50+ NEW iPadOS 13 features / changes for iPad!

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This iPadOS walkthrough mainly covers features that I didn't cover in our previous iOS 13 200 feature special. If you don't see a prominent feature in this video, it's probably because I already covered it in the prior video. Be sure to watch that video (ruvision.net/detail/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-vDiQsI18Zk4.html) for the full scope of what's new!
200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone!
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  • If you haven't already watched our iOS 13 200+ features video, I recommend you do so before watching this. I tried to avoid overlap in this video, and stay focused on iPad-centric features as much as possible. What do you think about iPadOS 13? Is it a good new start for the iPad?

    9to5Mac9to5MacМесяц назад
    • The public beta is out now to download it

      [YaBoiWaterz][YaBoiWaterz]6 дней назад
    • Edward Skywalker Easily just custom schedule 1 hr dark time when you don’t use it and 23 hrs light mode.

      JaneroJanero23 дня назад
    • Hi i had a question can u check with your one plus 7 pro or s10 + if u connect it to your ipad pro running ipad OS, with a USB C TO USB C does it allow you to transfer files ?

      Bhairav PandeyBhairav Pandey28 дней назад
    • Love it

      Daniel TojcicDaniel TojcicМесяц назад
    • Omg, I’m a big fan of Utada Hikaru.... I saw that heart station album cover 😍😍

      Adhi SuryanaAdhi SuryanaМесяц назад

    VurbbVurbb4 часа назад
  • Strip for dock looks ugly.

    jhon mathewjhon mathew12 часов назад
  • I hope ipados provide terminal with full feature like mac os terminal or at least for the iPad Pro an IDE is provided for javascript programming or something like that

    BRTGZ NoobBRTGZ Noob19 часов назад
  • Well done! This was a fantastic video. I'm sold.

    Ibdman2000Ibdman2000День назад
  • Biggest update ever I guess for iPad

    Denis SulovicDenis SulovicДень назад
  • 14:55 u can also pinch zoom it out to a fully keyboard and vice versa

    Eedo 123Eedo 1233 дня назад
  • Is this the 11" or 12.9" iPad Pro?

    Ava JaxsonAva Jaxson3 дня назад
  • Not much is ever said about Airplay 2. I have a friend with a 2018 Samsung tv and he can project his iPad on to it, using Airplay 2, just as if he was using an Apple TV. He goes into ‘Screen Mirroring’ where his tv model is showing, selects it, and away he goes. Why is this not general knowledge?

    earlbaronearlbaron4 дня назад
  • Guys,help me out with advice. I'm looking to update soon. I'm gonna buy Macbook pro and probably note 10+(when it gets released). Also, I was thinking of buying iPad pro but it is worth it when I have note 10+ or maybe should I buy iPhone to get into the ecosystem? Comparing note 9 s-pen features vs apple pencil, which one is better?

    Ruslan NovikovRuslan Novikov4 дня назад
  • The first 16 seconds I thought I was going to have a grand mal seizure.

    Maria Dolores PowerMaria Dolores Power4 дня назад
  • *cries* OMG. Finally. Finally. Finally. My iPad will feel like a true pro device and a true laptop replacement. I’ve had all three “generations” of the 12.9 iPad Pro, and though I use it full time, it still never felt like a complete replacement for my old laptop. These new additions really take it there, especially the mouse support, full drive support, and safari changes. Loving it! May just try the beta version instead of waiting for the release.

    Umohowet YelayuUmohowet Yelayu4 дня назад
  • I'd buy your masterpiece art

    Sumit KumarSumit Kumar4 дня назад
  • Jesus - a course could be taught on this.

    Paul TrotterPaul Trotter4 дня назад
  • Great . thanks

    me rahme rah5 дней назад
  • Is it possible to access my ssd with my iPad v6 with iPad os 13?

    Snake HoundSnake Hound6 дней назад
  • Question, this is going to make most of you cringe but I am not an iOS user. I bought an iPad Air 2 for the sole purpose of music production. I am also legally blind, so making the icons smaller and cramming more things on the home screen doesn't help me at all. I use GarageBand and maybe two other apps and that is all. Is there any way to delete all of the unnecessary apps that I will never use and clear up my home screen?

    Darron BryantDarron Bryant6 дней назад
  • ipad OS is truly getting close to my 2015 jailbreak setup. Which had all of those features but "better" (for example "true" multitasking) it's still far off, but getting close.

    sunny stevesunny steve6 дней назад
  • Too much noise

    Rahul Raj SinghRahul Raj Singh7 дней назад
  • What is the hanging line in your drawing means?

    Chandra AdidharmaChandra Adidharma7 дней назад
  • this makes me want to buy the ipad pro over a macbook bc i want to be become a paperless student and including the pencil it’s still cheaper than the macbook air

    heaven whittenheaven whitten7 дней назад
    • I canceled my MacBook Pro 13” order this morning. DEFINITELY ordering the iPad Pro 12.9” and Apple Pencil. Whew. Thank God I canceled.

      Will _Will _5 дней назад
    • Just bought mine last week, this machine is a beast and true fact, iPad Pro is srsly more powerful than the Macbook Pro. For both student purposes and performance purposes, iPad Pro is the key

      Franco CortesFranco Cortes5 дней назад
  • I pay a monthly fee for no commercials and yet I have to sit through a commercial in the video itself. Cool points for the Utada Hikaru album.

    Joe EdwardsJoe Edwards7 дней назад
  • awesome, thank you!

    isnil8isnil88 дней назад
  • Should i go for iPad pro or mac book air I’m a university student just need one for presentations and note taking stuff i personally like iPad pro after the iPad os update should I go for the 64gb model or 256gb model Im a basic user just use iPad for net browsing note taking netflix stuff and making some presentations which storage model should I get I’m using xsmax 64gb now its more like enough for me never used a iPad before which storage option should I choose! Or should i wait for next event so new Ipad models shows up?

    Mouneesh NamburiMouneesh Namburi9 дней назад
  • Excellent job on another great video! I have not taken the time to try and read and research all the things I can do with my new Apple iPad Pro but thanks to you I will improve my productivity by at least 35% ! That’s huge for me being as how my iPad Pro is my total computer device - I do everything on my iPad Pro :my audio work ,my Django, and my video and film production... I’m re-watching this video several times so these tips are being committed to memory! Thank you again for these tips and feature explanations,especially the photo editing and the multi window usage! Great job! Just smashed that subscribe button!

    Kevin MayberryKevin Mayberry10 дней назад
  • for some reason on my ipad pro 10.5 the os crashes when trying to dock an app split view on left but not right, hope apple fixes this :))

    AuraBlessAuraBless10 дней назад
  • Really great content - and terrific production value! Thanks - extremely helpful...

    Ken RandallKen Randall10 дней назад
  • Its just like MacBook but without touch

    suparna singhsuparna singh10 дней назад
  • So can you do all of this on any iPad on iPad os or are some exclusive to the newer models?

    KadenTKadenT11 дней назад
    • KadenT Things will, of course, run smoother on newer hardware, but any compatible iPads will be able to do these things.

      TheMikeX74TheMikeX746 дней назад
  • does iPad os, safari have tabs?

    iOnRX9iOnRX912 дней назад
  • 11:55 I thought it was bleeding from its mouth... maybe it’s time for some therapy for me...

    Alden FriendAlden Friend12 дней назад
  • Can I nstall Ms Office in ipad pro?

    niyorugira jacksonniyorugira jackson12 дней назад
    • niyorugira jackson yes

      Paradox_samaParadox_sama10 дней назад
  • Has anyone ever tried using these "iPad desktop" features on an iPad Mini?

    wingsleywingsley12 дней назад
    • wingsley yes! It works Dan well! But if you want a computer feel I’d upgrade to the iPad Pro

      Alden FriendAlden Friend12 дней назад
  • 15:30 what is the name of the game? and the mouse?

    Davide FalconDavide Falcon12 дней назад
  • I wouldn’t buy a foldable anything so take that for what it’s worth. I think this gimmick train has left the station. You want a cool gimmick, give us hologram screens!

    Jacob WalkerJacob Walker12 дней назад
  • Most of that was about safari which I don't use.

    zaftrazaftra13 дней назад
  • I didnt like it. I could use slide over thing and when i don't need it i could hide it. Now i have to close it and open it back all the time when i need it.

    CØZZYCØZZY13 дней назад
  • When is the Update going to be send to the divices to update

    Edna HernandezEdna Hernandez13 дней назад
  • Great video, I just upgraded to the beta and find myself using this video to work through the changes. Super helpful!

    Daniel PakulaDaniel Pakula13 дней назад
  • Im gonna buy one next March

    輝希輝希15 дней назад
  • I wonder how much itll cost

    輝希輝希15 дней назад
  • Biggest new feature I want the most is the new external storage support and Xbox one with BT support! But can I connect my phone to the iPad and browse its files?

    DuckersDuckers15 дней назад
  • multitasking don’t work on my iPad 9.7 😑 GREAT

    p3ppa pigp3ppa pig15 дней назад
  • What mouse are you using ?

    Create art For funCreate art For fun16 дней назад
  • Finally the hard drive... the most important thing out of all for so many of us, professionals.

    denysostdenysost16 дней назад
  • Does the Samsung portable SSD T5 Works with the iPad Pro 11” with iPad Os 13?

    Alfonso SanchezAlfonso Sanchez16 дней назад
    • christoven chi yeah, but the thing it’s that I’m not sure if there’s a difference between the 11” and 12.9” in that matter!

      Alfonso SanchezAlfonso Sanchez14 дней назад
    • 18:55 is that what u r searching for ?

      christoven chichristoven chi14 дней назад
  • Full page screenshot is great but why can I only export it as PDF?

    Ahmes SyahdaAhmes Syahda16 дней назад
  • Are all these features available to iPad Mini 5?

    redred17 дней назад
  • I noticed that with the 2017 iPad Pro you can no longer swipe up with the app switcher on iPad OS. You have to press the home button:(

    TylerTyler17 дней назад
    • try restarting your Ipad, that's what i had to do and now it's working fine

      James JenkinsJames Jenkins17 дней назад
  • Cant wait to have my hands on iPad OS

    Mike Ruiz EsparzaMike Ruiz Esparza17 дней назад
  • I love iPad os

    Bobo Bebe ChannelBobo Bebe Channel17 дней назад
  • iPad os is crazy!

    iOnRX9iOnRX917 дней назад
  • Question: in 20 days I get my brand new iPad Pro 12.9 (256GB, LTE, 2017 Model). Since it has lightning port, I will be able to enjoy full external hard drive experience as guys with iPad pro 2018 USB type C can? Thanks !!! Note: I sold my Samsung tab S4 with s pen and keyboard case added $350 and ordered the iPad for the bigger screen and more performance juice versus Snapdragon 835, good decision?

    Romeos SandoriniRomeos Sandorini17 дней назад
  • Can u make power point presentations on the iPad pro?

    Yusef JoeYusef Joe18 дней назад
  • Using the mouse seems clunky, just an akward form of assistive touch lacking basic scroll features of a typical mouse on the macbook

    Jeff DavisJeff Davis18 дней назад
  • Really great video! Thank you!

    Simon SchieppatiSimon Schieppati18 дней назад
  • It’s not 48 different apps. It includes recent apps, so those are apps already in use, so it’s more like 44 different apps on one screen

    Skull Rings, Knives, WatchesSkull Rings, Knives, Watches18 дней назад
    • But what if those recent apps are on another home screen page? Then it would include those apps.

      9to5Mac9to5Mac18 дней назад
  • Nice stuff

    patoloco1000patoloco100019 дней назад
  • does it work on ipad air 3 and ipad 6?

    Sir GalahadSir Galahad19 дней назад
  • is the ipad in this video the 11 inch or the 12.9 inch? i might get one for school soon but i dont know which one to get, im leaning towards the 11 because it's more portable but the extra space on the 12.9 would be nice

    Olivia AOlivia A19 дней назад
    • @Skull Rings, Knives, Watches yeah i just got back from best buy to see them in person and the 12.9 was nice but the 11 was better for taking to school everyday, especially since an otterbox case would make the 12.9 huge

      Olivia AOlivia A18 дней назад
    • I can’t be sure but it looks like the 11. The 11 is so much easier to handle, transport etc. I would say unless you absolutely need that extra screen real estate, go with the 11.

      Skull Rings, Knives, WatchesSkull Rings, Knives, Watches18 дней назад
  • Thanks👍🏿

    Gadget_ukGadget_uk19 дней назад
  • *I’m watching this and I don’t even have a iPad..*

    Hype ΔHype Δ19 дней назад
  • will it run in ipad pro 2016?

    Widarto AdiWidarto Adi20 дней назад
  • you just drew Mona Lisa's cousin Thrown-a-Lisa. it's a keeper (no pun intended)

    Ram MuljaniRam Muljani20 дней назад
  • Great video 👍🏻

    Unmei TobakuUnmei Tobaku21 день назад
  • Can you pair Bluetooth keyboards?

    lizzelbizzellizzelbizzel21 день назад
  • My reminders app isn‘t working Right - can‘t add lists or reminders!

    Leo BlumeLeo Blume22 дня назад
  • I'm also a huge fan of Hikaru Utada.

    Yosu-keyYosu-key22 дня назад
  • Is Apple Hardware a Toy? Coz in my experience only toys work like they have no limits. Its like he’s playing with a He-Man Action Figure arm, like he’s turning it 360 degrees expecting it to break but it didnt n so you keep adding that arm to a Slide over app switcher

    Karabo ManneZAKarabo ManneZA22 дня назад
  • good video

    Other StoriesOther Stories22 дня назад
50+ NEW iPadOS 13 features / changes for iPad!