5 Subwoofer Myths to AVOID!

Adding a subwoofer is THE most popular car audio upgrade, but along with popularity comes a TON of misinformation... What are the top 5 subwoofer myths? Let's discuss!
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  • Yo ! what dou you think about the Focal Bomba BP20 , have no info how they are ! wanna put it in a sedan trunk

    Matyas HorvathMatyas Horvath16 часов назад
  • I think Mark looks like Alex Winter.

    Jimmy SJimmy S2 дня назад
  • How to wire two svc subs with one dvc sub at 4ohm

    DJBCDJBC2 дня назад
  • just learned that last one, i am slowly building a system for my vehicle, i started with new 6x8's front and back, they have been running off my factory head unit for 8 months now while i have been collecting the other parts for my new set up, i got the sub, amp new head unit and everything all here and i blew my front 6x8's 2 weeks ago, i didn't figure my deck put out enough to blow the speakers so i went on a 2 hour drive with bass bumping and it was sounding real good, then pop goes the speakers, now here i am buying new 6x8's again when i should be using the money to get an amp kit and what not.

    01hondascott01hondascott4 дня назад
  • If clipping could blow a subwoofer... that would mean that speakers shouldn't play square waves! This can't be true... musicians use square waves all the time. Although the argument could be had that the subwoofer itself shouldn't be playing square waves, as a square wave has odd harmonics. So for a 30 hz tone(about as low as you'd want to go for most music), the harmonics are 30, 60, 90, 120, etc. But the 30hz square wave would only have 30 and 90 hz. Anything above that should be filtered out by the low pass anyway. Secondly - it's actually impossible to play a perfect square wave in the real world. All we can do is get a close approximation. To play a perfect square, the cone would have to go from fully exerted to fully retracted in zero time. It would require infinite speed and energy, nothing with mass can move instantly, so what we get is a rounded version. I find it very hard to believe that an underpowered sub could blow just from a clipped signal. Are there any tests that have shown this to be true?

    VirtualMarkVirtualMark4 дня назад
    • IMO, it is about heating the speaker coil when it is not moving, and the current flowing is quite large. A similar situation occurs in case of DC voltage. Make a test and connect the speaker to the battery or other DC supply. Of course, if the voltage is small enough, nothing will happen. However, at some level and after some time, the speaker will burn. If you measure the power at this voltage then I am sure that it will be smaller than the given power of the subwoofer.

      Bartosz MBartosz M22 часа назад
  • Should i buy 2 12" or 3 10"? same brand and same wRms but cant decide

    Avi3atorAvi3ator11 дней назад
  • I only listen to the news... Do I still need a sub?

    NewYorkBlackNewYorkBlack11 дней назад
    • I think a 31 inch would Be good

      PölisPölis5 дней назад
  • How about shallow depth subs. Does that push different air volume than a regular sub? Same size.

    HateuguysHateuguys11 дней назад
  • My favourite myths are still the "gain is just a second volume knob", "bass boost..."(enough said) and "50W RMS, 561432598737948W Peak Power"... Also, I've been trying to tell my friends some these when they tell me I'm just f*cking with them with the little 20L box ... yeah, you have a badly tuned cheap amp with a bigg ass plate in a big ass box taking up all the space in your trunk with no air to move, while I had everything measured in my 2 seater lunchbox, built the sub enclosure according to the manufacturer recommendations, then measured and tuned everything.. And then they look at me like I'm crazy.

    KalandosLajos.KalandosLajos.12 дней назад
  • Myth #whichever: Buying a subwoofer that comes with a factory box would always sound better then you making your own

    Nikola IlNikola Il12 дней назад
  • In general what's the loudest subwoofer enclosure design?

    Carl TalbotCarl Talbot13 дней назад
  • I'm 45 and have had a sub in my cars all my life. Nothing crazy like back in the 90s when I had a Sony mobile ES complete system with 1600 watts 1000 to the subs and I had 6 10 disc cd changers Daisy chained. Now my factory system is enough for me now except for the anemic factory sub. A 300 watt 8" sounds really good with the factory set up. Plus I haven't lost any space since I was able to do it in the factory location. Great video 👍.

    All Things M3All Things M313 дней назад
  • For sub frequencies to perceive it twice as loud you need 6 dB extra. For the human hearing range 10 dB is perceived as twice as loud. Also for every increase you need 10 times the power.

    Emiel333 OfficialEmiel333 Official14 дней назад
  • About #1, what if we only listen to robin birds chirping? Would a subwoofer still be useful? :))

    Cristian DinuCristian Dinu14 дней назад
    • @Francisco Castro I really doubt it. Robin birds chirp outside subwoofer's range.

      Cristian DinuCristian Dinu7 дней назад
    • Cristian Dinu absolutely I do it all the morning

      Francisco CastroFrancisco Castro8 дней назад
  • Myth :you need sub for bass...

    ashok kumarashok kumar15 дней назад
  • Difference in stuffing the box vs not?

    Dave LaroDave Laro16 дней назад
  • adding +10 in the base channel makes the sound nice and strong and I drive it daylie with that EQ setting. litteraly every "oh I'm so cool" person I know 😂

    DESCENTDESCENT16 дней назад
  • I had 2 jl 10w1v2 back in the day in the back of a old school bug and I had noise complaint from over a mile away useing just a 250 watt amp

    Norman ManskeNorman Manske16 дней назад
  • And for Gods sake. Dont build a box out of cardboard and duct tape.

    Broken PatriotBroken Patriot17 дней назад
  • Mark I have a question. I'm getting the stuff for my first full stereo build. I have some ds18 speakers 6 1/2. Wiring with 8 ga. The speaker has the push down style connections on the speaker basket. Do you recommend just the bare with in the connector. Or do the make a special terminal. Like the 8ga step down? And is it best to go with a gold or brass compared to the standard diver aluminum terminal. I'm doing a 5 ch amp 4-6.5 and a 8 I wand to add 4- 10" subs later off another amp. But this is my starting system. I'm adding a capacitor too. I only need a 8 fared. For the complete system. With the addion of possibly 6 large subs 4-10 & 2 -12. If I got a capacitor that does like 20-30 fared. Is that bad for the system. Or will I just have lots of extra unused power. Stored in the capacitor? I have a small car. No real room for extra batteries. I amp upgrading my alt too.

    Steven PellegrinoSteven Pellegrino17 дней назад
  • I just put a 2400 watt woofer box in my golf 4 and it sounds really good

    eiboeck auf  YTeiboeck auf YT17 дней назад
  • Any tips on getting the best bass out of underseat subs and any that you think are actually any good? Its unfortunately my only option. As there is no space behind my seat in my single cab ute. Cheers,

    Cameron JordanCameron Jordan18 дней назад
    • Id probably go for some Bass Shakers, had them in my Fiero

      CGood1984CGood198415 дней назад
  • So wrong that 300 watt subs wont rattle your car apart. Had 2 JL 10w4d4's running off of a MTX Blue Thunder Pro that was 2x 150 at 2 ohms. Broke more than a few bits on my new Civic hatch over maybe 5 years and I'm not a basehead.

    roof pizzaroof pizza18 дней назад
  • sealed or ported? whats the diffrence when do you use them.

    daniel velezdaniel velez19 дней назад
  • Myth number three. Sort of yes. Here's the thing. It is often the case that a larger driver tends to be slower and a bit more lazy. Yes, you should of course consider the space you have, and the power you have. But still, two equally powerful and same quality subs, one a 12 and one an 18, will not sound the same. In many cases, the 12 is a great size because it does work better at higher frequencies, but it will still play low, but also fast. It is what it is, but the size has zero to do with music, and all to do with what you want to do with it.

    ABOlsen69XABOlsen69X19 дней назад
  • Can anyone help me here? i don't know enough about subs to know if the setup i have in my 04 Tahoe is as good match for it. its the MTX Terminator series. dual 12's with the terminator sealed box and amp. It sounds pretty good but i feel like i should have more subs or maybe a 15 since i have all that airspace to really reach its full potential without going way overboard and blowing out the hatch. if anyone knows of a good combination that bumps in Tahoe's please let me know.

    Matt CrookMatt Crook19 дней назад
    • Ethan Obenauer thank you, I’ve dealt with them with questions about equipment before and they do have pretty good support. I don’t know why I didn’t contact them sooner

      Matt CrookMatt Crook17 дней назад
    • I have that same setup, but to be fair, I only have to fill up the airspace in an 01 Trans Am. Best bet? Call Crutchfield. Their support is amazing, and I can guarantee they’ll be able to find subs, a box, amp, and wiring that’ll work perfect for your Tahoe. They are quite literally an entire pleasure to work with.

      Ethan ObenauerEthan Obenauer18 дней назад
  • Myth #6 playing full range audio through subwoofer will blow it.

    Audio TherapyAudio Therapy20 дней назад
  • Apparently, for a lot of cats, it's all about the rust rattling around in the trunk of their crappy ride. $500.00 car with 10k in wheels tires and sound system.

    George HeilGeorge Heil20 дней назад
    • Welll..im gonna take my 🐎 to the 🏨 room I'm gonna ride till I can't no more🎶🎶

      RGRG19 дней назад
  • Hey dude I hope you see this n hope you help me. I have two 10 inch audiopipe double magnetic they both comes up to 2400watt. Can a 1500watt amp Class D Push those subs??

    King Alli19King Alli1921 день назад
    • yes. As he said in the video, the power is fine, distortion is what kills speakers. Depending on the excursion limit, you likely will only gain maybe 3 db going from 1500w to 3000w so 1500 is plenty. I use an old school Autotek 7050bts ( rated at 22w x 2 ) cheater amp from the late 80's on my Alpine Type R 12" sub. It is rated for 500w I believe and I run around 280-300w at 2 ohms mono for my 7050bts. I hit mid 120's in DB in a 4 door sedan with the rear seats closed. That is with a sealed box. ( would be slightly higher with a ported box ) Hits hard at 25 hz. If you hook them up in parallel you will divide the ohms by 2, if you use series you add the resistance together. Either way, they will each get 1/2 the amps output. Make sure the ohms total is not lower than what the amp can handle. Most class D sub amps can run at 1 ohm but not all. 2 x 2ohm run Parallel would be 1ohm load for the amp, 2 x 4ohm subs would be 2 ohm in parallel. 2 x 2ohm in parallel may be too low for the amp so you would need to run in series or 2+2 = 4 ohm load. If the amp is rated at 1500w at 2 ohms then it is like around 1/2 that at 4 ohms. So if is lets say 800w at 4ohms each sub would get 400watts.

      batsonelec Cbatsonelec C19 дней назад
  • Idk if these are myths but I do find them often and can’t stand when I do. 1st: poor quality wiring / running. Why bother getting anything installed if it’s not going to be done clean and proper? Using quality gear is only step 1... if the wires are a mess (when finished) or even worse, not correctly ran /inadequate, it can easily bring a system to its knees especially with grounds. 2nd myth: adding batteries boosts power. I’m sorry but ur only getting so much from the alternator that powers a car while running. The only time batteries help is without the engine on. Otherwise they just start a car and the alternator carries the rest so if you spend time planning out the system according to your needs / car/ budget, it can actually go way farther than just looking at watts and redtops. 3rd: sealed isn’t as loud as ported. Maybe at 17 y.o. All that matters is volume but at 32 and a few systems later I’ve always sworn by sealed boxes. Vented boxes are cool and serve a purpose but I never been let down by a sealed box with 3x 12” type Rs on Memphis amps. I can listen to whatever I like with amazing impact and energy but actually get to hear the nuances / musicality. It’s plenty loud inside the car with dynamat even without rattling windows 2 blocks away.

    Johnny EricksonJohnny Erickson23 дня назад
  • Hey I have a quick question I have an amp connect with a capacitor with a 12inch sub that is connected with a converter brought the rear speakers everything has been working excellent for years until recently when I turn my car on I hear my amp click on but then I hear it click and I see the red protect light on and then no sound from sub but my factory speakers, what could be the issue?

    rbntamezrbntamez23 дня назад
    • @HeftyJo oh ok thanks for your help man really appreciate it

      rbntamezrbntamez20 дней назад
    • @rbntamez Yeah, it's possible the PowerIC is still working. But could be any number of other things on the input side or the output side of the amp that's tripping the self protection circuit. Check out a channel here on RUvision called "Barevids". Dude repairs amps and has some videos where he goes through and explains how amps work and shows the various things he has to go through and test to repair the amp. A common failure is the amp just shakes itself apart from all the thumping of the bass. The windings of the amp coil can shake loose or even just break free from the mainboard. That's the first thing to look at when looking at the insides of an amp is to see if the coil is solidly attached to the board. Some coils are just held down with a dab of hot glue or a simple zip tie. But also mosfets and/or rectifiers blow out pretty frequently. And capacitors can bulge or leak which is why people always mention if an amp has high quality caps. When you turn on the amp , depending on the model, the power will ramp up slowly as it warms up. Your amp might build up power to a certain point and then it trips the circuit.

      HeftyJoHeftyJo20 дней назад
    • @HeftyJo thanks man but would everything else still work and turn on my amp if it's the power IC chip because all lights do turn on and stay on even on my capacitor but that's connected separately

      rbntamezrbntamez20 дней назад
    • Sounds like the amp blew. Open up the amp and look inside for any burnt jibblets. Could be a mosfet burnt out, broken wire on the ampcoil (from vibration), leaking capacitor, or the Power IC chip just died.

      HeftyJoHeftyJo20 дней назад
  • i have (2)mtx t812-44 subs and (2) jbl gtx500 amps. Wired 1 to 1. Just wondering if this is a decent matchup as far as amp to sub.

    Devan HDevan H23 дня назад
  • Your doppelganger is Kenny K.O.

    weRoneselfweRoneself24 дня назад
  • My number 1 iritation is when people state that ts parameters mean nothing or that they dont tell you anything about how the subs preforms. The sub is just as important as a properly designed box because it self has variations between models. In my opinion the variation between subs is what gives each individual subwoofer its particular value.

    Jacob WarrenJacob Warren24 дня назад
    • I'm with you, but yet we have people that think any subwoofer sounds good tuned to 30 hz, and cheaper subs are "better" because they "do" the same power as more expensive. Very few people actually properly take subwoofer parameters into account.

      CarAudioFabricationCarAudioFabrication24 дня назад
  • Yeah I was talking about getting a subwoofer with someone and they were like "but you don't even like rap music". Instant face palm.

    yo adrienneyo adrienne25 дней назад
  • So 2 eights for extended cab f150 would be ideal is what ur saying? Over the 10 in w7 h.o. box I have? Downfiring down below the rear seats

    jporpmerjporpmer25 дней назад
    • it depends on the 8's and the 10 you would use. If you want 20 hz bass then it is likely hard to find 8's that will hit 20hz, if you want 35hz then yes, 2 8's will be as good or better than the single 10. If you listen to regular FM radio mostly then 35hz is plenty low as fm is 30-15,000 hz. If you listen to CD's or high quality MP3's then 35 hz won't be bad but those formats can hit 20-25hz if the music has it. Check the frequency for the subs you were thinking about, check the sensitivity ( higher DB is better ) and check the Xmax. Higher Db and longer Xmax will likely give better results as long as you have the room for them.

      batsonelec Cbatsonelec C19 дней назад
  • Great video keep bringing that bass.

    bretts bass madnessbretts bass madness25 дней назад
  • I currently have a Kenwood X500 (a 500w @ 2 ohms amp) running a single sealed at 300w @ 4 ohms. I’d like to use the full power of my amp. Should I 1. Get another identical sub and wire them in series to get the 2ohm load or 2. Upgrade my current sub to a dual voice coil to get the 2ohm load.

    BigDish101BigDish10125 дней назад
    • Also get a ported box and make sure your sub is the right size for it. Youll be slumping.

      GriffyMurphyJrGriffyMurphyJr25 дней назад
    • Get a 500w rms dual voice coil and run it at 2 ohms. Youll get much more out of it than just adding another sub.

      GriffyMurphyJrGriffyMurphyJr25 дней назад
  • If I were to connect a 6x9 to a Logitech sub amp that outputs 15watts will it play sound or will it act like a sub

    Ls.nandoLs.nando26 дней назад
  • Well dam😱👍👍👍

    John NelsonJohn Nelson26 дней назад
  • This dude should just have his own audio business he would make bank

    Elijah BledsawElijah Bledsaw26 дней назад
    • If only it was so easy

      kushfrom handsworthkushfrom handsworth26 дней назад
  • Love you Mark! You're the man!

    Augustus CardosoAugustus Cardoso26 дней назад
  • So when i strap two Cab 2000.1s at .67 and run 6 dc audio level 1 10s im 160 right haha 6 times 10 plus 100 watts

    L*S*X*6.0L*S*X*6.026 дней назад
  • Got a question. I have 2 skar evl 15s. Running on a 1500 watt monoblock. Wired at 1 ohm they r each getting 750 watts. What would be louder, both subs or just one running at 2 ohms and 900 watts?

    Wesley FosterWesley Foster26 дней назад
    • Multiple subwoofer systems benefit from what's called "field effect" (for knowlegeble audio guys this explanation is going to be too simple and they will hate the numbers I'm going to use as part my example but I'm trying to explain a concept not the mathematically correct method of determining combined output of multiple drivers) If you were to say purely for simplicity reasons 1 sub is 1 x the bass, then flowing that logic 2 subwoofers should just be 2x the bass but because of field effect they are actually more like 2.2 x the bass. Now I'm just using those numbers to show how field effect works. In the real world adding a 2nd sub to an amp is never going double your bass because of impedance and how amplifiers work. You would have to add a 2nd amp and a 2nd sub in a 2nd box of equal volume to the first to get anywhere near 2x the bass. Field Effect is related to cabin gain, both topics you should research. I recommend a book called the "Loudspeaker Cookbook" one of the best consumer level audio guru tomes ever written.

      Regan MorbenRegan Morben15 дней назад
    • Both subs on 2 1500 wat amps.

      Jeremy HopkinsJeremy Hopkins24 дня назад
  • Wait I thought 3db doubles the spl numbers?

    Mike CheezeMike Cheeze26 дней назад
    • 3 db is a doubling of sound power, 10 db is a doubling of perceived loudness. In general humans tend to perceive things on a logarithmic scale.

      CasmarCasmar25 дней назад
  • Can you do a video on recommendations of 4x6 speakers

    ConspiracyConspiracy26 дней назад
    • @ABOlsen69X sick

      ConspiracyConspiracy19 дней назад
    • @Conspiracy In that case, what I suggested will work great.

      ABOlsen69XABOlsen69X19 дней назад
    • @ABOlsen69X I'm putting subs in too so I'm mainly just trying to get clean, clear, and loud miss and highs

      ConspiracyConspiracy19 дней назад
    • @Conspiracy I'd say you still stand a much greater chance of finding better speakers. The 6x4 matket is extremely limited, where as the 4" and 5.25 which could in some cases be fitted, is much more researched, developed and valued. The only 6x4 even worth mentioning is the Infinity Reference, and even that is not a lot of fun. If you're looking for coax speakers, a set of Focal Performance 100AC will stomp the ever living crap out of any and all 6x4 speakers out there. And if you want a compo set that is affordable, the Morel Vitus 402 is hard to beat, and no 6x4 will even get close. If you're on a tight budget the Morel Maximo Ultra 402 is the speaker to get. Trust me, any of them will be better, play cleaner, play deeper and play louder than any 6x4 you can find.

      ABOlsen69XABOlsen69X19 дней назад
    • @ABOlsen69X but then I could only fit 4 inch speakers

      ConspiracyConspiracy19 дней назад
  • Ah I remember 2016. A lot of learning that year

    Ghost_In_The_ConsoleGhost_In_The_Console27 дней назад
  • Great video and I thank you for all the information which you share always for all of us. I don't know if you're giving answers to people's arguments because I personally didn't check all reviews and posts but I would like to kindly ask your opinion & advice regarding a subwoofer I'm interested to. I know that is not among all those professional equipments which you're using but at least I'd like to have an idea if it worth it or not to buy it. I'm not interested to have a megasound in my car but I want just to add some more bass to the actual sound system. The sub is a JBL BassPro Hub. What do you think? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Lu doLu do27 дней назад
  • I've got a myth: Manufacturers don't try to fool you with specifications. Okay that's not a myth :D

    Evan OdderEvan Odder27 дней назад
    • It is a myth they do try to fool you

      idklol xdidklol xd25 дней назад
  • Then there’s me that’s leaned how to take off my door panels in 2 minutes on the side of the road to fix a rattle.

    Chase c.Chase c.27 дней назад
  • Yay you said distortion. Not enough ppl get that

    Will O'NeillWill O'Neill27 дней назад
  • WHAT I CAN'T HEAR YOU damaging hearing is permanent

    alpha2011aalpha2011a27 дней назад
  • Could you touch on the different oddball ways people have wired up dcv subwoofers. There’s a lot of confusion about if it can damage one or both coils if it can degrade sound quality or if there are no real drawbacks.

    Josiah stubblefieldJosiah stubblefield27 дней назад
  • Heya. Nice job right there! I rather feel doubling the loudness sounds more like 6-7db to me, but whatever. You´re righ on spot.

    CrashPCczCrashPCcz27 дней назад
  • Good video👍 Alot of stupid myths within audio🤣 And yes.. Underpowering a sub wont blow it. But it can sound bad. But no.. It's not the same as turning down the volume.. The problem comes when the amp is reaching clipping and distortion levels because the amp just don't have enough power and then shit happens. Tweeters almost always blow first in a setup with too little power since they are the most sensitive to distortion. The rule of thumb is that a little overpowering is always better than underpowering👍 Headroom is always good in a good system👌 Not the best explenation but think you understand the point I am trying to make😝

    ØysteinØystein28 дней назад
    • @Stimpy&Ren The amp won't give 2 times it's rating when it's out of power no matter what. It sends out a bad distorted signal. But anyway.. We basicly agree so I won't go into all the details because that's a long topic to cover🤣

      ØysteinØystein27 дней назад
    • @Øystein Yes and the bass speakers may blow because a clipping amp may give 2x its rated power continuously, which may exceed the thermal handling capacity of a bass speaker. But it's safe to say that there is pretty much no way you can burn a 1000 watt RMS rated bass speaker with a 200 watt amp clipping or no clipping. The heat will just dissipate without effort. Not to mention you'd have to be pretty brainless to play ultra distorted sound for a minute in a row lol.

      Stimpy&RenStimpy&Ren27 дней назад
    • @Stimpy&Ren Yes.. They blow first because of clipping just like you explained at the end..😉

      ØysteinØystein27 дней назад
    • Very close: Tweeters blow first because they're rated for very low power handling due to their design. Normally music signal contains very little levels of high frequency energy so with a correct crossover, tweeters can handle music that is played at hundreds of watts of power simply because the majority of the power goes to lower frequencies and get filtered out by the crossover. But clipping causes the majority of the amps power to flow to high frequencies so it doesn't get filtered by the crossover and exceeds the power handling of the tweeter. So tweeters are not damaged by clipping itself, their power handling is just exceeded by the increase of high frequency information caused by clipping.

      Stimpy&RenStimpy&Ren27 дней назад
  • I have a question that I need to be addressed quickly... I have an MTX AMPLIFIER 421D and I've always had it in a pioneer champion series rated 400rms. Will this amp be able to function as well enough if I change my sub for a 15 inch kicker cvr rated 500 watts rms? Please I need this to be responded quickly by anyone who has knowledge of the topic because I'm thinking of changing my system in 3 weeks... 👍🏼

    Ivan RuizIvan Ruiz28 дней назад
  • They funny ass myth I heard back in the days was you have to always face the subs towards the trunk because bass travels backwards

    Mike GogelMike Gogel28 дней назад
    • That may have been a myth coming from misunderstanding. In a hatchback car if you put the sub to fire backwards, the back wall and the rear window actually form a small horn which amplifies midbass frequencies considerably. So I can imagine that someone placed their woofers facing backwards and were surprised that the sound punchiness and amplitude increased due to the horn effect. Bass horns are awesome. And yes, before anyone jumps on it - horns do not amplify sound. They just increase the effectiveness of the speaker by improving impedance matching (i.e. coupling of the speaker cone to the air volume).

      Stimpy&RenStimpy&Ren27 дней назад
  • What Is the name of the speaker @ 5:19. I've noticed that it has 2 spiders.

    J SimsJ Sims28 дней назад
    • J Sims ruvision.net/detail/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-z3fdGfKcAOA.html link to one of his videoes about the speaker

      Torjus SkinnarlandTorjus Skinnarland27 дней назад
  • Subs make country music 1000x better

    The Ratchet SuperiorThe Ratchet Superior28 дней назад
  • That’s why when I got my 400w sub I got a 1000w 2ch amp so if I wanted a second sub I could throw it in there and dibble it

    PsykroPsykro28 дней назад
    • You should of got a mono amp not a 2 ch amp ..

      Thomas SThomas S27 дней назад
  • All the people that commented on Rockville. Your bad for getting crappy subs.

    Levi HelmLevi Helm28 дней назад
  • Myth. That you need big subwoofers for big bass.

    Levi HelmLevi Helm28 дней назад
    • Well, in a very simple sense, more come area equals more base. (I’m aware that that’s not the exact reason why, however, it is generally true) The larger the sub, the more cone area. However, it also just depends on quality. I have a relatively expensive set of 2 MTX 12” subs in my car, they sound good, hit hard and fast, and are amazing value for what they cost. However, my dad has 2 10” subs in his car that are wayyyyyy louder and produce ridiculous amounts more bass, can’t remember the brand but they’re some sort of badass made for competition subs. However, in the majority of cases, bigger subs do actually mean more bass.

      Ethan ObenauerEthan Obenauer18 дней назад
    • Yes and no. But you need cone area to move air. That's just simple physics. Mass weight and suspension has a lot to say as well. Trust me, a 24 inch PD driver will do things just about any other pro 18 or 21 can only dream of. But iwll it be as fast? No, and not as articulate. But it will work great as an actual subwoofer. from about 60-70 hz and down.

      ABOlsen69XABOlsen69X19 дней назад
    • with good 8's you can get very good sounding bass, they just won't rattle stuff like a 12" will. Hell, Bose home speakers makes good sounding base with 6.5" speakers, they just don't rattle anything. A car is the easiest place to make great sound. It is an enclosed space. SPL is sound pressure level, ie the more space the more level is needed to appear impressive. Back in the late 80's when I competed, I built a few really great sounding systems with nothing larger than 8" subs. I ran an Orion 225HCCA driving 2 pairs of MBQuart 6.5" and tweeter separates and the Autotek 7050BTS driving a pair of Lanzar Pro sealed 10" subs in the 100w and under level. All in a mini truck. Won many titles with that setup.

      batsonelec Cbatsonelec C19 дней назад
    • There's no replacement for displacement, but if you place and tune the speakers correctly you can definitley get big bass.

      GriffyMurphyJrGriffyMurphyJr25 дней назад
  • Please tell us the difference between a single or a double coil woofer

    will powerwill power28 дней назад
    • Simplified explanation: it has 2 sets of connections, allowing it to be wired in multiple ohm configurations. It has two separate sets of windings, each is powered separately. To get more in depth, try googling SVC vs DVC.

      Jonathan RobbinsJonathan Robbins28 дней назад
  • I have 2 12 rated 500 watts/ sub and rms 250 watts/sub with a 250 watt amp is that good or should i get bigger amp?

    spikeDaBomb1spikeDaBomb128 дней назад
    • Bigger amp for sure, I'd get a 500 or higher and tune to correct tower so it is clean, unclipped power. They can handle a little more than advertised if the power is clean

      DJ SheddDJ Shedd28 дней назад
  • been running 2 10" alpine type r sub's. I am a metal head lol its amazing!!!

    CanadianOffroad4x4CanadianOffroad4x429 дней назад
  • myth number 1 kicker audio is the best

    Vito PagnatoVito Pagnato29 дней назад
  • I just had a RF Hx2 rebuilt but looking to build a box for it ported it ask for 1.75cf can I go alil bigger trying to build a center console box for my f150

    James WattsJames Watts29 дней назад
  • My favorite myth: it has competition written on it, so it must be really good!

    Ben SmithBen Smith29 дней назад
    • Haha that's a classic. Usually the subwoofers labeled "competition" are the worst!

      CarAudioFabricationCarAudioFabrication29 дней назад
  • Eh I have to disagree about sub size for different music to an extent. Being that I've installed, used, and tested multiple subs I have to say certain brands or certain sized subs regardless of box config sound better for certain music.

    Dynamic Mobile AudioDynamic Mobile Audio29 дней назад
    • I agree different subs perform differently. But the point is you can have 8" subs that perform really well in the low range and 18s that provide a good snappy "kick" for rock music. It's not size dependant, it's subwoofer dependant.

      CarAudioFabricationCarAudioFabrication29 дней назад
  • I have a honda crv from 1999 and i put a pioneer class a amp and pioneer radio old one but 55x4 amd 300w pioneer bazuka. It shakes my plates real hard.

    Vuk Pro of ProsVuk Pro of Pros29 дней назад
    • Vuk Pro of Pros damn... put some foam weather stripping on the back lol

      RodknockHotboxRodknockHotbox28 дней назад
5 Subwoofer Myths to AVOID!