I put $10,000 behind a bullet proof glass safe and got ChadWildClay HowRidiculous Carter Sharer MarMar and Guava Juice to try to break the unbreakable box!! An unbreakable mystery box with $10,000 lets see who wins the challenge.
ChadWildClay: ruvision.net/detail/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-KqTC7WYkZq8.html
HowRidiculous: ruvision.net/detail/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-gF1FhRe-a7U.html
Carter Sharer: ruvision.net/nameof-cjsharer
Guava Juice: ruvision.net/nameof-aynakoitsroi
MarMar: ruvision.net/detail/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Fze5SiVFSNM.html
Shout out to Travis for filming: ruvision.net/pass/UCwlJXmA2cerKilUf0eMVOpQfeatured
Edited by: @jeremysevillano



  • Make sure you go show some love to the RUvisionrs!! Also, tweet at and comment who you want me to send a box to next?? @justdustinn

    JustDustinJustDustinМесяц назад
    • JustDustin send it to me

      Kylekiller 5217Kylekiller 521726 дней назад
    • Flipping me I am made for this

      Kylekiller 5217Kylekiller 521726 дней назад
    • Let me try please

      the drum channel 323the drum channel 323Месяц назад
    • Question is do you expect the challenge or not?

      Martin TurnerMartin TurnerМесяц назад
    • Send a box to me I think ide brake it open with in 10mins what you think of that challenge will even go live to brake it so you can see

      Martin TurnerMartin TurnerМесяц назад
  • Can we use anything? if so I get a plasma cutter flamethrower and blowtorch

    super ninja21super ninja2118 минут назад
  • He throws that money in the intro like he thinks nobody needs water in africa

    answer me pewdiepieanswer me pewdiepie52 минуты назад
  • Just unscrew the bolts

    rc masters 12131441rc masters 121314412 часа назад
  • Hi dustin can you send me a box as well

    gamer 101gamer 1015 часов назад
  • Give it to me, ill pour thermite on a side

    Evil Genius97Evil Genius975 часов назад
  • Should have used bedrock

    LittleSportingBoyLittleSportingBoy5 часов назад
  • Chainsaw?

    Overweight PineappleOverweight Pineapple7 часов назад
  • Y do u have a spear in your truck

    OG_sythic 208OG_sythic 2088 часов назад
  • "I can bust into Just Dustin" 🤣

    It's CrookedAntenna8It's CrookedAntenna810 часов назад
  • Get a demo saw or plasma cutter

    Robert JacksonRobert Jackson13 часов назад
  • When she said yea you can bust in to Dustin . i laughed

    bigboyturo Lozanobigboyturo Lozano13 часов назад
  • No not the biggest collab its Mr beast team of RUvisionrs at rice gums house

    can we get 1000 subs with 1 vidcan we get 1000 subs with 1 vid13 часов назад
  • Mr beast had 40 youtubers in one video

    Robert BakerRobert Baker14 часов назад
  • Can i have that glass as a phone case?

    TwoAsp 89TwoAsp 8914 часов назад
  • It would probably work better if you stood it and hit it on the side so the ground doesn’t absorb the impact

    Monotone NoirMonotone Noir14 часов назад
  • Chad: "It's super sharp" Also Chad: *puts finger on it* "What if we used 100% of our brain"

    Jen CaseJen Case15 часов назад
  • These RUvision's really don't seem like they aren't putting much effort into breaking this.

    Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson15 часов назад
  • Hack smith could make weapons that could break it mabye

    SroyaleSs21SroyaleSs2115 часов назад
  • Justin use a granad to blow it up then I dare you to say the banana song in public

    Jace SteeleJace Steele15 часов назад
  • Dustin : This box is unbreakable Stormbreaker: Thor, show him but this time aim properly

    Cheryl TaeSeobCheryl TaeSeob16 часов назад
  • I’d use a gun ;-;

    L-Series L’s for daysL-Series L’s for days16 часов назад
  • Why didn’t they just use a 50bmg

    Lizard GamingytLizard Gamingyt17 часов назад
  • This would've been much more enjoyable without your interruptions

    Xach L. SkellingtonXach L. Skellington17 часов назад
  • Get a diamond and some gum and kick it

    Da pun gamerDa pun gamer17 часов назад
  • I can break it

    gamer for lifegamer for life17 часов назад
  • 0:05 Showpff

    AJ EppleyAJ Eppley18 часов назад
  • Intro he be saying in his head blueface baby

    the King of Cheddar Cheesethe King of Cheddar Cheese18 часов назад
  • Use a Rocket launcher

  • RUvisionrs seem to be pretty much idiots this video was trash

    Intencity9Intencity918 часов назад
  • mher torossianmher torossian19 часов назад
  • Ya noobs at this just melt it ho cars about 💰 i mean you still won the chleng

    DQ ToulasDQ Toulas19 часов назад
  • A tank shell for just 10k dollars

    DuolingoDuolingo20 часов назад
  • Shouldve given it to Demolition Ranch

    The Ghost GamerThe Ghost Gamer20 часов назад
  • U should have sent it to demolition each he would have opend it in the most epic way

    Osvaldo GonzalezOsvaldo Gonzalez21 час назад
  • Grinder

    Ronan KeeversRonan Keevers21 час назад
  • They didn’t take this very seriously 😮

    Ryan LorenzRyan Lorenz21 час назад
  • Avengers infinity war is the most amazing crossover event in history JustDustin: Hold my wall

    J_C_MayJ_C_May22 часа назад
  • hit it vertically and with a spikelike object

  • biggest collaboration my a*s mrbeast has done two of them

    Kane FergasonKane Fergason23 часа назад
  • Drill it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Clauvy MarsClauvy MarsДень назад
  • that anvil is not 100 pounds

    JayDuGamerJayDuGamerДень назад
  • Bro they swing like pussys

    JayDuGamerJayDuGamerДень назад
  • Give mr beast the box

    SlowButDeadly _85SlowButDeadly _85День назад
  • Wait they tried to drop an anvil on the box how about they try to drop the box on the anvil

    Randie AndersonRandie AndersonДень назад
  • Pick FPS Russian mr beast and Demolition ranch please but what ever you do pick FPS Russian you won’t be disappointed

    Carson CagleCarson CagleДень назад
  • Why didn't anyone used a Road Roller?

  • “We don’t like the word unbreakable” “Nah I don’t like the word polycarb either” Now that’s good

    Grubbar21Grubbar21День назад
  • Just drop it from the top of a building until I can Anvil or just let it hit the ground

    Aaron JacksonAaron JacksonДень назад
  • you sure didnt take the chance to send it to demolition ranch of course these kids are not going to break in to that box !

    Martin DesrocherMartin DesrocherДень назад
  • little fag has a lambo but sure cant use an ax,he would be in the first batch to die when SHTF and money is useless.

    Martin DesrocherMartin DesrocherДень назад
  • just use an angle grinder 😑

    Tyler HainsTyler HainsДень назад
  • This is a disgrace,,,,, go to harbor freight and get an impact gun.😑

    Number1PlymouthNumber1PlymouthДень назад
  • Don't tell me thor's hammer can't break it

    Alan WalkerAlan WalkerДень назад
  • It's too bad just dusted

    Cadel RyanCadel RyanДень назад
  • Hasn't anyone thought of using a hydraulic press

    xXRJay XxxXRJay XxДень назад
  • What if Tony Stark's kid made a suit and became "Iron Loli"? Can she break it?

    Karren KuddlesbergKarren KuddlesbergДень назад
  • Just Dustin: this is the biggest youtube collaboration ever Me beast: *makes youtube 100k battle royal*

    Jacob McAfeeJacob McAfeeДень назад
  • Mr Beast literally doesn't even want money anymore

    Krsta KovacevicKrsta KovacevicДень назад
  • What if that was someone’s phone screen protecter

    DexiberDexiberДень назад
  • I normally get suuuuper bored and over challenge vids but I resisted this one for soooo long and I was HOOKED and waiting for the box to break while thinking of ways I’d bust it open.

    D-MF-LD-MF-LДень назад
  • Give this to all 49 of my cousins and I'm sure we can brake that Yes I'm not exaggerating when I say 49

    yoboiferfer Maciasyoboiferfer MaciasДень назад
  • Am I the only one who thought Mr beast would be in this

    yoboiferfer Maciasyoboiferfer MaciasДень назад
  • 6:50 its thor

    Diosdado pobarDiosdado pobarДень назад
  • Just bring acid

    Eddie !Eddie !День назад
  • What if how to basic do it

    YTPickle PlayYTYTPickle PlayYTДень назад
  • Couldn’t you just use a chainsaw

    IbxfangIbxfangДень назад
  • Bruh honestly chad wild clay and his crew were barely hitting it

    ConDiggityDoggoConDiggityDoggoДень назад
  • The Box=Thanos JUST FIRE BY FIRE!!! use... The Infinity gauntlet

    Maneplix YTManeplix YTДень назад
  • What is 0:9

    Evan WilsonEvan WilsonДень назад
    • 0:09

      Evan WilsonEvan WilsonДень назад
    • 00:9

      Evan WilsonEvan WilsonДень назад
  • Should of sent it to demolition ranch

    AveragePanic40AveragePanic40День назад
  • Why no guns?

    owo what 's thisowo what 's thisДень назад
  • I can break it ez

    Gustav30103_gtGustav30103_gtДень назад
  • I like how you gave it to RUvisionrs who can barely lift a computer mouse to post pathetic attempts. Lol

    Nick GoodNick GoodДень назад
  • Justdustin is smart give away $10000 then make more profit from the content of other people

    Super TacoSuper TacoДень назад
  • Why didn’t anyone use an ankle grinder?

    Parker HootenParker HootenДень назад
  • If it is unbreakble why did they try to break it???

    Roblox KidRoblox KidДень назад
  • I would have used a drill and a jig saw

    Mr. SnipesMr. SnipesДень назад
  • how ridiculous you should have used the giant dart

    Xander PryceXander PryceДень назад
  • shoot the box with GUN

    Mr.MatrixMr.MatrixДень назад
  • Liquid nitrogen then hit with hammer..

    Bill ScrogginsBill ScrogginsДень назад
  • I love how he just yeets the money at the beginning

    dndgamerdndgamerДень назад
  • What about a hydraulic press

    Pizza boy 55Pizza boy 55День назад
  • You should send one to demolition ranch

    Jonathun BrannenJonathun Brannen2 дня назад
  • Oxy acetylene torch?

    Captain CoolCaptain Cool2 дня назад
  • Join one

    Joseph TranJoseph Tran2 дня назад
  • I think you guys and are great on wars

    Joseph TranJoseph Tran2 дня назад
  • Plot twist: use a jackhammer

  • Why did ‘how ridiculous’ get coins?

    Manofcod CarterManofcod Carter2 дня назад
  • U should of gave the box to demo ranch

    outdoors with cody peteeoutdoors with cody petee2 дня назад
  • A whole bunch of kids with way to much spending money from dady

    Adam BrandtAdam Brandt2 дня назад
  • Drill a pilot hole and then take a jigsaw and cut a square in the box

    Daniel RouxelDaniel Rouxel2 дня назад
  • Just dustin: If you can open it you can keep it Uncle Rob: hold my gasoline

    willisavagewillisavage2 дня назад
  • Vat19 would use a steamroller

    NONO2 дня назад
  • Dont forget about mr.Beast

    Savage TourSavage Tour2 дня назад
  • All you have to do is grab a ratchet and a socket

    Charles JonesCharles Jones2 дня назад
  • guava juice did it he broke it with fire and anvil

    Estela SantiagoEstela Santiago2 дня назад
  • Bet a water jet would do it

    Nightmare ApocalypseNightmare Apocalypse2 дня назад
  • I would ask the memes if they could help

    Matthias MarkMatthias Mark2 дня назад
  • Lol, just get a grinder and cut around the front and cut open said box.

    Luke ChartersLuke Charters2 дня назад