назад
    • Craziness, isn't it? BG can't do a bad song, period, but to somehow dislike pure, raw, fatherly love sung with that voice BG has is just wrong....

      Victoria BallingerVictoria Ballinger20 дней назад
  • lol

    TinaTina23 дня назад
  • Georgia home grown

    Writefromthecuff CuffWritefromthecuff Cuff23 дня назад
  • Man does not make a bad song. That voice

    Calina VandermoereCalina Vandermoere23 дня назад
  • Sounds to me like another #1.

    thomas wisethomas wise24 дня назад
  • I’m not crying. You’re crying 😭😭😭

    Rysten HoltRysten Holt24 дня назад
  • His voice 😍 You put tears in my eyes! Beautiful song

    Cynthia Marie WileyCynthia Marie Wiley24 дня назад
  • I'm so feeling this one. High rotation on my station next week.

    Jamie RoweJamie Rowe24 дня назад
  • Muito boa música fera

    Isaac SouzaIsaac Souza24 дня назад
  • I was born without a dad in my life. I also grew up without one. Now I have two beautiful daughters and one beautiful son. Everything you said in this song Brantley is how I feel to the core about all three of my little ones. I can't listen to this without breaking down. All I hope for is that I can be the father that I wish I had growing up. Thank you for this song and lifting up everyday for me!

    Trenton McQueenTrenton McQueen24 дня назад
  • Damn. Just Damn. Totally not crying.😭😭😭

    eTHAN bATSONeTHAN bATSON25 дней назад
Brantley Gilbert - Man That Hung The Moon (Audio)