Ashley O - On a Roll | Official Music Video

Watch the official music video for 'On A Roll', the latest single from best-selling artist Ashley O (played by Miley Cyrus)!
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  • Help me finish the lyrics 👇 Oh honey, I’ll do anything for you

    NetflixNetflixМесяц назад
    • I think it was supposed to do a chain lyrics thing...

      H.C.J.H.C.J.22 дня назад
    • Oh honey, I'll do anything for you, Oh honey, not before I do anything for me..

      orlee blureorlee blure29 дней назад
    • just tell me what you want me to do

      Emma LouiseEmma Louise29 дней назад
    • I'm gonna get what I deserve 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

      Lynne FreemanLynne FreemanМесяц назад
    • 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🙌👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😍😍😍😍😍

      Lynne FreemanLynne FreemanМесяц назад
  • This is surprisingly have kpop vibes

    f. rahmadanif. rahmadani8 часов назад
  • Petition to make Ashley O Miley Cyrus’ permanent persona

    Jack The DeerJack The Deer8 часов назад
  • I've seen this like 15 times today. It's so much better knowing Trent approves.

    bobwinslowbobwinslow10 часов назад
  • ❤️ Miley Cyrus Anything U Do Is Poppin

    Christopher DelgadoChristopher Delgado12 часов назад
  • 2006: people wishing Hannah Montana really exist 2019: people wishing Ashley O exists Miley Cyurs: Am I joke to you?

    Jenny Jen OfficialJenny Jen Official12 часов назад
  • What the fuck is happening to music, this shit has to stop.

    HalloweenvilleHalloweenville13 часов назад
  • Mothers daughter bonus track

    Elias VasilescuElias Vasilescu13 часов назад
  • song sounds a lot like had like a hole - nine inch nails

    zzombiekilla246zzombiekilla24614 часов назад
  • I love🌹🌹🌹

    Alvin Garcia RodriguezAlvin Garcia Rodriguez14 часов назад
  • Música chiclete detectada! Viciado 🤪

    Cardoso FilhoCardoso Filho15 часов назад
  • Not even lying best song of 2019.

    ArisAris15 часов назад
  • Total bop

    Justine KnollJustine Knoll16 часов назад
  • Love how the video starts cracking ;p

    Stefan BrockelbankStefan Brockelbank17 часов назад
  • Alguien que me explique que tiene que ver esto con Netflix??😂

    Frida AzuaraFrida Azuara18 часов назад
    • Es un personaje de Netflix

      yourboycaesaryourboycaesar15 часов назад
  • I really thought she was saying hey im a hoe, and i was singing hey im a hoe

    AngeloAngelo18 часов назад
  • ''Hey, yeah, whoa-ho'' Honestly when i saw the lyrics i got so confused lmao i also thought it was ''Hey i'm a hoe'' but both lyrics got me confused xD

    VelocityVelocity18 часов назад
  • aye its ya boi ,this song fire but please give me an opportunity to promote my channel , music and videos, I'm trying to make a small lane in this game , give me a chance please , i would love a like , positive comment , share and a subscribe we here man lets rock peace and blessings , ~ clutch handla

    Clutch handlaClutch handla18 часов назад
  • lele gatinlele gatin19 часов назад
  • Flips off the camera at 2:09 👏🏻

    Brook RutzBrook Rutz19 часов назад
  • i wondered why ashley o looked like miley cyrus until my dumb ass realised she is miley cyrus x-x

    a b b i ea b b i e19 часов назад
  • Did she just say “oh hey I’m a hoe?” If so, same.

    Veronica LodgeVeronica Lodge20 часов назад
  • Anybody else gonna say how good Miley’s body looks?😩

    Maria PerezMaria Perez20 часов назад
  • QUEEN of pop

    Guillermo DiazGuillermo Diaz20 часов назад
  • That outfit and curves gets my cock hard for sure..

    2012XF32012XF320 часов назад
  • 13 years after Hannah Montana started and Miley is still wearing a wig lol 😁😁😁

    LoveThe JonasBrothersLoveThe JonasBrothers21 час назад
  • HEY, I'M A HOE

    Champagne SupernovaChampagne Supernova21 час назад
  • I also heard "Hey I'm a hoeee"

    BaeekBaeek22 часа назад
  • for the longest time i thought it said "hey I'm a hoe" and now i feel stupid singing that all the time

    Shreya KumarShreya Kumar22 часа назад
  • Pauze at 2:09

    Lauretta De VosLauretta De Vos22 часа назад
  • I was like ,"Ashley O looks like miley Cyrus ! No shit Sherlock !"

    Liha QueenerdLiha Queenerd23 часа назад
  • 0:39 She does not say, “Hey, I’m a Hoe.” She says, “Hey Yeah, Woah-Ho.” Turn on the captions.

    Ethan VoEthan Vo23 часа назад
  • Me: I don’t listen to pop trash, I listen to real music.

    Ethan VoEthan Vo23 часа назад
  • This episode of black mirror or Hannah Montana? 😂

    José PiresJosé PiresДень назад

    Effy_MusicEffy_MusicДень назад
  • Just thought I'd say that this is a cover, the original song is called 'Head like A Hole' by Nine Inch Nails

    Elli KimElli KimДень назад
  • Nadie habla español... ME SIENTO EXCLUIDA >:"U

    #Fans2TiposAudacesxdd :3#Fans2TiposAudacesxdd :3День назад

    ilovecorn97ilovecorn97День назад
  • the end of this video is everything bye

    reneandurayreneandurayДень назад
  • Omigosh, I’m such a huge fan!

    Andrzej JAndrzej JДень назад
  • It reminds me a bit of Ariana’s Problem

    Salomea DzwonekSalomea DzwonekДень назад
  • Can't get enough of this😍

    Rich CurlRich CurlДень назад

    Fernando GarridoFernando GarridoДень назад
  • TikTok famous, lmao

    D. LarimoreD. LarimoreДень назад
  • I loved how this song turned into head like a hole, i kept feeling like i knew the song from somewhere.

    DamonJagerDamonJagerДень назад
  • La 5ta temporada es una mierda

    Manuel FariasManuel FariasДень назад
  • Decepción

    Manuel FariasManuel FariasДень назад
  • Horrible

    Manuel FariasManuel FariasДень назад
  • Dear netflix: i wish the vr u guts thought of was real if it was i would actully buy it

    Cody SmithCody SmithДень назад
  • Can we buy Ashley too?

    Lil XanaxLil XanaxДень назад
  • Wow

    JWKame WangJWKame WangДень назад
  • Adult hannah Montana vibes

    heather nicoleheather nicoleДень назад
  • is Hannah Montana was an MTV show instead of disney

    AllegraAllegraДень назад

    坏人;;Xyán.ツ坏人;;Xyán.ツДень назад
  • Почему она выглядит и поет как Майли Сайрус? 😊

    MelonMelonДень назад
  • Nobody: My brain: “Hey I’m a hoeee!”

    Jeraldy CosmeJeraldy CosmeДень назад
  • Black mirror

    الماتري ALMATREالماتري ALMATREДень назад
  • Miley Cyrus...?

    RnH x WarpathRnH x WarpathДень назад
  • Just realized that she sing Hey, yeah, whoa-ho and not Hey I am a hoe...

    Lisa-Maria BretzLisa-Maria BretzДень назад
  • Your Miley now Ashley O

    curlyhead momocurlyhead momoДень назад
  • Ashley sleep

    uy uyuy uyДень назад
  • I weirdly like this song fucking black mirror

    Kayla AndersonKayla AndersonДень назад
  • Hey I'm a Hoe

    Jeff Dinis RosaJeff Dinis RosaДень назад
  • Ever since I watched this last night it’s been stuck in my head

    Gracie !Gracie !День назад
  • 00:08 - 00:12 nobdody : winnie the pooh :

    yxng xviyxng xviДень назад
  • I found my 2019 Halloween costume

    Kiersten AndersonKiersten AndersonДень назад
  • To hear a pop version of a NIN song is weird to me 😂

    devin guerrerodevin guerreroДень назад
  • isn't that miley cyrus

    kehinde oyelekekehinde oyelekeДень назад
    • Yes

      FreeSpiritFreeSpiritДень назад
  • I love it ❤️👌🏻

    Gad ItGad ItДень назад
  • Miley looks so healthy now

    Guinea GamerGuinea GamerДень назад
Ashley O - On a Roll | Official Music Video