Bill Gates Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on All the Normies

Bill Gates dabs red pills on the normies and exposes the mainstream media.
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  • WRONG! 68% of people die from offensive comments and memes posted to the internet and social media. 🦄 REEEEEEE

    skunk12skunk12Месяц назад
    • >doesn't use the number 69.

      Debbie ThaManDebbie ThaMan9 дней назад
    • @skunk12 damn you just keep spitting straight fire haha. ..... :(

      givmespacegivmespace19 дней назад
    • @skunk12 haha! my last comment in life was a typo. that is so tragic and embarrassing! haha

      givmespacegivmespace20 дней назад
    • @givmespace oh yeah? Your comment was a real stinker. 😷🤢🤮

      skunk12skunk1220 дней назад
  • "We need to tax more White men, Tyrone won't pay for my kids. I burned the coal, just to try it. Sell Jewish lies, I'll buy it. It feels so wrong, my kids aren't White, I trashed my gene pool out of spite." 🤣🤣🤣

    NightNightДень назад
  • Hans Rosling managed to get a lot more truth in his talks than most of the idiots at TED events.

    William ChamberlainWilliam ChamberlainДень назад
  • First time I disagree with you. Die from desease is "natural". Homicide and terrorism isn't natural way to die. I think you miss the point this time. I completly agree that the media are pure shite but you have a lot of ways to show that they are scum.

    Mário BotelhoMário Botelho3 дня назад
  • Would be fun to see Elon drawn as an anime girl xD

    Kayana KoeKayana Koe3 дня назад
  • the media cant cover the dangers of heart disease because it hurts their stupid body positive narrative.

    godAlseifgodAlseif6 дней назад
  • Why are you talking about fight club?

    Michael WarnerMichael Warner6 дней назад
  • Is that the annoucement of the X Box69

    Irish Army BallIrish Army Ball7 дней назад
  • fearmongering /ˈfɪəmʌŋɡərɪŋ/ noun the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.

    DjhinxDjhinx7 дней назад
  • Heart disease is caused by being a fat fuck. People don't want to look at themselves as fat fucks who might die of a terminal case of fat fuck. Therefor, people ignore their own fat fuckkedness.

    VolvirthVolvirth7 дней назад
  • Not sure how this is a MASSIVE red pill being dropped on ALL the normies

    Sumaluma DummaSumaluma Dumma7 дней назад
  • Things that are common, people are used to. It's not "news", it's a daily event. Meanwhile, the odd, the out-of-the-ordinary, are interesting and unusual, getting much more attention than common things. Hence, the media exploit them for ratings and (therefore) money. Fear and anger get the most attention, and so, the odd things that spark such emotions (particularly homicide and terrorism) become extremely over-represented. That's the mundane alone, not even touching the propaganda uses of these things.

    Donovan PikoDonovan Piko8 дней назад
  • I live in Eastern Europe, and where I live, many people including myself are Russian, and because of that I can see how Russian media works. At the same time, I have many close friends from around the world, many of which are from US. Because of this, I can see the difference of the media coverage and reality, and you know what, it does not matter, they manipulate data a lot. They may not directly lie to you, although that happens sometimes, they definitely manipulate data to give wrong impression. My favorite example would be gays, and what people think of LGBT members. Russian media makes it seem like every American is gay, and everyone fine with it, when in reality there are many homophobic people that can't stand gay people. On the other hand, it larger western cities of Russia, people are fine with gays too. That's why you shouldn't ever read news articles unless you really really need this information, even from independent media. News is just a weird form of entertainment, and shouldn't be taken seriously.

    Daniel HikkamoriiDaniel Hikkamorii8 дней назад
  • 3rd leading cause of death MEDICAL errors. Google it

    Matty GilMatty Gil9 дней назад
  • I like certain drugs. Even the more powerful ones like LSD, I've only ever taken it once but when I did I actually enjoyed it. With that said though.. I'm entirely in control of my finance right now, my bills end up paid at the end of the month so the way I see it.. as long as I contribute to society through taxes and as long as I don't hurt people with my choices I don't see why I can't lay on my couch at 11 AM stoned as fuck off weed. Opiods I totally understand... they really are destructive. I suppose it's all up to the individuals willpower to control the drugs, rather than letting them control you.

    Debbie ThaManDebbie ThaMan9 дней назад
    • Yeah but most people can't control themselves.

      468er/ PeaShooter468er/ PeaShooter8 дней назад
  • Ohhhh... apparently I'm purple pilled. Good to know! Thank you. I enjoyed this video lol

    LambentLight00LambentLight009 дней назад
  • But at the same time dying from cancer is a natural thing in your DNA and stroke is a natural thing from your body breaking down But homicide and terrorism is human made so the media is kind of reporting on the right stuff because otherwise there just reporting on people dying normally

    The hen-henThe hen-hen9 дней назад
  • I dont care if its illegal to do this but if youtube gets banned im going to do exactly what you do here

    Potato chik nugPotato chik nug10 дней назад
  • Wow.

    MoonmanMoonman10 дней назад
    • Wooow.

      Kathi K.Kathi K.9 дней назад
  • Alright bois let's crank up that drug overdose percentage, who's with me!

    Frosty PixelsFrosty Pixels10 дней назад
  • The media will die with the rest of the baby boomers (no hate on the baby boomers).

    DurexDurpaneu2DurexDurpaneu210 дней назад
  • I get what he says (pushing narratives) but I would still want media to report on terrorism and homicide much more than the actual number of deaths they cause, since you know, its a violent end, not in the same cathegory as diseases and accidents, at least in my book, theres only so much you can say on those topics and not repeat yourself over and over.

    Zdeněk KročaZdeněk Kroča10 дней назад
  • Youre saying that the reality and coverage should be the same? Thats overlooking some really big reasons why thats bot how we should determine what to cover. Sure terrorism and homicide cells but they are also more news worth events. For example what would be more important for the avg american to see after 9/11. Should we have covered about cancer and heart disease which isnt news or things that are new (unless you want them to cover obscure new studies every day) or cover the massive terrorist attack that just happened? The point of my argument is that to say we should just cover what is actually happen 1:1 is overlooking some really big issues

    lseullseul11 дней назад
  • Essentially the media is after whatever gets views, but not at the expense of the agenda/bias they wish to push; if they can do both with one type of theme (Trump Drama) then that's what they'll do.

    Joe SomebodyJoe Somebody11 дней назад
  • Maybe the extra 10% who googled suicide got help and decided not to go through with it. 🌈

    [sic][sic]12 дней назад
  • meh terrorism and homicide are moral crimes and thus more important news

    neognosis kekneognosis kek12 дней назад
  • You kinda forgot to add the fact that literally nothing happens in the field of heart diseases for 99% of the time, same with cancer. The media can't just loop the statistics, they make money from views and honestly who will watch the news if 30% of their reports will be "ya nothing new but 1/3 people will die from hear disease. It's not a "red pill", it's propaganda. (Not that I justify the media coverage for homicide and terrorism morally, just economically)

    Niv varNiv var12 дней назад
    • They also don't lie about anything, they don't say "this is the leading cause to death" they don't say "heart attack is not a threat".

      Niv varNiv var12 дней назад
  • -Suicide- *_Self Deceasism_*

    KvATKvAT13 дней назад
  • Honestly I don't see this as a red pill, I just see it as proof that the main stream media lies, which even normies know

    Raiden the cyborgRaiden the cyborg14 дней назад
  • I understand the narrative of over-reporting homicide, overreach and protectionism can be stemming from that. But I’m not sure about the terrorism. What do they have to gain from over-reporting terrorism? Aren’t they very pro-open borders, pro-immigration (including illegal), pro-melting pot?

    Gentleman WarfighterGentleman Warfighter14 дней назад
  • Redpilled? I didn't hear you call out jews or israel or zionism one time. You're sucking the dick of technocrat bill gates. Fuck off will you ya middle of the road pussy you are the biggest normie. You're ok with calling out muslims why not jews? That is more programming you are still following. Just like caring what Bill Gates says and actually using twitter and other internet ghettoes they make like youtube.

    KaschKasch14 дней назад
    • And *you* don't follow a program? You're not the fucking messiah, neither is he, so stop acting like you got all the shit figured out. I haven't seen a single jew bombing himself nor leading political parties against freedom in my country, but I've seen the exact opposite for Muslims so I can see exactly why he'd focus on them instead. If you saw the same for Jews then that's fine too but, again, you're not a fucking godsend and not everyone is gonna think the way you think

      Illegal Memes DealerIllegal Memes Dealer12 дней назад
  • I don't see though how cause of death should be the standard for volume of news. I'd rather that people go to doctors than the media for knowledge on heart disease.

    blightmoonblightmoon15 дней назад
  • Bill Gates and Elon Musk are undoubtedly responsible for dropping a lot of red pills. There's no way the media is going to go easy on them for speaking the truth.

    ViskaDrakeViskaDrake15 дней назад
  • Okay when you said "lie to people" I swear to god you sound just like Barry bee Benson when he exclaims "this is stealing! A lot of stealing!" 4:40

    mason kahlmason kahl16 дней назад
  • This is the US. People googling terrorism aren't looking up just US terrorism, they are looking up terrorism worldwide so they have a barometer on when it'll hit out shores more significantly. Look at London for reasons why.

    Democrats are cuntsDemocrats are cunts16 дней назад
  • Bill Gates poisons starving africans with tainted vaccines, he also feeds them GMO rice also poisoning them.. the bloke is a sociopath and a murderer

    John WheelerJohn Wheeler17 дней назад
  • "dying on a hospital bead is different than getting bombed" Ah, I wasn't aware that you go somewhere else depending on how you die... "Hey man, is this the line for 'cut off my ballsack and bled to death?'" "Nah dude, this is the 'pierced lung with own rib as I tried to suck myself.'"

    join the IRA or the ATF will shoot your dogjoin the IRA or the ATF will shoot your dog17 дней назад
  • I believe why things like heart disease and stroke are searched less is because most people don't know they have/had them, they're much harder to detect in alot of cases until they take hold. While things like cancer is much more proactive in many cases and you start feeling the effects of the cancer in earlier stages.

    Sword CoheirSword Coheir17 дней назад
  • Terrorism sells

    Jay VansJay Vans18 дней назад
  • Bill Gates, the younger Henry Kissinger

    loli mokaloli moka19 дней назад
  • I think its because homicide and terrorism are the most "Clibait" news like "Person killing 3 people with a grenade" will get way more clicks and views than "Eleven people died of cancer today, like every week" (or something like that you get the point)

    ndstrsndstrs20 дней назад
  • ez brainwash boiz

    natedoggbruhnatedoggbruh20 дней назад
  • Main cause of death: wm1

    xMakarovxMakarov21 день назад
  • RUvision hates the truth so much that they took away your ads

    DeathDeath21 день назад
  • They focus on homicide and terrorism because they're more sensational.

    Fuck You And Your IdeologyFuck You And Your Ideology21 день назад
  • I don't know if it was covered in the video, but it probably isn't lying because if heart diseases are a large cause of death then obviously news pages wouldn't cover it because it's common. Cancer can make people emotional and stuff so they end up covering it more and same with terrorism

    njdotsonnjdotson21 день назад
  • I think they report the unique happenings more because it's more intresting BECAUSE it's unique. Or what you are saying is alot more true.

    PenguinFromTheNorthPolePenguinFromTheNorthPole21 день назад
  • I read Hans Rosling's work and I must say his statistics are very interesting.

    Andy RAndy R22 дня назад
  • Norm MacDonald has known this for a long time. Just look up his Heart Attack bit.

    Lucas SolomonLucas Solomon22 дня назад
  • tHis iS nTo True eveRYonE KNows ThaT The #1 cAusE OF deATh FOr kiDS is getTinG KilLed in SChoOl shOotINgs

    LmomjianLmomjian22 дня назад
  • Ya look at heart disease but u fucks still shit on vegans

    mescalin ipomoeamescalin ipomoea22 дня назад
  • I love your style, please don't change anything.

    QuizPubUKQuizPubUK23 дня назад
  • Yeah, interesting deaths get more clicks, lots of people die. Not every death is notable

    ⃠23 дня назад
  • Google searches should be taken out of the equation entirely. Cancer is more common than heart disease even if it's less fatal, etc.

    BlurnsBlurns23 дня назад
  • When you are blue checkmark but your reputation alone demolishes the narrative.

    MontblancMontblanc23 дня назад
  • So the media talks 68% of the time about terrorism, homocide, and suicide while these three only are only causes of about 2.8% of deaths.

    Jeffrey JohnsonJeffrey Johnson23 дня назад
  • >Hey Josh, I think we should report more on people dying in their couches because THAT'S WHAT'S HOT, MAN; we could post one (1) article highlighting the principal causes of death but come onn it would be one time and according to this wacky graph by Bill Gates, that's _the_ shit, man! Nobody cares about recognizing people who commit murders or where or when out of safety or out of knowing whether their relatives were killed, and so other concerns because come on, it's less than 1% of actual deaths- as if never happened, mind you! Aren't you the one [sic] briiingiingg you theob viousssss

    Eligio BuddeEligio Budde23 дня назад
  • Medical malpractice is #1 in the US.

    Nunya busynessNunya busyness23 дня назад
  • so people are wrong because they don't google leading causes of death but rather things that would interest them more (terrorism, suicide, cancer)? the data on this graph can also be misleading as there are multiple large causes of death not mentioned (i.e abortion) and doesn't define how they use terrorism. whether they mean specific types of terrorism such as domestic terrorism, criminal terrorism, or just terror in general.

    julyjuly24 дня назад
  • yeah i really dont think that this is an actual "red pill" moment. The fact of the matter is that terrorism and murderers make stories. And most everything else...not really. Oh yeah some rando died of heart failure. Yes the media sucks and reports news way out of proportion, and just outright lying most of the time, but i do not believe this to be a good example of that.

    Branden HallBranden Hall24 дня назад
  • At this point I wouldn't even say that the difference between how the things actually are and what the media cover is "intended", it's just the natural result of msm. The news industry is and always was a business, you are SELLING news to people, thus you need to cover the interesting, fascinating and gruesome things that occur more than the other ones in order to have a successful business. Terrorism sells better than heart diseases, because the first one presents an enemy far away, the second one could imply that you need to change your life to a more healthy diet, which makes many people uncomfortable. It lies in the psychology of the masses.

    United Temple of the Black SunUnited Temple of the Black Sun24 дня назад

    DZurVDZurV24 дня назад
  • Red pills are delicious but hard to swallow. Takes some time but you’ll get used to it. Blue pills are fast to swallow and still delicious; but has a fake sweetener people can’t get out of

    Sauce M’geeserSauce M’geeser24 дня назад
  • Cuando la palabra normie deja los sitios originales de donde venia se perdió la gracia, normies diciéndole normies a otros normies, deberían cerrar todos los chanes, están corrompidos.

    Francisco GamboaFrancisco Gamboa24 дня назад
  • So almost 1% of Americans will end up being murdered, isn't that quite high?

    Darth SawlexDarth Sawlex24 дня назад
  • This is why i only watch the onion.

    some ordinary guy who likes bashing Christianssome ordinary guy who likes bashing Christians24 дня назад
  • Lies ≠ news tactics There two different things, it would just make your point much more clear to use the proper words Also programming is "natural" "Human Programming" is based off of conditions So no matter what, the media will program us because the media and the news has some changes in our conditions Same way a NN is effected by litterally anything, it takes in everything to make an outcome So does the mind

    Greggory AdmnGreggory Admn24 дня назад
    • Honestly the human mind is amazing, programming the mind is so interesting to watch To see how we react in different situations

      Greggory AdmnGreggory Admn24 дня назад
    • For example, If the media talks about how convertivates and homophobic people correlate or something (fyi I'm not saying anything about it being true) I would have a higher tension with my family, as they are conservative Because we are a NN, we take in everything and adapt to changes

      Greggory AdmnGreggory Admn24 дня назад
  • Didn't know Hans Rosling died, though idk how I would've heard that.

    Goose BearGoose Bear24 дня назад
  • "In case of Terror people are killed by others. Those killed are innocent." People who die of heart disease are also innocent.

    Ian BunchIan Bunch24 дня назад
  • Can anyone comment on why he censors words like suicide?

    J JJ J24 дня назад
Bill Gates Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on All the Normies